Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 934

Chapter 934: Mo Jun Ye
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“So nothing must happen to you, and the same goes for her! Plus with the unique status as the little princess of Misty Illusory Manor, naturally she is slightly more important than you, who only has the Free and Natural Physique…” Cao Guo Feng scoffed as if he were a little peeved by the fact that there was someone who was above his own disciple and he could not do anything but to accept it…

“The most crucial thing: if you offend her, in the future, you can forget about tasting even a tiny bit of the Seven Colored Holy Fruit!” Cao Guo Feng warned. “Because her father and her mother are the ones who are supervising the Spiritual Herbal Gardens.”

“Ah?” Jun Mo Xie thought to himself. Those two from before who I must not offend, I’ll definitely be offending them, but this one… is really one who I cannot offend…

“Right, you haven’t told me the name of that female ancestor? How does she looks like? I can only be prepared if I know roughly how she looks ah!” Young Master Jun pressed on, taking the opportunity to find more information about that girl.

“Female ancestor? You mischievous boy, knowing how to give others a nickname! But using this term to describe that girl is rather appropriate!” Cao Guo Feng chuckled, shaking his head.

“Didn’t you say she is someone nobody can afford to offend! Then what else can she be other than an ancestor! How does she look like? Is she ugly or pretty? I cannot possibly shun any lady I see right? Then, I’ll end up being the one who has problems.” Young Master Jun was really intrigued to find out more about this ‘female ancestor’.

Spiritual Herbal Gardens; this name was indeed rather poetic. But the most important thing was that that was where the tree of the Seven Colored Holy Fruit lay! And it seemed that there was not only one. This was a heaven-defying treasure.

Young Master Jun was originally a little disappointed but…

He suddenly remembered the unique ability he had – the Power of the Five Elements!

Especially the Power of Wood that he had not used in a long time!

The moment this thought popped up, Young Master Jun was about to break into maniacal laughter! This Seven Colored Holy Fruit will only be able to bear fruit after 500 years in someone else’s hands, but in the hands of this Young Master… As long as I have sufficient Spirit Energy as foundation, this daddy will be able to make it bear fruit 365 times in a month!

*When that time comes, there’s no problem treating the Seven Colored Holy Fruit as a regular fruit tree, arranging them in different patterns for display in the living hall! Back to the same old sentence: There were always only things that people could not think of, but there was nothing that could not be done! Isn’t this proof again? *

So he definitely must go to this Spiritual Herbal Gardens. And the security there will definitely be extremely tight… no matter what, caution was of utmost importance. If this female ancestor was offended, it would definitely cause many many other troubles…

There was one common knowledge from the previous life and this life: All women are petty… Just that some of them look more seductive, that’s all…

If a lot more implications arose out of offending this female ancestor… then the gains would not make up for the losses!

*So if there is a need, as long as the girl’s appearance can still be accepted… This Young Master can also consider making a sacrifice and selling his body out… although I’m being taken advantage of and is likely to be called one that is living off a woman, but… so be it! Who asked me to be a man; when I should be hard, I can be extremely hard, but when I should be soft, I can be soft… *

“That girl is called Miao Xiao Miao. She is always donned in light yellow clothing. Not only is she talented, she’s the number one beauty amongst the younger generation of the Misty Illusory Manor! It’s just that her personality is a little eccentric and not easy to get close to. But that’s good; it’ll save a lot of unnecessary troubles.”

A gentle smile of adoration was on Cao Guo Feng’s face when he mentioned Miao Xiao Miao. This Miao Xiao Miao was clearly very adored by him. And this sort of adoration was not directed to Young Master Jun.

“Miao Xiao Miao… Number one beauty…” Jun Mo Xie suddenly thought of a possibility. I wonder if this Young Master is able to profit both wealth and beauty this time? As he thought along, the Young Master Jun, whose certain ‘part’ that hadn’t been getting any relief, transformed into a wolf, drool was almost falling out of his mouth. He mumbled to himself. “Since she’s so beautiful, then I’ll find a time and just do her, then that’ll be…”

Cao Guo Feng was instantly enraged upon hearing this. He immediately grabbed onto his ear and hollered, “Brat! If you dare to do her! This old man dares to guarantee that you will be done by all the old seniors of Misty Illusory Manor in less than two hours!”

Young Master Jun didn’t imagine that he would unconsciously say it out, so he was caught in a bad situation. He was pretending to be severely wounded, so naturally he could not dodge, instantly getting caught by Cao Guo Feng. *Of all places to grab, you just had to grab that place… That seems to be the exclusive place that my mother Dongfang Wen Xin uses… *

Just as he was cursing away mentally, he heard Cao Guo Feng’s harsh warnings. Young Master Jun’s heart turned cold, instantly feeling his chrysanthemum clenching, as his intestines twisted. Cold sweat poured out profusely. All those indecent thoughts were instantly frightened away…

Suddenly, Cao Guo Feng asked, “Lad, how old are you this year?”

Young Master Jun said bashfully, “I’m eighteen this year… They always say eighteen years old is a flower in full bloom… Why? Are you going to host a Hundred Flower Festival for me?”

“Get lost!” Saint Emperor Cao was angry but amused, landing a kick on Young Master Jun’s bottom. Jun Mo Xie cried out aiya and used that force to run off.

Cao Guo Feng looked at his backview and mumbled to himself. “Eighteen years old… To think that he is a year younger than that girl, if… it should still work, this old man will also be more than happy to see it happen… but those two fellows have been pining for so many years. How would they be willing to give up so easily? Disciple, you can play and create all the trouble you want and it’ll be alright, but just don’t go and offend that huge trouble for this old man ah… if that happens, I’m afraid even this old man cannot mediate…”

Since he walked out of the little courtyard, Young Master Jun instantly felt relieved from head to toe. Without all the supervision from a few old fellows and surrounded by an amount of spiritual sense, there was a sense of long awaited freedom, as if a tiger had returned to the wild.

Subconsciously, Jun Mo Xie couldn’t help but walk with wide strides, humming to a Beijing opera tune that no one could understand. “Remembering… the matter from that year… how very distressing, I’m just like… a bird in a cage… with nowhere to spread my wings, I’m like a tiger that has left its mountain… and suffered loneliness. I’m like the goose that flies from the South… separated from the rest of the group…”

He walked out from the doors as he sang, both his hands behind his back, shaking his head, full of the air of the number one debauchee of Tian Xiang City in the past.

Behind him, two middle-aged man secretly tailed after him, their faces expressionless.

These two people were the disciples of Cao Guo Feng. Right now, they were on the duty of protecting Jun Mo Xie. And Young Master Jun would naturally also need to change his name in this place. He would be called Mo Jun Ye.

Mo Jun Ye. Mo Jun Xie; there was another homonym meaning which was… also Evil Monarch 1.

It could be seen that the evil personality in this Evil Monarch didn’t change…

Slowly strolling out of that remote alley, the scenery began to become more and more bustling with life. There were restaurants and sweet-sounding chords of instruments all about, and there was even the occasional voices of story-tellers. The bustling scenery was not inferior to Tian Xiang City or Chrysanthemum City…

“That’s a city in front? Or is it a small town?” Jun Mo Xie turned around to ask the two bodyguards.

The two men looked at him and replied expressionlessly. “There are a total of seven cities in the Misty Illusory Manor. They are the Psychedelic City, Magical City, Purple Fantasy City, Golden Fantasy City, Blood Fantasy City, Heaven Fantasy City, and Heart Fantasy City. This place, including the place we had walked out of, all belongs to the central region of Misty Illusory Manor, the Heart Fantasy City! Away from the rest of the common world, the few li of road ahead are where the common people reside… All the needs of the Main Palace of the Misty Illusory Manor are all purchased here.”

Jun Mo Xie hummed in response.

The other person said, ” Young Master came from outside of the Misty Illusory Manor, so perhaps you are not aware of the culture we have here. Although the members of the Main Palace are above worldly creatures, but they do not view the common folks differently like ants. All the young masters and young ladies in Misty Illusory Manor often come sightseeing here daily. In fact, most of the people are gathered here, which is probably why this place is the most bustling region of the Misty Illusory Manor.”

The meaning behind his words was more or less a reminder or warning. He must have been told by Cao Guo Feng to absolutely not let this little master stir any trouble.

“I understand now; thank you for your information.” Jun Mo Xie chuckled and asked. “Oh right, I heard from Old Cao that there is a Spiritual Herbal Gardens in Misty Illusory Manor… which City is this mysterious garden located in?”

That cold looking man replied, “The Spiritual Herbal Gardens… you better not try to find out about it.” He paused for a while, as if feeling like he had sounded a little too threatening, before continuing. “The Spiritual Herbal Gardens is not in any of the cities… in fact, that garden is not even within the space of this Misty Illusory Manor!”

Jun Mo Xie was stunned!


*What sort of b*llshit is this? Not in the Misty Illusory Manor? Could it be in Xuan Xuan Continent? Then why did I come here for? For a stroll? To sightsee?! *

“Not in the Misty Illusory Manor? Could it be in the outside world? Could it be somewhere in Xuan Xuan Continent?!” Jun Mo Xie asked, clenching his fist.

“Of course, it is still within the regions of the Misty Illusory Manor, but it is not within this space.” That bodyguard stared at him for a long time before answering carefully.

“In the Misty Illusory Manor, but not in the space! What does this mean?” Jun Mo Xie pondered for a while. “Could it be that there is one or more independent unique spaces in the Misty Illusory Manor, and one of it is used especially for storing spirit herbs? And that space is called the Spiritual Herbal Gardens?”

“That’s more or less the case; Young Master is intelligent. As excepted of the talent of the Free and Natural Physique.” The two of them praised indifferently. But Jun Mo Xie could tell from their tone that they didn’t mean it.

Looks like these two are not very satisfied with me. Young Master Jun scoffed mentally. *It seems like I’ve snatched both their positions with my arrival alone; of course they will not be convinced. But… you can keep that to yourself; now that I could tell, aren’t you guys just digging your own graves? If this matter is known by Old Cao, you’ll definitely not have it good. *

The trio was not slow in their movements. They quickly arrived in the city. Right now, Jun Mo Xie was like Granny Liu 1 who entered the Prospect Garden 1, exclaiming and praising everything in sight.


Ch 934 Footnote 1
Also read as Mo Jun Ye.

Ch 934 Footnote 2
A distant relative of the Mother of the West.

Ch 934 Footnote 3
A garden in the Chinese novel Dream of the Red Chamber

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