Mr Fu I Really Love You Chapter 180

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“Give me the car keys,” Fu Huai’an said.

Fu Huai’an’s assistant immediately understood and hurriedly passed the car keys to Fu Huai’an.

Fu Huai’an entered the car after giving his assistant some instructions.

Lin Nuan sat in the passenger’s seat and looked out the window distractedly, calculating in her brain the time that had passed since she had done it with Fu Huai’an. She wondered if it was still in time for her to take the birth control pills and if there would be an accident.

She remembered that there was a pharmacy approximately 50 meters diagonally opposite the broadcasting building, but it was too near the building—Lin Nuan was afraid that her colleagues would see her and felt embarrassed.

Just as she was stressing over it distractedly, Fu Huai’an suddenly took a left and parked the car by the pavement.

Lin Nuan turned back to meet Fu Huai’an’s calm gaze while he unbuckled his seatbelt. He glanced at the left rearview mirror before opening his car door and said, “Wait for me on the car.”

Lin Nuan watched as Fu Huai’an went around the car and walked into the pharmacy beside the convenience store.

The pharmacy had just opened for the day, and it was too early for there to be any customers, so the teenage salesgirl had just started to wipe the counters since she had arrived early. Seeing someone walk in, she raised her head to see a man in a suit with a mature and stable aura. Her heart slightly picked up pace, and she felt a little shy to go up to him and ask what he was looking for.

Instead, an older saleswoman tsked at the little lady for spacing out before turning around to Fu Huai’an with a smile, asking, “Welcome sir, what kind of medicine are you looking for?”

Fu Huai’an, with his long legs and neat suit, was obviously out of place in the small pharmacy.

Fu Huai’an’s deep gaze swept across the counter, but he didn’t find the medicine in mind, so he finally opened his mouth and said, “Emergency birth control pills.”

“We have them, which brand do you need?” the older saleswoman asked.

Fu Huai’an pondered for a while before replying, “The kind that causes minimal damage to the body.”

“Recent birth control pills don’t harm the body much. Our best-seller is Levonorgestrel. Will that work?”

Seeing Fu Huai’an nod, the older saleswoman directed the younger salesgirl to fetch the medicine from the cabinet. She thought that it was rare for a man such as Fu Huai’an to come and buy birth control pills himself. He even wanted those that did minimal harm to the body, so she guessed that Fu Huai’an was either buying it for his girlfriend or wife, so she involuntarily talked a little more with Fu Huai’an…

“To be honest, birth control pills will always have more or less some damage to the human body. If you’re not considering having children, have some consideration for your wife or girlfriend and have some birth control measures while you’re doing it. We sell some pretty good condoms here that are quite thin. They won’t affect the pleasure for both parties, so many ladies like this brand. Do you want to try it?”

“Sister Yang, I’ve got the medicine…” the little salesgirl spoke softly like a kitten, her face red.

Fu Huai’an thought for a moment before nodding and saying, “Give me a box.”

A box of birth control pills and a box of condoms, the little salesgirl stood behind the register and placed the two boxes into a plastic bag after scanning them. She passed them to Fu Huai’an with a red face and said, “Sir, the total is 72…”

Fu Huai’an took out a hundred-dollar bill from his wallet and passed it to the salesgirl. Seeing bottles of mineral water and other beverages in a refrigerator by the counter, he said, “Give me a bottle of room temperature mineral water too.”

The young salesgirl took over the note and hurriedly scanned a bottle of mineral water before passing it to Fu Huai’an with both hands. She had a cautious and respectful stance and explained the dosage instructions of the Levonorgestrel.

Just as she lowered her head to look for change, Fu Huai’an was already walking out of the pharmacy with the bottle of mineral water in one hand and the plastic bag in the other.

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