Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet Chapter 1555

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When the man heard Ye Wanwan’s last sentence, his hand holding the teacup paused briefly.

Ye Wanwan smiled insincerely as she wrapped her arms around Great White’s face and started mushing his face. “But wait, I wasn’t married to begin with, so it wouldn’t be remarrying. I can naturally marry whoever I want! Am I right, Great White~~~”

So aggravating, so aggravating, so aggravating!

Great White twisted his misshapen face to escape from her clutches before shaking his fur. “Roar~”

Control your woman…!

The man looked like he didn’t hear Great White’s indirect scolding. Of course, there was no way he would rescue a certain adorable pet. “If there’s nothing else, President Bai, then I’ll take my leave now.”

As soon as Ye Wanwan heard that, she released Great White and walked toward Lord Asura.

Great White immediately escaped from her demon claws and disappeared without a trace.

“Why are you in such a hurry, esteemed Lord Asura? I naturally invited you here today for business! You couldn’t have forgotten that we won’t have many days to live if the gu poison in us isn’t cured! Aren’t you worried in the slightest, esteemed Lord Asura?”

The man sternly looked at her. “What are you thinking, President Bai?”

Ye Wanwan smiled. “What am I thinking? I said last time that I already liked someone, so it’s impossible for me to fall in love with anyone else. Hence, I invited Lord Asura to come here today to discuss solutions with Lord Asura.”

Lord Asura’s eyes were akin to an unfathomable ocean. “What solutions does President Bai have?”

Ye Wanwan’s clear and dazzling eyes were focused on him as she said while stressing every word, “My love for Emperor Ji is stronger than gold and more solid than a rock! My love for him would only diminish if all the mountains disappeared, all the oceans dried up, thunder started rolling in the winter sky, snow started drifting on a blazing summer day, and heaven and earth melded into one! Hence, if the esteemed Lord Asura wants to cure the gu poison by having us fall in love with each other, I’m advising you to give up now!”

My relationship with my boyfriend is stronger than gold and more solid than a rock! My love for him would only diminish if all the mountains disappeared, all the oceans dried up, thunder started rolling in the winter sky, snow started drifting on a blazing summer day, and heaven and earth melded into one! So you should just give up…

Lord Asura felt like time suddenly rewound to the past…

The girl’s clear and happy voice was ringing next to his ears…

Back then, she was still a little afraid of him, but she tried to please him in every way possible and once told him that someone pursued her at school. However, she was well-behaved and told that guy she had a boyfriend already and said those lines to him…

Now though, the same words were repeated to him, but she was referring to another man.

Ji Xiuran…

This name corroded him like a venomous curse…

The man asked aloofly, “Is that so?”

Ye Wanwan didn’t know whether she was imagining it, but his impenetrable and flawless expression looked the same, yet he also seemed to have changed somehow.

“Of course…” Ye Wanwan replied with conviction and was about to continue when pain radiated from her lips all of a sudden.

Scorching heat enveloped her lips and a blanketing aura engulfed her. The besieging and storming kiss caused Ye Wanwan’s eyes to shoot open and nearly jump out of its sockets.

She was originally driven into a corner by anger and wanted to regain her pride and aggravate him even if she couldn’t make him expose himself, but she didn’t expect things to develop like this.

What took her by further surprise was that the man actually grasped her fingers after the kiss ended and guided her hand in unbuttoning his shirt one by one.

Soon, the man’s neck, collarbones, and chest were released from their confines as button after button turned loose…

Ye Wanwan dazedly felt like she was ignited and couldn’t do anything but accusingly and indignantly glare at the man in front of her…


This is too excessive!

He… actually… actually went so far as to use the honey-pot trap…

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