Mr Fu I Really Love You Chapter 179

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Upon seeing the title of the news article, Lin Nuan felt some fear, and her grip on her phone tightened involuntarily.

After what Lin Nuan told Fu Huai’an, she was planning for them to never cross each other’s path again, but what would it be if she got pregnant with Fu Huai’an’s child!

If she really got pregnant, Lin Nuan definitely didn’t have the courage to abort it.

When she was in university, Lin Nuan had seen people in her dorms undergo abortions, and their bodies always had some health issues afterward!

Lin Nuan had seen plenty of news of how people became unable to get pregnant again because they underwent abortion previously.

As someone in her 20s, Lin Nuan had to be responsible for her own body.

Exiting the news app, Lin Nuan placed her glass of milk down as she typed in the search engine, looking for the latest timing to take birth control pills after the deed.

Fu Huai’an’s brows furrowed at the words from the other end of the line and he withdrew a cigarette and let it dangle from the corner of the lips. Just as he reached out for the lighter, he sensed Lin Nuan seriously searching for something.

Fu Huai’an glanced towards Lin Nuan’s direction and saw the content on the phone screen.

The page talked about emergency birth control pills to be taken within 72 hours, mainly consisting of brands like Levonorgestrel pills. The first pill was typically taken within 72 hours, and the second one was taken 12 hours later—the effects were better the sooner they were consumed.

Lin Nuan felt slightly relieved upon seeing that they could be taken within 72 hours.

Lighting his cigarette, Fu Huai’an placed the lighter on top of the box of cigarettes and said calmly, “You handle the matters on that side first, we’ll discuss the rest when I reach the office in a while.”

Hearing that Fu Huai’an was about to end his call, Lin Nuan acted calm as she locked her phone and placed it aside. After she quickly finished up breakfast, she told Fu Huai’an, “I’m recording the program at 8a.m. today, so I have to leave now.”

The webpage said that it was better to take the birth control pills sooner, so Lin Nuan was getting restless, scared of any accidents.

“I’ll send you.”

Fu Huai’an stood up with his cigarette between his lips, picking up the suit jacket placed over the back of the chair and wearing it.

Seeing that Fu Huai’an had yet to eat breakfast, Lin Nuan carried her shoulder bag and hurriedly said, “It’s ok; it’s pretty convenient for me to cab there.”

“I still have stuff to discuss with you. Let’s go…”

Fu Huai’an picked up his phone, lighter, and cigarette box from the dining table as he extinguished the cigarette and walked towards the direction of the elevator.

Lin Nuan grabbed onto her small bag tightly and followed behind Fu Huai’an.

After two steps, Lin Nuan realized that she didn’t take Fu Huai’an’s blouse, so she walked back to pick up the bag, jogging back to catch up to Fu Huai’an.

Once she entered the elevator, Lin Nuan explained, “I’ll take your shirt back first. I’m sorry that last night… I got your shirt dirty. I’ll return you a new piece.”‘

Lin Nuan was about to say “pay”, but it ended up as “returning”.

Fu Huai’an stuck both hands in his pockets casually and upon hearing Lin Nuan’s words, only replied after a short silent pause. “Change the color…”

Lin Nuan paused in surprise and took a few moments to process that Fu Huai’an meant to get a different-colored blouse.

“What color do you like?” Lin Nuan asked.

“You can pick.”


Once the elevator reached its destination, Fu Huai’an exited first, leaving Lin Nuan who watched Fu Huai’an’s back view, afraid to go over the meaning behind his words in detail.

Lin Nuan wasn’t dumb; she understood the intimacy in Fu Huai’an’s words.

If she was to be compensating him, she should pay him back with a blouse that was exactly the same, but Fu Huai’an was clearly letting Lin Nuan pick a blouse for him.

Probably only wives or girlfriends would gift underclothes such as blouses.

Lin Nuan’s ears turned red as she walked out of the elevator.

At the bottom of the apartment building, Fu Huai’an’s assistant stood in front of a Maybach. Upon seeing Fu Huai’an and Lin Nuan come out, he smiled and called out “Miss Lin” before helping them open the backseat door.

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