Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 782

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After this competition, the competing venue would be more centralised. Each team that passed through the qualifiers would have to go to the capital city for a further round of competition.

The capital city of the seventh district was the War God City. It was rumoured to be the city the legendary Warrior Ao Gu retired to. Furthermore, it was the city with the most number of players in the seventh district. The number of people in War God City was almost comparable to Light Faction’s Vatican City.

This was to be expected because Warriors were always a popular profession for online games. They were both hot-blooded and handsome but most importantly, in <>, they were the safest profession. It was also easy to learn how to play a Warrior, and they were the most popular profession along with Assassins.

As the city of heroic warriors, there were many people who came to visit the city.

War God City’s architectural style was similar to its name, giving off an unruly and domineering vibe.

Although the Quan Zhen Sect mainly operated in the seventh district, they had yet to visit War God City. Upon seeing this majestic scene before them, they nodded in agreement that this was the capital city of district seven. Twilight City’s architectural was already extremely grand but War God City was in a class on its own.

At the start of this qualifiers, the combat abilities of teams were clearly higher and there was a greater number of audience. The competition venue was filling up very quickly given the entry prices were relatively cheap. In reality, some of the ticket prices were inflated almost ten times their original prices.

Of course, since this was in-game, people did not have to worry about a lack of seats. The game company could easily ask its game designers to create additional rows of VIP seats. There was no market for ticket hoarders and touts.

Even so, too many people crowded in the competition venue would affect the competitors’ mental states. Therefore, competitors had their own game lounge to prepare before the game and no longer had to hit near the audiences.

Mu Zi Xian was indeed a capable team leader. She did not lose her way in this sprawling city and quickly brought the Quan Zhen Sect to their designated Game Lounge A.

At this time, not all the teams had arrived at the Game Lounge. There were only a few teams hanging around and they were exchanging pleasantries with each other.

Each team that made it to this point of the competition were easily the best teams in their individual home cities. Most were used to being titled the “Best Team”. Although these players displayed humbleness when they interacted with others, in actual fact, all of them had an innate sense of superiority over others.

The Quan Zhen Sect liked to watch others create trouble but often chose to stay low-key themselves. They chose a corner to settle in where it was less crowded.

Wang Yu pointed to the teams nearby and asked, “What is that behind them?”

Everyone turned their gaze in the direction he pointed. They saw that each team had a banner which carried various words or paintings.

They turned back and Fearless replied, “That is the Team Flag!”

“What is that used for?” Wang Yu was still confused.

Fearless gave a disdainful look and said, “That is used to represent and identify individual teams. Guilds usually use it to mark their territory. It is similar to how a dog pees to indicate to potential aggressors that he has claimed a certain territory.”

“Oh, I see!” Wang Yu nodded his head and continued questioning, “How come I have not seen any such flags in Twilight City?”

“…” Everyone once again turned towards Wang Yu.

Wang Yu wondered, “What?”

Everyone replied, “Because of you, Twilight City became the most special city among all the main cities…”

Normally, Pugilist, rogue players and solo players were treated as the lowest life-form of society. Even large guilds did not care about these groups of people. Smaller guilds would often chime in and bully them for fun.

However in Twilight City, due to the presence of Wang Yu, Pugilist was actually the most respected profession. Small guilds did not dare bully any solo players without discretion. Furthermore, even a large guild like Sanguine Alliance would keep a low profile. Everyone was cautious because they were afraid they might inadvertently step on the toes of Wang Yu.

It was because of this that Twilight City became much safer as citizens obey the rule of law. It was ranked the safest city for a couple of months.

Wang Yu heard the explanations of the crowd and was enlightened on the reach of his reputation. He gave an awkward smile and said, “How about we also make a Team Flag?”

“This… I didn’t prepare anything for it…” Mu Zi Xian was momentarily taken aback.

“You don’t have to prepare anything. The team leader has the authority to design and make a flag.” Fearless pointed out.

“Hmmm…” Wang Yu half wondered and asked, “What do you think we should draw on the Team Flag?”

“Why not we draw the Yin Yang Fishes from our guild badge?” Vainglory proposed.

“No way!” Everyone vetoed the idea in unison.

Although the Yin Yang Fishes originated from China, Korea had appropriated the image for their own national flag… Everyone did not want to risk being identified wrongly as a Korean team.

Fearless pondered for a while and suggested, “The Team Flag should be like the thirteenth member of our team. If we want it, we need to consider carefully on the designs. We cannot lose any face and we need to show our dominance.”

“Thirteenth member? Dominance?” Wang Yu rubbed his lower jaw and chuckled in laughter.

As people saw Wang Yu’s sly smile, their hairs stood on ends. Wang Yu pulled on a flag and rooted it in the ground.

Everyone simultaneously looked at the flag which was emblazoned with the two words, “Bull 13!”

“Pu~!!!” The crowd all vomited blood as they saw the design that Wang Yu came up with. Some even went on the knees and cried out, “Oh my god, what have we done wrong to deserve this!”

The two words on the flag that Wang Yu wrote was the epitome of arrogance. Besides the words, the design of the flag was extremely ugly. How did Wang Yu’s concept of aesthetics become so outrageous? Wasn’t Mu Zi Xian quite pretty herself…

“How? Bull 13, what an unpretentious and domineering design!” Wang Yu showered himself with self-praise.

The surrounding crowd was brought to tears, “It’s fine as long you like it…”

There was only 10 minutes before the start of the competition and the game lounge was getting more crowded. Quan Zhen Sect was seemingly the most boisterous group of the bunch…

Seeing that his design was the most popular, Wang Yu’s face shone with pride as he went around the members to seek further validation. The rest of the Quan Zhen Sect quickly turned away in embarrassment and pretended not to recognise him.

Just as the competition was about to start in three minutes, there was a loud bang on the door of the game lounge. It was as though the door was knocked down. A group of players clad fully in black walked in with a confrontation disposition.

This group was headed by a strong middle-aged man. He was roughly the same height as Wang Yu but he had much broader shoulders. He exuded a very powerful and majestic aura. Behind the middle-aged man was a subordinate that carried their team flag, with a winged eagle adorned on it.

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