Mr. Yuan's Dilemma: Can't Help Falling In Love With You Chapter 342

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“What are the two of you discussing about, so happily?”

No one knew when Guo Jingze had stood behind the two women. He had changed into light gray leisurewear. Handsome, elegant and graceful as the lustre of jade, every part of him was a display of excellent upbringing and manners.

If his mother did not invite him, he would not take a half-a-step closer.

“Come over. It’s something good.” Wu Meiyun was delighted, and her face could not hide her emotions.

She tugged at her son and said smilingly, “I’ve discussed with Xiao Xiao about introducing her to my circle of sisters during a small gathering in a few days.”

Guo Jingze’s expression suddenly shifted. He looked at his mother coldly and suppressed his anger as he spoke, “Why didn’t you talk to me first? Xiao Xiao doesn’t like these kinds of parties. Back when we got married, I told you that Xiao Xiao can choose not to participate in any of the Guo Family’s ceremonial events…”

The Guo Jingze that Mu Chenyan knew had always been gentle and cultured. Even to strangers, he would maintain his manners and be reserved. She could not determine why he was this angry at the moment.

When Wu Meiyun saw that her son, who rarely spoke to her in such a tone, had flipped and became hostile towards her just because of her decision to have her daughter-in-law attend a party, she was upset.

She moved her lips, and there were traces of complaints in her eyes, but in the end, she said nothing.

Mu Chenyan saw Wu Meiyun’s forlorn expression and understood the downheartedness suppressed in the dejected mother’s heart. She hurriedly interrupted Guo Jingze’s words. “Jing Ze, I willingly agreed to attend!”

Guo Jingze was taken aback. Turning around to look at Mu Chenyan, his mouth opened slightly as he attempted to digest the news.

Mu Chenyan nodded, her twinkling eyes made people feel like pouring their love and affection towards her. “Mom just won my consent. I think that since we’ve been married for three years, it wouldn’t be a bad thing to meet a few of the aunts around. After all, I’m flesh and blood, not the sweet that that’s afraid of melting (TN: when you refer to someone as the sweet that you’re afraid will melt in your mouth, it means you cherish that person dearly and that nothing more could be added)!”

Mu Chenyan laughed casually as she spoke, while Wu Meiyun looked gratefully at her daughter-in-law.

When Guo Jingze heard that, he felt somewhat lost and uneasy. “If you stay in the Capital City for too long, what about Professor Shen…”

“It shouldn’t be a problem. I’ll ask him for a few days off!”

Mu Chenyan was not enthusiastic about this gathering, but knowing that this incident would create a gap between her mother-in-law and Guo Jingze, she could not avoid her responsibilities.

Guo Jingze could not seem to find any other reason to stop her, so he said plainly, “Since you’ve both agreed, then go ahead! If you need any help, I’ll have Liu Ming come over!”

Mu Chenyan suspected that Guo Jingze was ten thousand times more reluctant in his heart. Previously, she was the one who did not want to make any public appearances, and Guo Jingze’s had always been very supportive of her. Mu Chenyan had regarded that as him respecting her wishes. However, right now, Guo Jingze’s mannerisms and expression seemed to indicate that he was disinclined to introduce Mu Chenyan to his circle of friends.

“There’s no need for that. You just go and settle your affairs. The guards here can take care of it.”

Wu Meiyun’s heart was secretly elated. The moment she returned to her bedroom and before she even had time to talk to Old Man Guo, she first announced the news in her girlfriends’ group chat.

The group chat suddenly came to life, and everyone began talking about it spiritedly.

The Guo Family’s daughter-in-law had been married for three years, but no one had even seen a photo of her, to say nothing of getting a glimpse of her.

Guo Jingze had hidden his wife so well, that outsiders began speculating that there was a problem with the child’s mother.

However, out of those who had seen Yan Muyu, there were none who did not boast that the child was beautiful, and looked like a porcelain doll.

The only thing that no one could comprehend was that the Guo Family had actually agreed to the child using the mother’s surname. One had to know that although the Guo Family was not the number one household in the Capital City, it was still, after all, a distinguished family, and the boy was the eldest grandson!

This was enough to show how high a position this daughter-in-law had in the family. Needless to say, her sisters in the group chat responded enthusiastically to Wu Meiyun’s invitation, and they got together the next day to shop for dresses in preparation for the party.

Jiao Shufen turned over the house but did not find any suitable dress.

She looked into the mirror and lamented that she had put on 10 pounds of weight, complaining that the years were not forgiving.

When Shao Yibai came back from the outside and saw his mother putting on a green cheongsam, his eyes shone brightly, and he commented smilingly, “Big beauty, what tricks are you up to?”

“Tricks my foot! Show some respect!”

Jiao Shufen tried it on, but she was still dissatisfied. She complained, “The day after tomorrow is your Aunt Mei Yun’s family party. She’s going to present to us her daughter-in-law. How can I attend without any clothes?”

Shao Yibai looked at the seven or eight wardrobes around the house that were full of clothes, yet her mother was still complaining about being “nude”. He could not help but remark, “This woman is really… Even if there were a thousand pieces of clothes here, she’d still feel like she had none.

“Oh right, what did you say just now? Aunt Mei Yun wants to introduce her daughter-in-law?”

Shao Yibai also knew Guo Jingze. He was aware that Guo Jingze had a shotgun marriage a few years back, and a smile emerged in his heart. “He actually got himself a wife? Wasn’t there a rumor going around in the Capital City saying that he’s sick?”

Sensing her son’s intense malice, Jiao Shufen tapped Shao Yibai on the forehead. “What sickness? Don’t listen to those rumors! When you were young, you were wild and always bullied him. Now that he has a wife and child, why don’t take a look at yourself!”

Being tapped on the head, Shao Yibai felt very displeased in his heart. He replied with an ambiguous tone, “It’s not like you don’t have a daughter-in-law but that when she was right in front of you, you didn’t cherish her!”

Jiao Shufen knew that Shao Yibai still held a grudge against her because of Su Qingcheng. The mother and son quickly ended the topic.

“You’re to attend the gathering the day after tomorrow too. Now that Jingze has grown up, you’ve got to show some manners and not bully him!”

Listening to his mother’s arrangement, Shao Yibai could not help but laugh. “Look at how old we are. Do you think I’ll ride on his shoulders and beat him up? Since it’s a gathering, I’ll invite Yuan Xuan too. I hear that among your girlfriends, some of their daughters are still waiting to get married. I could seize this opportunity and maybe persuade that bullheaded fool to find a good woman!”

Hearing that, Jiao Shufen sighed, “How thoughtful of you. Quick, give Yuan Xuan a call!”

Yuan Xuan received a phone call from Shao Yibai, inviting him to attend the party, but he declined. “It’s my first time in the Capital City, and I don’t know any people in the circle you mentioned.”

Shao Yibai already knew that Yuan Xuan would not join in the festivities. He smiled lightly. “You’ll get acquainted with them once you’re present. Speaking of which, Old Man Guo has some ties with the Yuan Family.”

When Yuan Xuan heard that he pondered for a moment, “Do you mean Guo Haisheng?”

Yuan Xuan recalled that among his father’s former comrades, one of them held a post in the Capital City. Before he retired, although the Guo Family did not send someone over, they would send gifts every year. The Old Mistress once said that if there was ever an opportunity, he should go to the Capital City to requite their gifts.

“Alright, I’ll go!” Yuan Xuan suddenly had a strange feeling in his heart…

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