One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love Chapter 618

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“‘He requires a constant affirmation of affection. The idea of ​​a ‘possible love rival’ can evoke a strong sense of suspicion and rebuke in him like that of a selfish person. Such baseless accusation can make him feel wronged and weary at first, but later, it will evolve to become an insult, which will nearly be unbearable for him.’”

Mu Yazhe fell into a stupor.

Why was the last description of the symptom that Min Yu had read aloud more apt to describe his behavior?

Him flying into a towering rage when he saw Gu Xingze and her kiss that day – could that be an expression of jealousy as well?

Was it not a certainty for one to feel angry when witnessing his woman be with another man?!

He leaned forward a little abruptly and clasped his hands together with his brows tightly knitted. “Min Yu.”

“Yes, boss!”

He inquired rather hesitantly, “Is it normal for a man to be jealous of a woman?”

His assistant was surprised, and immediately, he lowered his head to let his fingertips fly through the pages.

The man was shocked by the dexterity of his fingers. “…”

His assistant seriously perused the content of a page and recited it in a silver voice straight away, “‘A relationship without jealousy is non-existent. ‘Jealousy’, regarding love, is a condiment – a nourishment even. Furthermore, usually, the extent of one’s jealousy is directly related to the extent of one’s love. Therefore, reflect upon the past and ponder about the current situation again; if you have never felt a bit of jealousy in the course of your relationship, wouldn’t this so-called ‘love’ be very dubious? The only benchmark to test the truth is through application. Similarly, the benchmark to test if you’re truly in love with a person is through jealousy.’”

“This means that one feels jealousy toward another because he loves her and cares for her?” The man extracted the gist out of that long-winded explanation.

His assistant nodded after some consideration. “You can say that.”

His brows furrowed and his eyes drooped; he appeared to be in deep thought.

All of a sudden, he lifted an uncertain and baffled gaze on to his assistant.

The latter felt shivers down his spine at his superior’s penetrating stare at him.

“Min Yu?”

“Yes, boss.”

“Have you been in love before?”

“No…” His boss hit a nerve, and thereafter, he piteously shook his head.

“You’ve actually never been in love before?”

The man sized him up from head to toe in slight disdain.

He treated a person who had never been in love before as his mentor in ‘love psychology’?!

The assistant, however, confidently retorted, “Boss, I have yet to earn money for marriage; dare I fall in love?”

The chairman cocked a brow in dissatisfaction and stared at his assistant coldly. Drumming his knuckles on the table, he stated, “If you want a raise, tell me directly.”

The assistant truthfully requested, “Boss, I want a raise.”

He shrugged his request off pronto. “Rejected!”

The assistant responded with a hopeless expression. “…”

He, however, did not concern himself with the bitterness radiating off in waves from his assistant and probed further. “How does a woman show jealousy toward a man?”

The assistant reluctantly dipped his head again and unenthusiastically flipped through the book. He then read off the book word for word, “‘When a woman gets feels jealous, first, she will ignore her partner.’”

He nodded.

That woman blacklisted his number while he was overseas for a few days.

“‘Second, she will show disinterest.’”

He nodded again.

That woman was, indeed, very disinterested in him!

She was cold and indifferent.

Could this be her way of expressing her affection toward him?

“‘Third, she easily loses her cool – 90% of women express this!’”

He knocked his fingers on the desk. “Continue!”

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