Painting Of The Nine Immortals Chapter 851

Currently, the Sun was hanging high in the sky, shedding down an infinite amount of light.

However, everyone in the Wen Clan had a cold heart.

The Court of Thunder had already surrounded the Wen Clan. Today, the Wang Clan joined their force – worsening the Wen Clan's situation.

Currently, the five original leveled powerhouses were rushing this way. Their terrifying Qi suppressed everyone and filled everyone in the Wen Clan's heart with hopelessness.

"Wen Clan Leader, the deadline is here. If you hand over your treasure obediently, then maybe my mood will improve and I will spare the Wen Clan."

The leading Elder spoke emotionlessly. The way they looked at the Wen Clan was like he was looking at an ant – utterly careless.

Everyone else did the same. It was like they were already certain that if the Wen Clan doesn't hand over the treasure, they will succumb.

"In your dreams!"

The Wen Clan Leader's face was sharp and cold. His eyes were ridden with sorrow.

The original leveled cultivators around him all reacted the same way. They found it hard to conceal the hopelessness on their faces.

"Hehe, you moron who overestimates yourself."

The Wang Clan Leader smiled coldly, "The elder beside me is the vice ruler of the Court of Thunder and an original leveled powerhouse at the advanced stage. If you have some knowledge, you would hand over the treasure. Or else I will wash the Wen Clan with blood."

At those words, the Wen Clan shrieked. The fear on their faces intensified.

The vice ruler of the Court of Thunder is a prominent powerhouse. At least within thousands of miles, he is one of the most powerful people.

But other than his insane capabilities, his mentality is also ruthless. Legend has it that he has killed over 100,000 people!

Therefore, he had a nickname, the Human Butcher!

Therefore, why wouldn't the Wen Clan be terrified?

"I cannot believe that my tiny Wen Clan gets to host someone important like you." The Wen Clan Leader bitterly smiled. If it weren't for Ling Xian, they would be desperate by now.

Five original leveled powerhouses can easily defeat the Wen Clan. One of them was even the infamous Human Butcher.

"Though the Wen Clan is small, it is full of extraordinary treasures."

The Elder in white spoke without much thought. It was difficult for him to hide the greed in his eyes. "I will ask one last time – hand over the treasure. There is a limit to my patience."

The elder did not release any kind of spiritual energy, but his killer's intent made everyone shudder.

The Wen Leader was no exception. His eyes flashed with fear, but he found his footing after remembering Ling Xian.

"Then let me say this one last time – if you want the treasure, you will have to step over my dead body."

"Well, very well."

The elder's expression darkened and his killer's intent intensified, "I admire your courage. Therefore, I have decided to send you, and your clan members on their way."

After he spoke those words, Qi from the advanced stage of the original level roared out. Wind blew, clouds rose, and the sky and ground turned dark.

The other four, at the sight of this, all began to manipulate their own Qi. Though their Qi paled in comparison to this man's, together, it remained terrifying!

Just as they began to play with their Qi, a calm voice arrived from afar and echoed throughout the air.

"I sure want to see just how you are planning on sending these people on their way."

After those words, Ling Xian leaped up into the sky. His lean silhouette stood before the Wen Clan Leader like a mountain. It brought color back to the Wen Clan members' eyes.

The expression of the five people against them darkened.

The Wang Clan in particular was looking more evil than ever. He stared deadly at Ling Xian, as if he wanted to chop him into pieces.

"Who are you? You dare to meddle with the Court of Thunder. Are you tired of living?" The elder's expression was cold and his white robe fluttered despite the lack of wind. He emitted terrifying demeanor.

"I want your life."

Ling Xian spoke softly. His calm look made it seem like his opponent was not an original leveled powerhouse, but several ants.

With his capability today, anyone below the advanced stage of the original level are people he can ignore. Even if the opponent is someone at the peak of the original level, he can likely put up a fight.

"Very well. Ever since people nicknamed me the Human Butcher, nobody has dared to speak to me in such a manner."

The elder smiled in disdain and said in a hush voice, "As a reward, I have decided to slice off your head and use it as my drinking bowl."


Ling Xian frowned. He didn't expect this person to be so ruthless. This calmed his expression down, "Then why don't you come and try."

"Vice ruler, let's not waste anymore words with this man. Let's all attack together and kill him before killing the Wen Clan."
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The Wang Clan Leader chuckled, his eyes were full of ill intent.

This made Ling Xian's eyes glaze over and he decided he wanted to kill Leader Wang. He had spared that man's life once and not only did he not treasure that but he even joined forces with the Court of Thunder. Why wouldn't Ling Xian want to kill him now?

The people in the Court of Thunder were not going to be spared either!

"Might as well… it's been half a month of waiting… my two hands are thirsting for blood." The elder licked around his lips – eerie and greedy.

Then, he rose an arm and uttered out a cold word.


After those words, five separate waves of Qi howled out, turning the atmosphere of the place heavy!

However, Ling Xian was not at all flustered. Instead, he appeared interested. Glancing around, he uttered out something without much thinking.

"All of you, fight with him."

"You are seeking death!"

Those words provoked these five. Of course, other than the vice ruler, everyone else instantly appeared before Ling Xian.

At the same time, four different but aggressive attacks were unleashed!

"Get the f*ck away!"

Ling Xian shouted. He threw out a fist. The Indestructible Physique automatically turned on inside him, making this punch even heavier than usual.


The space crumbled and the four people's attacks vanished like smoke. The terrifying wave of energy created from the clash forced everyone to stumble back.

"I just learned a new trick. I will try it out on you all."

Under heavenly light, Ling Xian took a step and the space crumbled!

His physical body was shining with gold light. Like a small Sun, he was blinding and dazzling. That is the phenomenon that occurs when one's physique reaches a certain level. It is also the sign of someone who is starting to understand the Indestructible Physique!


The space shook and the sky was astonished.

At once, Ling Xian reappeared before another original leveled cultivator who was from the Wang Clan. He slammed down a fist.

Then, that person's skull exploded. There was no doubt and no hesitation!

This changed the expression on everyone else's face. They didn't think that one punch of Ling Xian's would end the life of an original leveled powerhouse!

Though he was merely at the beginning stage, to have been killed in under one move was a little hard to believe.

Just as the others were still surprised, Ling Xian had started his rampage. Like a bird, he dashed forward and paved himself a path. The faint golden light erupted around him, making him look like an immortal!

When he attacked, his Qi was ground breaking!

This made everyone lose their composure. They did everything they could to try and stop this horrifying man.

Sadly, just how powerful was Ling Xian? Why would he allow himself to be defeated by these people? He continued to work aggressively. Like a tyrannosaurus, he raised an arm with enough strength to split open the sky, and then once again aimed it at an original leveled cultivator!

Then, his leg left the ground and at the same time as he tore open the space before him, he kicked another original leveled cultivator to mush!
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