Mr Fu I Really Love You Chapter 178

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Closing her eyes, she could only see the lines of Fu Huai’an’s back muscles and the sweat on them as he did his pull-ups.

Lin Nuan tossed and turned around on the bed, unable to sleep. Seeing that the sky outside the window was slowly turning bright, yet she still couldn’t sleep, Lin Nuan forced herself to lie down on the bed until morning.

The next day, early in the morning, Lin Nuan left the room wearing her own clothes after washing up. She hesitated but still folded Fu Huai’an’s shirt neatly and placed it into a bag, preparing to take it away and compensate Fu Huai’an with a new shirt.

She left the room and closed the door. After taking only a few steps, Lin Nuan saw that Fu Huai’an was already seated at the table reading the finance and economy newspaper reports, his breakfast of eggs, bacon, and coffee placed in front of him.

Fu Huai’an wore a black blouse with suit pants. The hand holding up the paper had a steel-chained watch on its wrist, and his long legs were crossed. Without the heavy sweating, he was once more the deep and mysterious mature man with the aura of success.

Looking skinny with clothes on, and looking well-built without clothes, probably described the bodies of men like Fu Huai’an.

The image of Fu Huai’an’s naked body from the night before resurfaced in Lin Nuan’s mind once more, and her face felt hot.

A housekeeper with an apron tied around her waist was tidying up the counter in the kitchen when her sharp ears caught the sound of a door closing. She immediately carried milk and breakfast out, placing them on the dining table as she smiled and nodded at Lin Nuan. She kept silent, and once she saw Lin Nuan express her thanks without any dissatisfaction towards the breakfast, the housekeeper returned to the kitchen.

The housekeeper placed Lin Nuan’s breakfast beside Fu Huai’an and not opposite him. After a slight hesitation, Lin Nuan still held onto her bag tightly as she sat down.

Fu Huai’an flipped a page of the newspaper before folding it and placing it back down beside him. He picked up the steaming hot coffee and a smile appeared on the corner of his lips, saying, “Did your nose bleed again afterward?”

Lin Nuan’s hand, which was holding up the milk paused, and her neck turned red. She lowered her eyes to avoid Fu Huai’an’s dark gaze, murmuring, “No…”

Lin Nuan didn’t sleep well the previous night, obvious dark circles hanging under her eyes. On the other hand, Fu Huai’an was still exercising at three a.m. and woke up so early in the morning, yet he looked refreshed and neat. The man’s energy was so good it was enviable.

On the dining table, Fu Huai’an’s phone placed above the cigarette box vibrated, and he picked it up, answering the call after one glance.

Fu Huai’an was discussing work matters with the person on the other end with a calm face. Even though he wasn’t saying anything stern, his low and thick voice was full of the prestige of a superior.

Uninterested in listening in on the internal affairs of others’ companies, Lin Nuan took out her phone and scrolled through the morning news.

She browsed the news quickly; those days, all the articles pushed up by newspaper applications lacked nutrition—there were plenty that relied on clickbait for views. Lin Nuan was used to it since she was in constant contact with the news, so she could always accurately filter through the trashy articles.

Lin Nuan’s fingertip just scrolled through one page when her hand paused, and she scrolled back.

She stared at the eye-catching title of one article that said, “16-years-old teenage girl got pregnant four times within two years, says she doesn’t know any birth control measures.”

After looking at it for a while, Lin Nuan noticed that when she did it with Fu Huai’an, they didn’t take birth control measures either.

Her ears gradually grew hot.

Although she was barely conscious by the end and was unsure if Fu Huai’an finished outside or inside of her, when she went to the bathroom to shower, there was a sticky heat flowing out from between her numb legs, so she guessed… Fu Huai’an remained inside her.

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