Mr. Yuan's Dilemma: Can't Help Falling In Love With You Chapter 340

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Wu Ze said smilingly, “I just went there some time ago, so I won’t be going there anytime soon. Why don’t you come back to Luo Hai and we’ll meet up here?”

Mu Chenyan heard the two words “Luo Hai” and her palms started to sweat. She held her phone and shook her head, “I don’t think I’ll be returning to Luo Hai. How’s my mother lately?”

Wu Ze knew that she did not dare return to Luo Hai. Furthermore, she was afraid to face her past. After all, the love of her life was here…

“Fortunately, the doctor said that she has recovered very well and can now eat by herself. However, you know that she lost her senses for many years. Even if she came back to her senses, she might not have memories of the past…”

“Yes, I know!”

Mu Chenyan’s voice was shaking slightly. She suppressed the pain in her heart and said in a low voice, “Big Brother Wu, thank you for helping me the past few years, thank you…”

“Chenyan, you’re being too modest. Yuan Xuan was the one who looked after Aunty Yan all this time!”

Wu Ze said Yuan Xuan’s name and he heard her whimper softly. Wu Ze was surprised, and he said softly, “Chenyan, why are you torturing yourself? You’re hurting so much just from hearing his name. If you love him, why torment each other?”

Mu Chenyan who was on the other side of the phone put her hands over her mouth and tears flowed past her cheeks towards her fingers.

“Chenyan, why won’t you give him a chance? This way, you’re also giving yourself a chance.”

Mu Chenyan stopped Wu Ze from speaking further, “Big Brother Wu, I can’t… I can’t face him…”

Mu Chenyan shut her eyes and her heart was trembling. When she recalled that scene, she could not help but shudder.

The scene when Yuan Tangbai was killed was too cruel!

Mu Chenyan did not know how much pain Yuan Xuan’s heart must have felt all these years to forgive the daughter of the man who killed his father…

Moreover, she had been foolish enough to believe in Mu Chenwu’s words and allowed him to distort the truth.

At that time, she misunderstood the pain in Yuan Xuan’s heart. The pain that Yuan Xuan had felt for the past ten years was far greater than hers.

How could she act as if nothing had happened and continue to be in Yuan Xuan’s life?

If it was possible, she should use her pain to redeem her sins!

After hanging up on the phone, the woman looked outside of the window. It was already autumn, and it had almost been four years since she had left Yuan Xuan…



Capital City

Shao Yibai knew that Yuan Xuan would be staying over for a few days and he was overjoyed.

Capital City was the Shao Family’s territory. Back when Shao Yibai was fooling around in Luo Hai, he had received a warm welcome from the people of Luo Hai and had always wanted to return the favor.

Yuan Xuan initially planned to stay in a hotel, but Jiao Shufen would not allow him to do so.

“If you’re in Capital City, it means that you’ve arrived at our doorstep. If rumors of you staying in a hotel spread to the public, who knows what the others would think about your aunt!”

The Shao Family had a few properties in Capital City and Shao Yibai had already discussed with his mother. He would clean up the two hundred square feet apartment in Shang Ting Yuan for Yuan Xuan to live in temporarily.

Jiao Shufen had not seen Yuan Xuan for a few years, and she missed him very much. The night that Yuan Xuan arrived, she invited Yuan Xuan to have dinner at her house and asked someone to prepare a guest room. She only allowed him to return to Shang Ting Yuan after she was done catching up with him.

At night, the moon was bright, but there were only a few stars, and the weather in Capital City already had embraced autumn’s cold breeze.

On the balcony of the Shao Family’s Mansion, two extremely outstanding men were sitting on the sofa while they sipped red wine and chatted.

“It has almost been four years already, right?” Shao Yibai asked suddenly.

Yuan Xuan was stunned for a moment. The stars were shining brightly and there was a hint of surprise in the corner of his eyes, “You’re talking about Mu Chenyan?”

Shao Yibai smiled and did not say anything. Yuan Xuan swirled the glass of wine in his hand and said calmly, “She’s been gone for almost four years already!

“This woman is truly cruel. She hasn’t contacted Shu Qingcheng even once. Have you asked her other friends?”

Yuan Xuan’s dark eyes contracted slightly, “She doesn’t have any other friends, except for Yuan Tian. However, Yuan Tian has been taken away by Shen Muqiu. The only way to contact her is through Wu Ze. But, I’ve never asked Wu Ze. I’m afraid that once she finds out about it, even Wu Ze will not receive any news from her.”

Yuan Xuan knew that Mu Chenyan was not being cruel, just that she did not want him to pursue her.

Shao Yibai sighed, “What do you plan to do in the future? Continue looking for her?”

Shao Yibai knew that no one could stop Yuan Xuan when he set mind straight on something.

“I don’t have any plans.” The man smiled faintly, “I treat it as my wife throwing a tantrum and went somewhere else to have fun. Once her anger has subsided, naturally she’ll return!”

Shao Yibai, “…”


Capital City’s Police Academy.

The academy invited a well-known ichnology professional in the country, Professor Shen Muchen, to give an academic report.

Mu Chenyan was Professor Shen Muchen’s disciple. She worked as Professor Shen’s assistant and had learned from him for almost three years. This was their third time going to Capital City for a speech.

Mu Chenyan’s phone rang while she was halfway through preparing the materials needed for the Professor’s speech the next day.

“Chenyan, mom knows that you’ve come to Capital City and she has prepared dinner. I’m coming to pick you up.” Guo Jingze said cautiously, as though he was worried that Mu Chenyan might reject her.

Mu Chenyan’s hand froze for a moment while she held the phone and she said gently, “Okay. I did not have time to visit her the previous two times. Coincidently, you’re also in Capital City this time for a business trip, so you can accompany me there.”

Guo Jingze was so happy it looked as though he had gotten a reward. He nodded his head repeatedly.

“Oh right, I still have some materials that I need to prepare for the professor. I’m worried that I’ll be in a rush later and the malls are about to close. Can you help me get a present for mom?”

The malls closing was just an excuse. Mu Chenyan knew that her mother-in-law’s side of the family was very demanding, and they were considered a respected noble family in Capital City. Moreover, she did not have any experience in pleasing a mother-in-law.

She had been married to Guo Jingze for three years, yet she had never personally picked her a present.

Guo Jingzi smiled lightly and said, “I’ve already prepared one, all you need to do is come over. I’ll go to your hotel and pick you up at 5?”


After hanging up the phone, Mu Chenyan sighed in relief.

They had gotten married for their own goals and their marriage was in name only. Nevertheless, they needed to pretend that things were perfect in front of their families.

Before 5 o’clock, Guo Jingze’s car was waiting in front of Professor Shen’s hotel. The handsome man was neither anxious nor irritated. He did not prompt her with phone calls and all he did was wait at the front door quietly.

The man looked handsome and elegant, yet his charming features were not sharply defined. He did not lack the gentle and modest qualities that the other young men from aristocratic families had. Wherever he went, his easy-going temperament left people feeling comfortable. Moreover, he was a man who loved to smile.

It was ten past five when Mu Chenyan rushed out of the hotel.

The woman was still slender, and her skin was as fair as jade. She had grown out her hair and curled it slightly. When she ran, her hair danced in the wind like a waterfall.

She was blushing slightly from fatigue and her eyes turned red from rushing. Then, she said in a low voice, “Sorry, I’m late.”

As she spoke, she rubbed the tip of her nose and reached her hands down to smoothen out her dress that had gotten wrinkled from rushing over. It appeared as if she was blushing shyly like a twenty-year-old young lady.

Even after three years, Guo Jingze still was not over the way she looked…

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