Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 933

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This this this… was too incomprehensible!

To think that there would be many people offering their daughters for picking… this was the treatment that Emperor had! No, Emperors may not even have such grand treatment. At the very least, when an Emperor was injured, no one would offer something like the Seven Colored Holy Fruit!

“Why? Do you feel confused?” Cao Guo Feng chuckled. “This sort of treatment and you are surprised! That’s not all; as long as you are able to display your talent and advance through training, it won’t be long. When you are of suitable age, the Palace Lord will personally host a Hundred Flower Festival for you.”

“Hundred Flower Festival?” Jun Mo Xie asked in surprise. I wonder what is this Hundred Flower Festival thing.?

“Hundred Flower Festival… From within the entire Misty Illusory Manor, the Palace Lord will find someone for you! All the girls of a suitable age in the Misty Illusory Manor will be filtered, and the cream of the crop will be selected. When there are a hundred of them, you can choose your lifelong partner from amongst them. According to the customs of the world, you can select seven—three wives and four concubines… Of course, if you wish to choose more, it is possible. If you want to accept all of them, we will also permit you to do so!”

“There’s something this great?” Jun Mo Xie was really surprised this time! All the best beauties in the Misty Illusory Manor gathered… for me to choose at my will? Heavens! Earth! Oh my god! Jesus and Buddha!!

This news was too shocking!

“Of course, but that is on the prerequisite that you are capable enough. If you are unable to reach that standard, you won’t even get to choose anything.”

Cao Guo Feng watched him in amusement, observing his expressions. “Lad, you think that it is very easy to attain that standard? Let me tell you, since ancient times until now, out of the entire Misty Illusory Manor, there were not more than two people who were worthy enough to enjoy this treatment!”

“10,000 years, and only two?” Jun Mo Xie was surprised, but he also calmed down. That sort of treatment was indeed too grand, so the standard of the requirements for it would definitely be high!

“Two is already a lot. The two of them also have the legendary Free and Natural Physique, although it is not the same level as the Free and Natural Physique that you have. One of them was the Free Xuan Physique, while the other was the Clear Spirit Physique. The former fought alone against the Nine Nether Seventh Young Master 7,000 years ago and perished along with him. The latter fought with the Nine Nether Ninth Young Master 5000 years ago, and both sides suffered grave injuries. But ultimately his injuries could not be treated and he passed away!”

Cao Guo Feng looked at Jun Mo Xie with a passionate look in his eyes. “Just thinking of how terrifying the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master is, you can understand what sort of level of experts these two people where, right?”

Jun Mo Xie was astonished. To think that such powerful figures had appeared in this world before!

How powerful was the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master? With a mere fifth of his entire strength he could go against the joint attack of over twenty Saint Emperors! And killing many of them before retreating with his heavy injuries! He had already returned back to his full strength now, which means he was really the number one person in the world ah!

Then if the Nine Nether Seventh Young Master and the Nine Nether Ninth Young Master could come here from the Nine Nethers, then perhaps they may not be comparable to the Nine Nether First Young Master back then, but they were definitely not too inferior to the current Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master!

And there was someone from the Misty Illusory Manor who was able to bring one of them to death, and another who injured the other severely, all on their own! It can be imagined how powerful they were!

Cao Guo Feng looked at him meaningfully. “As your Master, I’ve mentioned earlier that the Free Xuan Physique and the Clear Spirit Physique were also considered spiritual physiques that were extremely rare. But compared to your Free and Natural Physique, they are far, far inferior!”

“Cultivating Xuan Skills first looks at your aptitudes and your comprehension. Mere perseverance and courage is not enough! Hard work… perhaps might make it for those below a Spirit Xuan. But if you wish to advance to even higher levels and become an existence that stands at the peak, that is absolutely not possible to work.”

“So the Free and Natural Physique that you have is so highly regarded by the Misty Illusory Manor!” Cao Guo Feng said earnestly. “The Misty Illusory Manor is able to give someone like you the best environment, the best material needs, and even the best beauties! But… the condition that your achievements are able to make the Misty Illusory Manor feel satisfied!”

“Work hard, lad. I have high hopes for you.” Cao Guo Feng laughed.

“Then how did those two seniors pick for their Hundred Flower Festival?” Jun Mo Xie asked, curious for some gossip.

“Those two, ah, are two different extremes.” A smile appeared on Cao Guo Feng’s lips. “One of them, the Emperor of Wind and Frost, Chen Feng Shuang, selected every single one of the hundred beauties presented and was still unsatisfied!”

“Selected all hundred of them! And was still unsatisfied!” Jun Mo Xie rolled his eyes. “This is too much; can he endure it? Even if it’s the Emperor, he only has three palaces, six courtyards, and at most, seventy two imperial concubines. That’s not even one hundred people either! This senior is unsatisfied with one hundred women. Isn’t he afraid to die from excessive ejaculation?!…”

“That I’m not sure…” Cao Guo Feng’s old face turned red with embarrassment. After all, discussing such things with his own disciple was a little…

“Then, what about the other one?”

“The other one, the Ice Frost Swordsman, Dugu Piao Ling. He did not choose a single one of the hundred beauties presented to him. Until he returned back to the Misty Illusory Manor after sustaining grave injuries, from start to end, he had never gone near women, spending the rest of life in solitude!” A look of respect appeared on Cao Guo Feng’s face. “That is a true martial practitioner! His entire life, he had no friends, no kin. The only companion he had was his sword!”

“Persevering is persevering, but that’s too extreme. That sort of life is really too boring. One should always have things they pursue in life. Not having any emotions and desires is really too tedious!” Jun Mo Xie curled his lips.

“Isn’t persevering throughout one’s entire life a form of pursuit? Or even a most stubborn form of it?” Cao Guo Feng said sternly. “Precisely because Senior Dugu persevered on relentlessly, his only goal in life was the peak of the martial ways, so he was able to reach that peak! You should learn from him instead!”

“But that The Emperor of Wind and Frost also got to that level with so many wives! And there’s the legendary unrivaled powerful person, the Nine Nether First Young Master. Didn’t he also have many wives?” Jun Mo Xie rebutted.

“…” Cao Guo Feng’s face darkened. “Didn’t you say that you wanted to go for a walk? Why? You don’t want to go now? Then why don’t you accompany this old man and sit here.” He was a little angry…

Probably because this question was truly not easy to answer.

The tales and legends of the Nine Nether First Young Master said that he had so many wives that it was uncountable. But the Emperor of Wind and Frost really just had that many women. This was no secret in the Misty Illusory Manor. Was he supposed to tell Jun Mo Xie that that the Emperor of Wind and Frost really was practicing the highest form of skills for boosting vitality, his bed skills were exceptionally amazing, and the more wives he had the stronger he was Then what if this lad also made the same request? What should he do? This was not a joking matter!

This little brat is full of youthfulness. Who knows what he is thinking? Which youngster doesn’t dream of love?

“If you don’t want to say then forget it, please don’t get angry… Oh right, you still have yet to tell me who the third person I must not offend is. There’s a first and second, so there must be third and fourth right!” Jun Mo Xie tactfully changed the subject.

“There are only three people who must not be offended. As to the third person… that third person who must not be offended…” Cao Guo Feng revealed a smile. “This third person is truly the one whom you must not offend! This person is a young lady, the granddaughter of the current Lord of the Manor. She can be said to be the most beloved daughter of the entire Misty Illusory Manor! Lad, towards her, you’d better remain at a respectful distance. Because no matter which party you provoke… you will have to be prepared to be skinned alive! There is no exception even if you have the Free and Natural Physique!”

“So severe?” Jun Mo Xie stuck his tongue out.

“Severe? How can it be described with ‘severe’ alone!” Cao Guo Feng feared that this Free and Natural Physique disciple got curious and went to provoke other people’s precious daughters without realizing the severity of the matter and bringing death upon himself. He persuaded patiently. “I’ll tell you another secret: this little girl is the other lucky person aside from you in the past 1,000 years who had consumed the Seven Colored Holy Fruit, and she had used it with the treasure of the Heaven Saint Palace, the Exquisite Lotus!

“As to why she was able to use both treasures of the Palaces… it was not because of her unique status, but… because her physique is the Xuan Yin Female Body, which is very rare! You wouldn’t understand from the name Xuan Yin Female Body alone, but even if I explain to you in detail, there is too much knowledge about the body anatomy for you to digest. You only need to know that her physique is no inferior to your Free and Natural Physique! So you must not offend this girl!”

“Xuan Yin Female Body…” A memory of an introductory paragraph flashed across Jun Mo Xie’s mind. That was records and comments of the Xuan Yin Female Body in the Hongjun Pagoda: the Xuan Yin Female Body was the physique of a female who was extremely Yin, which was very rare. If a male with success in his Xuan cultivation did a double cultivation with this female, the effects would be amplified a hundred times with only half the amount of work… Note: A virgin’s body, a body that has yet to be tainted, a first awakening of love, mutually in love; an absolute condition for double cultivation! Not a single one must be missing, if it is forced, not only will it be useless, both male and female will be in danger from the backlash of the Xuan Yin.

‘A virgin’s body, a body that has yet to be tainted’… this condition is believable and understandable. As to ‘a first awakening of love’… it must be the first love of that girl. It should be more or less that… As to ‘Mutually in love’… the female must be hopelessly attracted to the male then…

This basic requirements for double cultivation was really high…

Jun Mo Xie couldn’t help but pondered over it… double cultivation? Looked like something that’d be advantageous… Um… but let’s see how it goes… even if it’s a beauty, it’s up to whether this Young Master has the appetite for her unless she is really pleasing for my eyes. Otherwise I’ll really not try to force it; if the other party is an elephant then there’s no need for any consideration…

“Before your arrival, the greatest hope of the Misty Illusory Manor was all placed upon her! For 10,000 years, to breakthrough the void and travel through immemorial! Which is also what the Misty Illusory Manor has been pursuing for 10,000 years, our only goal! The ultimate goal!”

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