Painting Of The Nine Immortals Chapter 850

Currently, the Sun was just rising, shedding down faint golden light that reflected off this quiet bamboo forest.

On top of a bamboo branch, Ling Xian sat in a lotus position. His white robe and black hair fluttered in the wind. Similar to the descendant of a real immortal, he was riding above everyone else.

It's been half a month since he aggressively attacked and taught the Wang Clan a lesson. During this time, everything has been quiet and calm. The Wang Clan hasn't reappeared and the Court of Thunder never showed up.

But Ling Xian knows that this was just the calm before the storm. The moment the enemy is prepared, what faces him will be a life to death fight.

Therefore, these days, Ling Xian has been cultivating.

Of course, he wasn't working on anything Qi related. Instead, he was training his physique. What he was currently practicing was physical training that makes one indestructible.

This was something he acquired from Mo Fu Lei when he was still in the City of Sin. Though the technique was only half complete, it still could be cultivated with great results.

According to its record, if cultivation is successful, the physical body will enhance greatly in strength. If the highest realm is reached from training, then the cultivator can become physically indestructible.

As for being able to break the enemy's weapons with bare hands or collapsing a mountain with one finger, those were small tricks and don't even need to be mentioned.

This made it obvious just how powerful this technique was!

Ling Xian also discovered that this technique was the Court of Thunder's highest level inheritance. Similar to The Incantation of a Calm Heart, it was a secret technique.

Just as he exclaimed over the coincidences in the world, he also wasn't sure if he should laugh or cry.

Because the Leiyin Temple resided in Tianzhou.

In other words, he might run into Leiyin Temple's people at any time. If he is found by that force, then much trouble will ensue.

However, to not cultivate such a great technique would be a pity. Therefore, since 10 days ago, Ling Xian had begun cultivating the Indestructible Physique.

Currently, he was sitting on top of a bamboo leaf in a lotus position. His two hands formed a mysterious gesture before his chest as he trained.

Sunshine shed down and brightened the bamboo forest, which gave him a faint golden layer around him. Like a God who just descended, he appeared untouchable.

At the same time, a golden page hung above his head while vibrating in rhythm. It was as if it was talking philosophy with the heavens – profound and mysterious.

This was the Divine Book of Genesis, which has records of how to achieve the Indestructible Physique.

Just like that, Ling Xian enlightened himself while cultivating the Indestructible Physique in an attempt to strengthen his physical body.

Today, the world has changed and all spiritual medicine that once enhanced the physical body is gone. The cultivators who choose the Path of the Physique has a very difficult path to walk. Those cultivators without backgrounds find achieving anything even more difficult.

Luckily, Ling Xian possessed the Divine Book of Genesis and the Disorder Conquering Fists, so he can train his physique unstoppably. Together with the Indestructible Physique, it would be like giving tiger wings. Though it will not be without obstacle, he will at least be able to lead countless people.

Under his keen training, the Indestructible Physique was slowly understood by him and his physique grew stronger day by day.

Though the results were not obvious, he improved nonetheless. Even if he improves a little bit daily, as time goes on, he will eventually improve by a leap.

Therefore, when he noticed his physical body getting a tiny bit stronger, Ling Xian was even more motivated to train. He enlightened himself with the Divine Book of Genesis and cultivated the Indestructible Physique to train his body.

Slowly, a layer of gold light formed around his physical body. It wasn't sunlight. It was a natural gold light produced internally. Even his blood slowly turned gold.

This was the definition of being indestructible. After he reaches the highest realm and after he uses this technique, his body will slowly turn yellow and turn into gold. Every time he raises his arm, the heaven may break and the earth may quake.

Of course, Ling Xian was nowhere near that level. Currently, he was merely a new apprentice to this art.

But the moment he began to grasp the concepts, his physical body immediately exploded with the color gold. Just like a little Sun, it was dazzling and blinding.

At the same time, his physical body enhanced greatly. Though he still has a long way to go until he is at the peak of the original level, he has improved drastically none the less.

At least when compared to himself half a month ago, his capability increased by another fold!

"Phew… I trained for 10 days and I am merely just grasping onto the concept?"

Ling Xian breathed out a mouthful of murky air. He opened his eyes and expressed his unhappiness at this speed.

Luckily nobody else was around. If what he had said circulated, others would be puking out blood from anger.

What a joke?!

The Indestructible Physique is notorious for its difficulty. Even the direct descendants of the Leiyin Temple would require three to five years to even begin to understand it. Yet he has achieved this after merely 10 days. That was already pretty unbelievable.

It was obvious that he is not at all happy with this speed. If others knew about his thoughts, for sure numerous people would curse at him for not being able to identify the right from the wrong. At the same time, they would be jealous and envy him.

"Aye… based on what I see in this book, if I can borrow god's lightning to train my blood, my speed of training should increase dramatically."

Ling Xian mumbled. He had experienced three God's Trials and every single time he ended up brutally wounded. But every time afterward, his physique enhanced.

This was why despite his lack of time spent on training his physical body, his physique remained sturdy.

Therefore, he knew that god's lightning can increase his physical properties. However, God's Trial doesn't easily appear. Even for someone as beast as him, he merely triggered it three times.

This was already something extremely shocking. Normal people do not have the right nor the ability to trigger a single God's Trial in their lifetime.

"Using god's lightning isn't realistic. For one, it is difficult to trigger a God's Trial. For two, a God's Trial is a little too intense. If I am not careful, I can easily be struck to death."

Ling Xian frowned slightly as he pondered over the quickest way it would be for him to train. However, after much thought, he couldn't think of a way.

This made him laugh. "Oh well, since I cannot find a way, I will just do it the old school way. There will come a day when I can increase my physique to be at the peak of the original level."

Then, he straightened his body and landed on the ground below.

His daily training routine was finished. Next, it was time for other things.

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But just then, a loud shout arrived from afar. Like thunder, it resonated throughout the entire Wen Clan.

"The half month deadline is up! Hurry up and hand over your treasure. Or else I will flatten the Wen Clan. I will not leave any survivors, no matter the gender, no matter the age!"

At those words, Ling Xian frowned slightly. His bright eyes turned cold.

"Flatten the Wen Clan? Not leaving any survivors? What a big mouth, what a ruthless heart!"

After a cold snicker, Ling Xian tore open the space and disappeared from the bamboo forest.

When he reappeared, he had already arrived at the main entrance of the Wen Clan. Five silhouettes were suspending in midair. All of them seemed to be heavy like mountains and were emitting demeanors that were as profound as the ocean.

Out of the group, three were elders, who were wearing white. There was a thunder symbol sewn on the left chest of their robe. It appeared to be the people from the Court of Thunder.

The other two were middle-aged men. Ling Xian recognized one of them.

It was the Wang Clan Leader.

It was obvious that he had formed an alliance with the Court of Thunder and they planned on ending the Wen Clan.

Other than the lead elder, who was at the advanced stage of the original level, everyone else was at the intermediate stage of the original level.

"So greedy hearts never die…"

Peering at the arrogant Clan Leader Wang, coldness circulated throughout Ling Xian's eyes, "Then I might as well solve the Wen Clan's troubles all at once."
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