One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love Chapter 708

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Yun Shishi’s attitude on set and in public was consistently great. She was neither obsequious nor supercilious with the production team and celebrity assistants alike. As a corollary, at this crucial moment, many people willingly risked offending Yan Bingqing by bravely identifying her as the culprit.

In the depths of her heart, the actress was enraged and annoyed. She raised her head to scan the crowd with a sinister glint in her eyes.

Everyone was cowed by her furious stare. Those voices filled with indignation began to die down.

Despite deeply empathizing with Yun Shishi for the injustice done to her, no one truly dared to step forward and go toe to toe with the actress.

Yan Bingqing defended herself loudly. “I did not! I didn’t do it on purpose! My condition today just isn’t at its best, causing a few bad takes, but it’s definitely not on purpose!”

She looked at the man with a pleading gaze. “Director Mu, please believe me!”

“You did it on purpose.”

A discordant yet elegant voice of a woman sounded from the back.

She stiffened at that. Her reddening eyes viciously scanned the crowd, only to see that it was Yang Mi who had spoken.

She stepped out of the crowd emotionlessly with her eyes trained on her. Unfazed by her threatening gaze, she testified, “I saw it. She did it on purpose.”

“What did you say?!”

“Sister Bingqing, we are all actors. A mistake like this could’ve been avoided easily. Even if a real slap were needed, don’t you think that the strength you’ve used is too much? There’s no need for you to explain anything. The bad takes from the scene have all been recorded. Wouldn’t things be made clear once we look at them?”

She was neither overbearing nor servile when she spoke, and this caused the actress’s complexion to drop.


“I saw it, too.”

“I saw it too…”

“I-I saw it as well!”

Seeing that Yang Mi was standing up against her, the rest of the actors picked up their courage, stood up regardless of everything, and accused Yan Bingqing righteously.

The actress was terrified. She stumbled backward shakily and shook her head furiously. “It’s not! It’s really not… I truly didn’t do it on purpose! Y-You guys are obviously working together to frame me!”

Just as she finished her words, Mu Yazhe stalked up to her fiercely and extended his hand to hold her throat in a vice-like grip!

“Ergh—cough…” She was unprepared for this. With her throat gripped forcibly and violently, she could barely breathe. Her face began to redden from oxygen deprivation!

He stared at her directly with his icy eyes and ashen complexion. “Who gave you the guts to do this?!”

“… Cough…” She fumbled against his constricting grip with her hands, hoping to loosen or even escape it.

Who knew where he had gotten such enormous strength, though, for no matter how hard she tried, his hand barely moved an inch. Rather, he continued to tighten his grip around her throat mercilessly. The strength in his fingertips made it seem as if he were ready to snap her neck in two!

With so many people at the venue, no one dared to step forward and stop him.

The air of fury surrounding him was palpably terrifying. As if countless sharp blades were shooting out of him, he was beyond approachable.

He was really choking her to death.

He was choking her with actual force!

The rage and frustration coursing through his body were almost burning his rationality into ashes!

She looked hideous as the veins on her forehead throbbed violently. Her eyes were wide open and her reddened face was laced with nothing but pure pain from suffocation!


The muscles on her face contorted out of shape as her eyes grew unfocused.

It seemed that, in the next second, she would cease to breathe!

Painful… so painful…

Her resolve was dissipating. Amid her struggle, she glanced over at Gu Xingze for help.

The latter only looked at her coldly, though, completely ignoring her pleading gaze.

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