Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 974

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“The fifth round, betting on Xuan Beasts! Xuan Beast fighting!” Zhan Qing Feng said this through gritted teeth! Right now, Zhan Qing Feng could no longer care about face anymore. This was the last battle that determined all!

If he loses…

The consequences were not something that even the two of them brothers could bear! How could they?

Right now, the only hope was that this Mo Jun Ye didn’t know any other debauchee playthings. Even if he did, to not be proficient at it. Because we two brothers really cannot afford to lose ah…

But this Xuan Beast fighting also required great skills. There were also traces of manipulation within it. Even if they cheated, they must win the victory of this last round!

“Xuan Beast fighting?” The corner of Jun Mo Xie’s lips twitched, and he almost cackled out loud! What is this brother doing? Even if you are trying to betray your own family, it’s not done like this, ah, you are selling them out completely!

Goddamn it, you are asking me, the King of Tian Fa Forest, and the Young Master that has the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune that makes all Xuan Beasts drool… to compete with you in Xuan Beast fighting? How could there be something as ridiculous as this in the world?

“That’s right! We shall compete in beast fighting!” Zhan Qing Feng glared at him harshly. Red veins were already appearing in his eyes! The losses from the previous four rounds were really too aggrieving. He clearly had victory in his hand just now, but how did the tables get turned around? And I even made a great loss…

He even had an unexplainable feeling that no matter what he competed in, it was all within the opponent’s expectations! And he was playing right into the opponent’s tunes! This was no longer a scheme that he was setting up traps in; instead, it felt more like he had fallen head first in Mo Jun Ye’s traps!

“I do not oppose to the idea of fighting that Xuan Beast thing… but… how do we fight with Xuan Beasts? And I also don’t have that ah…” Jun Mo Xie was genuinely confused this time.

Young Master Jun was indeed the ‘King’ in Tian Fa Forest, but he had no clue about Xuan Beast fighting!

“I’ll get people to deliver Xuan Beasts later. Relax, we will compete using small and lower level Xuan Beasts. If they are high level, just their vigor alone would be enough to determine the victor. There is no need to compete anymore…” Zhan Qing Feng said. “As for the Xuan Beasts that will be competing, they’ll be Xuan Beasts from the beast battling arena. Not personally raised by me, otherwise, it’ll be unfair too…”

“In that case, it should be that we each pick one and have them battle?” Jun Mo Xie asked.

“That’s right!” Zhan Qing Feng laughed coldly. “Don’t blame me for not reminding you. It is a type of knowledge for selecting Xuan Beasts. If you lose, then you can only blame yourself for your poor judgment. If you win, then it’s pure luck. Because the Xuan Beasts that will be brought here later will be exactly the same: the same size, the same level, and even their hair will be the same. I am really curious to see if Great Prodigy Mo’s side fortune will still be that amazing!”

“Whether it is amazing or not, it’ll all be revealed later. I want to know, how do we determine victory in this beast fighting?” Jun Mo Xie frowned.

“After both of us finish choosing our Xuan Beasts, we will mark both of them with a circle using two different colored ink to tell the difference. The winner lives and the loser dies; it’ll be obvious!” Zhan Qing Feng said.

As he explained, he slowly felt more relaxed and was secretly rejoicing. Looks like this Mo Jun Ye really doesn’t know the techniques of Beast Fighting; otherwise, how could he not even know such basic rules of the game!

Looks like victory is in my hand for this round!

Right now, Zhan Qing Feng was indeed a little frightened from the previous four rounds of continuous losses, especially the fourth round where the tables were suddenly turned around when he was obviously at a great advantage. He felt a little uneasy facing this seemingly victorious battle…

“So that is how it is! I understand now!” Young Master Jun nodded his head.

During this period of time, someone had already rushed off to the beast battling arena to make the necessary arrangements for them to deliver the Xuan Beasts here.

There were so many big shots that were watching; were they supposed to all make a move to go there and watch?

That was a little unreasonable…

Besides, with any single Young Master from any random influential family present here, it was a ‘small’ task for the owner of that small beast battling arena to obey them.

During this period of waiting, Miao Xiao Miao was unable to wait and dragged Jun Mo Xie aside to explain to him some of the rules and requirements of beast fighting. Although time was tight, having some last minute preparation was better than none.

Zhan Qing Feng watched coldly from the side, pretending to be open-minded, but he was secretly cackling inwardly. Beast fighting was a form of knowledge that requires great technique. Low level Xuan Beasts were not too different in their own vigor and strength, but it all depended on the commands of the Beast Battlers and the contestant’s provocation of their desire to fight…

These unique techniques were really difficult to master without burning large amount of money as learning fees and spending a long time mastering them ah…

Otherwise, why would it be common to see people losing all hope trying to kill themselves after losing all their wealth outside of beast battling arenas? All these people were senior experts in beast fighting. If they weren’t a mid-tier or top expert, they couldn’t be so confident in staking all their fortune and life ah…

The main reason why Zhan Qing Feng felt like victory was completely in his grasp was mainly due to an ancient book that was passed down, the ‘Xuan Beast Chant’. This was one of the unique techniques chants that the first owner of Misty Illusory Manor, the Nine Nether First Young Master’s disciple, secretly hid when the Nine Nether First Young Master burnt all of the books and records of other martial art techniques back then.

Only until the eight influential families of the Misty Illusory Manor began to rise did this ancestor bring out these eight secret manuals for everyone to take their pick in order to increase the capabilities of his descendants and use it as a reference to benefit the rest of the world.

Back then, this Xuan Beast Chant was one of the most useless books: the weakest form of art. Because it was just another type of mental cultivation and had no use or effect when facing or battling an enemy!

But the Zhan Family back then was the weakest and smallest family amongst the eight in the Misty Illusory Manor. They had no other choice but to choose the most worthless book. It was better than nothing! But after a few thousands of years, this made a complete change in their situation!

Because they had this Xuan Beast Chant technique, the Zhan Family was able to become unusually close with the Xuan Beasts during their cultivation. Although the contents were limited and were only effective on Xuan Beasts that were level eight and below, it brought in countless wealth for the Zhan Family!

And the Zhan Family begin to rise in Misty Illusory Manor, step by step, with this seemingly worthless Xuan Beast Chant manual, to their current glorious and influential position!

It must be known that the economy is a dominant factor, regardless of what world!

Having money meant that one would be able to do things that most people were incapable of! Things that were unimaginable!

The Zhan Family was doused in the radiance of wealth!

With this sort of divine technique, the Zhan Family had the full advantage and dominance in areas concerning Xuan Beasts in the Misty Illusory Manor! Beast fighting was one big domain!

Even if it was a slightly weaker Xuan Beast, as long as it was trained by the Zhan Family, it would be able to win an opponent that was higher than itself by a whole level! And thus, the reason why Zhan Yu Shu brought this suggestion up was entirely because of this advantage!

And this sort of situation was not a huge secret in the Misty Illusory Manor. As the Manor Lord’s granddaughter, Miao Xiao Miao naturally knew of it, so she was even more worried. Mo Jun Ye didn’t know this in the first place, and now, the Zhan Family had this great advantage. How could there be any chance of winning when going against an opponent this strong?

Miao Xiao Miao was extremely troubled because she really did not see any hope of Mo Jun Ye winning!

The battle this time was not the same as the previous rounds. The previous rounds could be said to use his own knowledge and luck to win, but right now, no matter how much side fortune he had, it was useless in the face of his opponent’s absolute strength ah… Miao Xiao Miao let out a deep sigh…

“Miss Miao, what is wrong?” Jun Mo Xie was listening to her halfheartedly. Hearing her sudden sigh, he couldn’t help but subconsciously asked her this.

“The Zhan Family is really despicable… You don’t know…” Miao Xiao Miao sighed and explained everything. “There is no chance of winning for this last round…” She frowned and said.

“It can’t be? Could it be that the Zhan Family is really this powerful? The same type of Xuan Beast can turn completely different in their hands? How is this possible?” Jun Mo Xie asked, a little confused.

“This is true. There are only things that cannot be imagined in the world, but there is absolutely nothing that is impossible! The Zhan Family just has this sort of ability!” Miao Xiao Miao frowned and looked at him. “Hoping to win this round with luck alone… That is completely impossible! The Zhan Family suggested this because they want to cut off all your possible luck and defeat you using their own strength!”

“Hmm, not necessarily.” If it were other things, Jun Mo Xie might admit defeat, but when it came to Xuan Beasts… If Jun Mo Xie said he was second in the world, even the Nine Nether First Young Master may not dare to proclaim himself as first!

As to this last round, Jun Mo Xie was absolutely confident that he would win!

What the Zhan Family was capable of doing was inciting the emotions of the Xuan Beasts at the very most. It’s not a big deal. This Young Master is able to make a Xuan Beast advance to another level in a blink of an eye… Competing with me? What bullshit is the Zhan Family! You’re a stick for stirring shit at most! Making yourself stinkier as you stir! Let’s see if this Young Master plays you till you’re crippled!

During the wait, everyone was in deep discussions. Everyone present, including the judges, believed that the Zhan Family would definitely win this round! There was absolutely no other possible outcome!

The expression of Zhan Qing Feng and his gang also became arrogant again.

So what if you are the legendary Free and Natural Physique? So what if you won the previous four rounds? As long as you lose this last round, you are still doomed!

The winner is king; the loser an outlaw!

But, who is it that holds victory in his hand?

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