Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 973

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Zhan Yu Shu grinned satisfactorily. “This fellow is a broke country bumpkin; if it’s gambling on money, his mind is definitely not up for it! And even if he gets past this round by luck, there is still Beast Fighting in the back… Things like cock, dog, and cricket fighting are things that debauchees play with. For precaution sake, let’s go straight into the most profound type of fight! Xuan Beast!”

“Determining the victor in two rounds: through gambling and Xuan Beast fighting? Great idea!” Zhan Qing Feng got himself together.

Zhan Yu Shu’s suggestion could be said to be extremely cunning!

It was a known fact that things like music, chess, poetry, and singing were for building of one’s character. Whereas things like gambling and betting on animal fights were things that belonged to a debauchee’s area of expertise. Most people were enthralled by the four arts and had dignity and often have a strict family background, so they did not have many opportunities to come in contact with those inappropriate things.

These were two different things from two different worlds!

And Mo Jun Ye did not come from a wealthy background. He must have exhausted all of his capabilities to learn so many things. If he surpassed these debauchees in the domain of eating, drinking, and being merry…

That was something that was absolutely impossible!

There couldn’t possibly be someone who was the perfect combination of two opposing things, right?

Upon making his decision, Zhan Qing Feng’s smile became more relaxed. He stepped forward and said, “Brother Mo is truly a talent, winning every single round. I am truly impressed. Next, I do not intend to further waste Brother Mo’s time anymore. Let’s determine the victor within the next two rounds! We only compete for two more rounds. If Brother Mo wins both of them, then whatever requests and conditions Brother Mo has, we will offer them straight up. If Brother Mo loses, then we will go according to the agreement of our bet. How’s that?”

“Two rounds? What are we competing on?” Jun Mo Xie tilted his head. Did he come up with some other despicable move?

“The first round! We gamble!” When Zhan Qing Feng said this, almost everyone lost their footing. This First Young Master Zhan who had always been distinguished and amiable and earnest was saying to use gambling to determine victory. I… Did I hear it wrongly? Or could it be that I am dreaming. Why is it that everything happening today is so shocking?!

Miao Xiao Miao was even more surprised. She pondered over it and instantly figured out what the Zhan Brothers were scheming. She couldn’t help but frown and scolded. “Despicable!”

“Gamble?” Jun Mo Xie frowned. Don’t tell me this person realized my real identity and is turning around to boot-lick me instead… Why is he competing in the areas that I am good at? Practically delivering every single round into my hands. I was really worried that he’d make someone compete with me in calligraphy. This older brother’s handwriting is nowhere near that of a great expert…

Bloody hell, you’re really smart. You could’ve just gone to look for a male tailor to compete with me in embroidery, or get a woman to come and compete with me in giving birth… Then this older brother would have to admit defeat and act shamelessly a long time ago! But why did you choose all the domains this Young Master is well-versed in to compete? Are you stupid or are you trying to do a double act with me? This older brother doesn’t remember bribing you to do this, ah!

“That’s right! Gambling it is! The two of us gamble against each other. Everyone starts with ten million liang silver bills as our wager. With twenty rounds as the limit, the one with the most money won is the winner!” Zhan Qing Feng carefully scrutinized Jun Mo Xie’s face, not missing a single bit of his expression, fearing that he had selected a domain that he was proficient in again…

Although the possibility of it was not big…

After carefully observing for sometime, Zhan Qing Feng finally relaxed temporarily. The other party’s look of surprise really didn’t look like it was out of pretense. Looks like this suggestion of mine is really beyond his expectations…

Since it is beyond his expectations, then that is very very good . Zhan Qing Feng cackled secretly to himself. He had already set up many traps; he had many strategies in his bets. This round was bound to be a solid victory!

But what he didn’t know was that Jun Mo Xie’s surprise was indeed real, but not because he didn’t know how to gamble… but merely because he was simply… too well-versed in it…

Just like Zhan Qing Feng thought, the victory of this round had really already been determined!

“Then how do we go about gambling?” Jun Mo Xie pretended to be unfamiliar with the concept. “Each person has a card and we flip to see whose is bigger?”

Zhan Qing Feng was practically on the verge of bursting out in laughter. F*cking hell, as expected, he’s a beginner!

“No! We compete with dice. The total points on the dice will determine the winner.” Zhan Qing Feng used a very solemn and serious voice as he said this. “We shall play for twenty rounds. Minimum bet for each round is one million, until one side is completely broke.”

“That’s simple; isn’t it just throwing dice. I know how to do it.” Jun Mo Xie rubbed his fists. “But I haven’t played this thing in many years. Oh right, I have to let First Young Master Zhan know, this Young Master has lots of side fortune. This sort of wealth loves coming to me. Don’t cry when I win later ah, there’s so many people watching, it’ll be really embarrassing ah… En, one million per round, I don’t have that much. Where can I find so much money? How about I make a trip back home to take some from Saint Emperor Cao?”

“I’ll lend you!”

“I’ll lend you!”

This same sentence came from two different people at the same time. Namely, Zhan Qing Feng and Miao Xiao Miao. The difference was that Zhan Qing Feng’s tone was full of genuine excitement that his prey had fallen into his trap, whereas Miao Xiao Miao’s revealed indescribable worry and concern.

“Since Miss Miao trusts me so much, then I shall borrow ten million liang from Miss Miao first. If I win later, then naturally, I’ll pay her back in double.” Since he had already owed Miao Xiao Miao so many favors, Jun Mo Xie didn’t mind owing a bit more. Anyway, I ultimately need to pay this favor back in multiple folds.

If I can help you resolve this potential crisis in the future of Misty Illusory Manor, then just take it as my repayment for your kindness!

The moment the gambling table and the dice cups were carried out, everyone present turned into stone.


After a long long while, Zhan Qing Feng looked at the empty table before himself like a statue. Then looking over at that thick pile of bills before Mo Jun Ye, Zhan Qing Feng was practically on the verge of going crazy! Just as Young Master Jun’s ‘prophecy’ had it, he really was on the verge of crying!

He totally didn’t know how he lost!

Zhan Qing Feng only felt as if his entire mind was completely blank!

He had clearly been winning the previous eight continuous rounds, leaving the opponent with only two million liang left. Victory was clear. He had even mocked Mo Jun Ye: Where did the legendary side fortune go? Your wealth didn’t come today; instead, you are going to be giving your wealth away ah!

There were just two more rounds for him to start playing his victory songs, but why did the situation suddenly change in the last two rounds?!

When Mo Jun Ye won two rounds, he was still thinking: Could it be that this scoundrel’s dog-shit side fortune has really arrived? But in the subsequent rounds, he did not win a single one of them! Especially the last few, for the sake of turning the tables around, he increased his bet in hopes of securing his victory in a single round. But it was all to no avail. He completely lost every single bit of the silver bills he had brought!

Fifty million liang silver bills, ah!

But it was really odd. Both of them were sitting so close to each other, and there were numerous judges watching the match nearby. Not a single one of them was an ordinary person! Even if a Saint Emperor used his Xuan Qi here to cheat, he’d be discovered!

There was no possible chance of a fluke!

This meant that during this entire process, there really wasn’t anyone using their Xuan Qi to cheat, ah!

But the opponent had won by such a steady margin… This scoundrel’s movement for tossing die were not even up to standard. It was completely like a greenhorn’s movements… But any single one of his random tosses gave him a greater number of points than mine!

There was even a round where I had six, six and five. This was already a divine number ah! But with a couple of random tosses, it was a triple six!

This… is there something sneaky going on? Or is that he really has some sort of side fortune?

“You lose!” Mo Jun Ye cried out excitedly. Then, Mo Jun Ye hugged all the silver bills and walked over to Miao Xiao Miao. “Miss Miao, thank you for your ten million liang. Otherwise, it’d really be embarrassing for me… I said earlier that if I won, I’ll repay you back in double. Here, this is the principle and interest of thirty million liang, please check hahaha…”

It was really playing back in double ah. Aside from the principle of ten million, the other twenty million liang were a huge bonus. Of course, this was only half of the wager. For the sake of trying to recoup his losses, First Young Master Zhan had lost a total of fifty million liang silver bills. With the ten million Miao Xiao Miao had loaned him, halving it would be thirty million liang. So Jun Mo Xie just divided it evenly between the two of them!

Thirty million liang ah, this was a rather shocking amount. Asides from being shocked, everyone was lamenting inwardly. Why didn’t I take the initiative to lend this Great Prodigy Mo some money ah. Just that little bit of work and it’s a two hundred percent profit ah!

“Brother Mo… You really… I… don’t know what to say anymore…” Miao Xiao Miao laughed bitterly, a look of awkward surprise on her face.

“Actually I was wiping my cold sweat just now. Didn’t you see me losing at the start? I almost lost everything. But thank god my fortune came back in time, so naturally it was time to shine… I’ll let you in on a secret, I actually do not know how to gamble, but the moment my luck comes in, I’ll win no matter who I’m playing against…” Jun Mo Xie’s words almost made Zhan Qing Feng, who was still in a state of giddiness, faint from anger.

When faced with a scoundrel like this, he had no idea how he lost. No matter how he looked at it, this person’s techniques had none of the technicalities in it, and every single move screamed beginner!

But he won!

I put in a large amount of hardwork, ah! On usual days, for the sake of training my mental state, I often go to gambling dens. Even if I’m concealing my identity, I still return with my pockets full! My gambling skills may not be at the level of a God of Gambling, but it’s definitely not that far off!

I believe that no one present here today is capable of gambling better than me!

But the outcome?! Could I really be defeated by someone using luck alone?

Side fortune?! Is there really such a thing?

No matter how Zhan Qing Feng tried to figure it out, the conclusion was that he had lost, and he had lost unexpectedly! And lost a huge sum of fifty million liang!

And lost their fourth hope out of the five rounds!

Right now, the Zhan Family couldn’t be bothered about whatever huge amount they lost. They had already bet all their hopes on the last round!

Xuan Beast fighting!

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