My Youth Began With Him Chapter 1914

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“Big Brother! Sister-in-Law!” Qin Ning greeted Qin Chu and Huo Mian excitedly.

“Ning, you’re looking more beautiful than the last time we met,” Huo Mian complimented.

Having been born into a wealthy family, she neither had a princess’s arrogance nor an entitled attitude.

Qin Chu had mentioned that since Qin Ning was the only child of his second uncle, she had been sitting in on board meetings since the age of thirteen. Therefore, she had seen and heard a lot.

She graduated from university four years ago and was now officially working for the family business…

She was now an executive of the company’s U.S. headquarters as well as the youngest and only female board member. Obviously, she was both bright and intelligent.

Therefore, from the bottom of her heart, Huo Mian was impressed by this beautiful and courageous woman.

“Ha… You’re flattering me. You’re the one who looks exactly like you did four years ago, despite the fact that you had twins!”

Qin Ning liked Huo Mian a lot. Although they didn’t see each other much, Qin Ning felt close to her every time they met.

“That’s enough flattery you two. My daughters will get restless from all this waiting,” Qin Chu reminded.

“Ah… of course. Quick, let Auntie take a look. Which one is the older one and which one is the younger one?”

Qin Ning said as she squatted down and looked at the identical twins.

Not waiting for Huo Mian to introduce them, Pudding spoke out, “The chubbier one is Little Bean, while the skinner one is Pudding.”

“Oh… Now I get it. You’re Pudding, right?” Qin Ning compared the two and realized the one talking was skinnier.

Little Bean revealed an exasperated expression.

“My chubbiness is only temporary, while my sister’s sly tongue and quick words are for a lifetime.”

Little Bean’s words caused both Huo Mian and Qin Chu to laugh.

“Hahaha… You two are so cute. And you can call me Auntie Qin.”

Qin Ning liked them very much, pinching their noses and squishing their faces.

“What do we get for calling you Auntie Qin?” Pudding was smart enough.

“Sis… what are you saying? Do you think our Auntie is stingy? Come on, let’s call her Auntie Qin first, she’ll definitely give us presents…”

Once done speaking, Little Bean tidied herself and stood up straight. “Hello Auntie Qin, I am Little Bean.”

“Hello Auntie Qin, I’m Pudding.”

After their introduction, they both stuck out their hands. It was obvious they wanted their presents.

“My God… Darling… your daughters are too clever…”

Huo Mian would never teach her children such things. Thus seeing them act so coyishly in front of Qin Ning to get presents from her was a sight that scared her very much.

“It’s okay… I’m used to it,” Qin Chu said calmly.

“But is this really okay? Wouldn’t it seem like they weren’t taught any manners?” Huo Mian asked, feeling awkward.

Qin Chu shook his head. “Of course not, it’s not like Qin Ning is an outsider. She’s family.”

Qin Chu then added, “Great job Pudding and Little Bean. Your Auntie is extremely rich and has a lot of extra cash. Ask her for anything you want.”

“Brother, did you bring your kids and wife here to rob me…?”

Qin Ning didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. Thankfully, she came prepared, or else she really would have disappointed her nieces.

Qin Ning opened her dark pink Hermes bag and took out two beautiful Mickey Mouse wallets and handed them to the adorable twins.

“I heard you guys are Disney fans. Here, take it.”

“Auntie Qin, don’t tell me you’re only giving us Disney wallets…” Little Bean pouted.

“Let’s open them first,” Pudding said collectedly.

Upon opening the wallets, they jumped up excitedly…

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