Painting Of The Nine Immortals Chapter 849

The Tree of the Warming Soul is one of the five soul calming treasures. It is also one of the treasures that Ling Xian must acquire in his lifetime.

Once acquired, he would have access to an unlimited amount of Wood of the Warming Soul and he will never worry about not having it in his possession.

Though the Tree of the Warming Soul has dried up in the Wen Clan, it does not mean it has died completely. If he can search and find some heavenly items, it is likely he will be able to revive the Tree.

Therefore, Ling Xian must get his hands on this item. Even if he forms rivalry against the Court of Thunder, he had to do this.

"To have already gotten enemies the moment I stepped on this land… this isn't what I hoped for. But to get the Tree of the Warming Soul, I have no choice but to get involved in this."

Ling Xian deeply sighed and moved his gaze towards the Wen Clan Leader, "Dare I ask, the Court of Thunder you were talking about, do they have fifth leveled cultivators?"

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Hearing this, the Wen Clan Leader was a little startled and bitterly smiled, "Naturally not. If they had fifth leveled cultivators, I would've given them the Tree with both hands."

"But, the Court of Thunder contains four to five original leveled cultivators. Within the perimeter of several thousand miles, they are the strongest force."

Pausing, he continued bitterly, "These original leveled cultivators are enough to cause me a headache. If they have fifth leveled cultivators, we would've given up."

"As long as there are no fifth levelled cultivators." Ling Xian sighed in relief. The smile on his face intensified.

He knew what he was capable. With his sturdy physical body, he could easily sweep out everyone who is in his own generation. Even against those at the peak of the original level, he had a shot at winning.

If the Court of Thunder has no fifth leveled powerhouses, then he needn't fear.

Hearing the way he was speaking, everyone was a little shocked and somewhat confused.

What did he mean as long as there are no fifth leveled cultivators? Those original leveled powerhouses alone were enough to wipe out the Wen Clan!

Only Wen Ru Yu understood. Her beautiful eyes blinked with admiration and happiness.

She knew then that Ling Xian was planning on making a move.

"I wonder what you have to say about that?" The Wen Clan Leader paid his respect.

"Very simple."

Ling Xian smiled faintly, his confidence lit up the entire universe and stunned everyone.

"What I mean is that as long as the Court of Thunder has no fifth leveled powerhouse, this trouble isn't really troublesome."

At this, everyone was first stunned. But after they realized Ling Xian was going to help them, excitement filled up their gazes.

Ling Xian had proven using facts, how capable he was. For such a powerhouse to be willing to help the Wen Clan, why wouldn't they be ecstatic?

The Wen Clan Leader had hopeful eyes and his voice was shaking, "Young master… you mean… you are planning to help us?"

"Ru Yu and I are friends. Since her Clan is in trouble, I am not going to do nothing."

Ling Xian faintly smiled. "But, I have a favor to ask. I am hoping the Wen Clan Leader can accept."

"A favor?"

The Wen Clan Leader was a little startled but then smiled, "Please speak of it. If the Wen Clan can achieve it, then I won't say no."

"Very simple. I want the Tree of the Warming Soul." Ling Xian smiled and spoke of his intention.

Hearing this, everyone frowned. They didn't think Ling Xian would ask for this.

But when they remembered how the Tree of the Warming Soul had died and was useless anyway, they were okay with it. To trade a dead tree in exchange for a powerhouse like Ling Xian was a great deal to them.

"If the Tree was still alive, I never would agree to this. But now… giving it to you isn't that difficult. But…"

The Wen Clan Leader hesitated and carefully shot Ling Xian a look. He paused.

"You can speak. I have no intention of stealing your family treasure. I do not want to take advantage of you."

Ling Xian smiled brightly, "This is me making you a deal. If you agree to it, I will help you get over your crisis. If you don't agree to it, I won't do anything to your clan. Don't worry."

"You have misunderstood. What I meant to say is, are you certain that you can help us get over this crisis?" The Clan Leader asked carefully, terrified that he would choose the wrong words and offend Ling Xian.

"That's what you are worried about?"

Ling Xian laughed. "Do not worry, Wen Clan Leader. I will deal with this first before asking for my pay. If I don't do what I say, you don't need to give me the Tree of the Warming Soul."

"That would be perfect."

The Wen Clan Leader finally stopped worrying and grinned, "Then, I will rely on you regarding my troubles."

"There is no need to worry."

Ling Xian softly nodded, "The next time someone comes from the Court of Thunder, I will interfere."

"Good, good, good, it's great!"

The Clan Leader was over the moon and erupted into laughter. "Haha, with your help, my Clan will for sure get over its crisis!"

"Then please, can you prepare a quiet place for me? I want to rest." Ling Xian smiled.

"Of course."

Clan Leader Wen accepted, "Ru Yu, take the Young Master to the bamboo forest in the back. Treat the Young Master well on my behalf."

"Yes, father."

Ru Yu nodded gently and marched out of the greeting hall.

Ling Xian followed closely.

After leaving the greeting hall, Ru Yu giggled. "Thanks so much, you powerful one."

"Why thank me? Honestly, I should be thanking you."

Ling Xian had a faint smile on his face. Ever since he found out about those five treasures that heals the soul, he has been searching meticulously. But even after so many years, other than getting a tiny piece of the Wood of the Warming Soul, he hasn't found anything.

Today, he hoped to get an entire Tree of the Warming Soul. Naturally he was over the moon.

Though the Tree was currently dried up and fruitless, he believed that he will be able to find the right method to revive the tree.

Therefore, he felt very lucky to have met Ru Yu. Even more lucky that he chose to make his move.

"It doesn't matter who we thank. Now I feel so much better. I no longer need to marry that @sshole and my Clan's crisis can be solved."

Ru Yu's face was full of joy. Other than respect in her eyes, there was only appreciation.

"Aren't you being too happy too early? The whole situation with the Court of Thunder is still unknown." Ling Xian softly shook his head. He didn't dare to be reckless.

"You are a beast who defeated seven Houses and 18 Clans. The Court of Thunder is just a prey to you." Wen Ru Yu pouted, she didn't care.

"That may not be the case but they are an entire force after all."

Ling Xian softly spoke. Though he was confident that he can escape, if not defeat, anyone in the original level, he refuses to treat his enemies lightly. Especially not in Tianzhou, a place filled with talents.

"Hehe, you are so powerful. I do not believe the Court of Thunder has anything on you." Wen Ru Yu was fully confident in Ling Xian.

Hearing this, Ling Xian smiled but did not speak.

Then, the two of them arrived at the bamboo forest behind the Wen Clan's palace.

Here, the land was quiet and delicate, peaceful and serene. Soft wind fluttered by, rustling the bamboo leaves – it was truly picturesque.

"You can rest here. I am going to chat with my dad. When I have time, I will come find you." Wen Ru Yu stuck out her tongue and left without a trace.

"First, I will solve the Wen Clan's crisis and get the Tree of the Warming Soul. Then, I will find out the news about the real phoenix."

Mumbling, Ling Xian entered his little cabin and waited for the powerhouses from the Court of Thunder to arrive.
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