Overlord, Love Me Tender Chapter 348

Chapter 348: Ah Xuan, I'm in pain

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Ye Qing Luo had just shut her room door and that body that was pushing itself to hold on leaned against the door as she panted heavily.

Only, she went into a daze when that familiar sandalwood scent filled her nostrils.

She immediately looked up and saw a tall figure in the middle of the room.

A long purple robe with long black hair, untied yet neatly falling onto his shoulders.

That glamorous face which was usually filled with smiles was now expressionless.

That peach blossom eyes which was overflowing with brilliance was filled with malicious and cryptic, revealing a sense of danger.

This look, was enough to make anyone feel a chill run down their spines.

Ye Qing Luo's body suddenly became taut.

She had never seen Di Mo Xuan putting on this expression before.

Di Mo Xuan had never, in front of her, showed such an expression.

Her heart jolted wildly, Di Mo Xuan…. Knew what happened to her today.

“Di…..” Ye Qing Luo took a deep breath as she suppressed the violent palpitation from her heartbeat and she had just opened her mouth to say one word when she suddenly changed and softened her tone, “Ah Xuan…”

Di Mo Xuan wasn't acting like his usual self, when he heard Ye Qing Luo's intimate greeting, with smiles filling up his face and welcoming her into his embrace.

He stood at the exact same spot with a vicious current filling his demeanour as his thin lips twitched slightly into a chilly arc, “Lil Luo'er seemed to enjoy yourself to the max today, enjoyed so much that you seem to be unable to stand properly?”

That voice seemed as though it was coated with frost, making one shiver all over, though it wasn't cold.

Ye Qing Luo knew she was in the wrong.

She had gotten heavily injured and made Di Mo Xuan worried, and that was her fault.

Seeing Di Mo Xuan's violent current getting more and more intense, Ye Qing Luo's lips pouted and her eyes seemed to be filled with tears as she looked pitifully towards Di Mo Xuan and cried out with a frail and coy yet sweet voice, “Ah Xuan, I'm in pain…”

That tone was something which Ye Qing Luo had never used before.

Bearing slight of grievance, and slightly choking.

“Oh? You also know what is pain?” Di Mo Xuan's obsidian ravaged eyes was biting cold, as he gave a chilly laugh.

Ye Qign Luo bit her lower lip as her eyelashes were teary, “I'm in pain, so painful… I need Ah Xuan's kiss and hug so that I won't feel the pain…”

No one could resist such coquetry and acting cute methods.

Di Mo Xuan's frosted face seemed to start cracking up.

Ye Qing Luo paid close attention to Di Mo Xuan's expression and upon seeing that acting coquettishly was effective, she might as well casted away her integrity as she cried out frailly, “Ah Xuan, I'm in so much pain that I have no energy left, carry me.”

Di Mo Xuan's expression was still frosty but he still walked over and carried Ye Qing Luo by her waist.

His action was very swift but extremely gentle.

Ye Qing Luo had not felt any pain emitting from her body and she had entirely fallen into the man's embrace.

The sandalwood scent which filled her nostrils lingered over her and Ye Qing Luo's heart which was in suspense gradually quietened down.

Di Mo Xuan carried her and walked to the bedside.

Just as he was about to let her go, Ye Qing Luo's slender fingers grasped onto his robe.

That non-injured arm wrapped around Di Mo Xuan's neck as she curled around him.

The woman's sweet and exquisite face closed in to the front of Di Mo Xuan's eyes.

Bearing the young lady's fragrance, Ye Qing Luo's pink lips pressed against Di Mo Xuan's lips.

Her action bore a few senses of carefulness and a few senses of fawning.

Pecking him, Ye Qing Luo shifted her lips apart as she buried her head into the man's chest, “Ah Xuan, I didn't let myself get hurt intentionally, my plan was to coordinate with Xi Jue and save the young lady without getting hurt, but I'd not expected Ye Qing Qian to suddenly advance to Earth Profound Stage…”

Di Mo Xuan kept silent, towards Ye Qing Luo's spontaneous kiss, he wasn't acting like usual where his pa.s.siveness changed to activeness.

That went to show how angry he was feeling right now.

Ye Qing Luo rubbed her face on his chest and said, “I've also made plans for retreat which was why I chose to save that young lady… I have my Ah Xuan, so how would I be willing to let myself get hurt…”

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