Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 935

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There was no other reason; the moment he stepped into this place, Jun Mo Xie practically thought that he had returned back to Tian Xiang City and was about to go around looking for Tang Yuan’s Aristocratic Hall.

This place is really no different from the outside world…

The two bodyguards behind him exchanged glances, seeing the unfeigned look of contempt in each other’s eyes. The one with the Free and Natural Physique? Pei! It’s just a complete country bumpkin who had just entered the City! He has never seen the world! To think that the Free and Natural Physique has befallen someone like this; the Heavens must be blind, to cast pearls before swine, wasting resources…

He can even spend such a long time looking at someone selling vegetables… The f*ck, don’t tell me you haven’t seen a greengrocer before?…

This place was the main street of the Heart Fantasy City. There were numerous stalls on both sides of the street, some selling handmade ornaments, carvings of small birds and animals. There were also some that sold fresh greens and food stalls and toys… The interior of the shop fronts on both sides were also a delight to the eye. All sorts of things were available.

There were countless signboards of wine shops along the street, it was a majestic sight to behold. The smell of cosmetics drifted from everywhere, leaving people intoxicated in a drunken stupor. There were also occasional giggles of females that could be heard—yes, they arrived at a brothel…

There were some people donned properly entering this place, and there were also people coming out with no strength in their legs… Their faces were full of satisfaction as they lingered in the aftertaste. The customers entering and exiting the wine shops were endless, and waves of the aroma of wine filled the entire street…

“It is really lively ah.” Jun Mo Xie exclaimed sincerely. This place seems to be livelier than Tian Xiang City by a bit.

Casually tossing a copper coin, he grabbed a stick of tanghulu 1 . Jun Mo Xie munched as he walked, dirtying his entire face with the sugar coating and didn’t even bother to wipe himself.

“Sweet! Delicious! Truly yummy! One more!”

The two behind him exchanged looks again, feeling utterly embarrassed following behind this fellow… The thought of this country bumpkin garnering all the attention of the Misty Illusory Manor the moment he arrived and being worshiped like an ancestor by Cao Guo Feng… the two of them felt completely bitter!

Heavens! Earth! Buddha and Jesus ah… Open your eyes! Hurry up and send lightning down to strike upon this fellow…

This is really insufferable ah…

Just at this moment, a group of fierce-looking people came rushing over, all of them holding a white-waxed rod in their hands. The were dressed untidily in their hats and robes, but every one of them hand an ominous glint in their eyes.

“The City’s Officials are here; everybody run…” It was not known who was the first to let out such a cry, but all the peddlers along the street panicked and fled in all directions.

“City’s Officials?” Jun Mo Xie looked at all these people with his eyes wide open. F*ck… To think that this place is so advanced! They already have City… Officials…

His sudden halt instantly drew the attention of one of the guys. “What are you looking at? You’ve never seen this daddy before? Look some more and I’ll dig your eyeballs out! You little b*stard!”

Jun Mo Xie staggered. This bunch of people are too bold, to dare to offend me without knowing who I am! But little did he know that with his current appearance, even if he was donned in dragon robes, he looked nowhere like a Crown Prince!

But all the other few people had already began using their rods to chase people. There was even one who delivered a heavy kick to a peddler that did not manage to flee in time. He lifted his rod high and hammered it down as he cursed and assaulted the peddler violently, casually snatching the bag of money from the peddler and shoved it into his own pocket.

Then he continued to rain blows upon the peddler, as he cursed. “F*ck your daddy! You have been selling for a whole day but you only earned such a pathetic amount! Are you ashamed?! You still have the cheek to come out and set up your stall? Why don’t you go and die…”

That peddler curled into a ball, grabbing his head and crying for mercy. His entire body was covered in blood…

A prostitute exclaimed and laughed lovably, taking the opportunity to strike at an influential figure. Yet that man instantly glued himself over, hugging her lustfully in broad daylight, and began to tease her without any restraints…

The other few men watched this scene in jealousy. They walked into shops on both sides of the road, their faces full of annoyance. Stepping on the table, a menacing look in their eyes, they bellowed, “Collection time for protection fee! Hurry up! F*ck, you’re sick of running your business, aren’t you? Moving so slowly, f*ck you! Do you believe that this daddy will make your close shop tomorrow?! Hurry the f*ck up!”

Then the shop owner came over with a polite smile, bowing in greeting. First, he offered up countless silver taels, then he secretly shoved some things into the pockets of the few men…

These few men touched their pockets before a look of joy appeared on their faces. With a whistle, they exited the shop and continued to plunder along the street…

“What sort of people are these? Why are they so tyrannical?” Jun Mo Xie was stunned looking at this very familiar scene. His intestines were cramping a little: he suddenly felt like he had transmigrated again…

The two bodyguards barely had the time to reply when that burly man not far from Jun Mo Xie was already pissed. He stormed over. “Why? Lad, you’re trying to find out who I am?” Then, he grabbed a passerby and kicked him to the ground. He stomped on that unlucky fellow’s chest and said, “Tell this brat who these daddies are!”

That passerby was walking cautiously on the road, practically walking sideways in fear of bumping into them, but who knew such an absurd disaster would fall from the sky. He cried out pitiably, his tears and snots flowing down as he quickly replied, “Sir, Sir is the manager of Heart Fantasy City, Sir is the upright and honorable official for us common folks ah…”

That burly man scoffed, clearly satisfied. He lifted his leg up and let the person go; that person quickly ran away without looking back. This burly man looked at Jun Mo Xie from the corner of his eyes. “Did you hear that? Brat, come over obediently, acknowledge your mistake, and kowtow to this upright and honorable Sir. Then, use that pink little tongue of yours to lick this daddy’s boots clean… and I’ll let you of! Otherwise, hehe, you are a spy! If I go through the trouble, you’re going to be in it for good!”

“I’m a spy?” Jun Mo Xie almost broke out in laughter. “How did you know?” This great ‘City’s Official’ is really wise, to be able to tell I’m a spy from one look; impressive, impressive, so many Saint Emperors and other stronger experts couldn’t even discover this…

That’s right, this Young Master is a spy! What are you going to do?

“You’re not a spy?” That burly man laughed maniacally, the black hair on his chest trembling. “Even if you are not a spy, if I say you are a spy, then you are a spy! Why? Don’t look at me so angrily; be careful this daddy beats you to death right here! Even if this daddy really kills you, you will be dying in vain!”

“I understand what sort of people you are now…” The look in Jun Mo Xie’s eyes turned cold. To think that there were such people everywhere regardless of which world! I’ve really widened my horizons. The so-called Misty Illusory Manor, the land of peace and equality, is no different!

The two bodyguards behind him watched on with a smile. Watching how this country bumpkin was going to resolve this matter. They were aware that although this country bumpkin had shocking talent and the Free and Natural Physique, he had barely mastered any high level Xuan cultivation and may not necessarily be able to deal with this current problem. As long as he can’t settle it on his own, then we don’t have to worry about him begging the both of us for help.

But what followed after left both of them too late for regrets.

“The two of you! Come here! Kill this scum for this Young Master!” Young Master Jun ordered. Since there was free labor around, why would Jun Mo Xie take the risk of exposing his real identity to handle this matter himself? “Hurry up! Otherwise I’ll go tell my Master, say that I was bullied outside and the both of you were just watching the spectacle! You think Master would believe me or you both? If I really suffered any injuries, how do you think Master will take care of the two of you?!”

The two men instantly looked at each other. They had not expected that this brat who seemed to have no shrewdness to actually do something like this. If he really went back to complain… no matter if it was true or false, the two of them were doomed to be unlucky!

This brat not only could complain to Cao Guo Feng alone—there were still six other Saint Emperors!. Which one of them did not view him as their baby?

If… then the future of the two of them would really be doomed!

If he exaggerates things a little too much, then those few Senior Saint Emperors will probably tear the two of us alive! That is definitely not something they’ll feel any pity for!

These two people were Spirit Xuan experts. With their own level of cultivation, they were not beneath Solitary Falcon back then. Right now, they were full of anger, but they couldn’t do anything to Jun Mo Xie, so they took it all out on this bunch of ‘City’s Officials’.

Pa! A slap landed on that man’s face, sending him flying and spinning in the air, his broken tooth flying out of his mouth as he spun along…

The other person leapt into the air and yelled, “All of you blind bastards! Gather here for this daddy! If you do not come here in ten breaths, then forget about coming forever!”

This was proof that a Spirit Xuan had immense might no matter where they were! These ‘City’s Officials’ all trembled and their legs turned jelly from the sight…

They had not imagined that they were only out to enforce the law, but they had offended such a big shot…

Eight men walked over honestly in less than five breaths, quickly standing into single file. The two bodyguards did not say a single world, just raining punches on all of them! As they beat them up, they were feeling extremely frustrated. We are Spirit Xuans; although we are no big deal in the Manor itself and are not some high, supreme extreme, but… beating up ordinary people like this is really a first…

This was too aggrieving!

The two of them may be rough, but they were well aware. It’s alright to teach them a lesson, but we must not beat them till they die! After all, the cleanliness of the City is relying on these people… besides, this is one of the basic constituents of the Misty Illusory Manor…

But after the two of them stopped, they were all shocked!

The eight people on the ground were still crying in pain earlier, but right now, all of them were bleeding from all their eyes, ears, nostrils, and mouth, their eyes bulging and themselves completely stopped breathing!

They were all dead… not a single one was alive!

What is going on? Although we didn’t hold back in our strength, but we didn’t even use our Xuan strength, so it is only the strength of a regular human. There’s no way they could have been beaten to death ah…

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