Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet Chapter 1556

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“Is that so? President Bai can have a try first.”

Ye Wanwan was outraged by this man’s seduction.

The honeypot trap was her trump card tonight! So why was it him who used it first in the end?!

The progression of this plot was illogical!

No! I have to stay strong! Stay strong! Stay strong!

She had to be the one in control tonight; she couldn’t allow this man to lead her by a leash!

Ye Wanwan took a deep breath and restrained herself from glancing at the half-naked chest. She hypnotized herself into thinking it was just a slab of stone underneath her hand and tried her best to enter the mode of a meditating old monk. “Esteemed Lord Asura, what are you doing? Please respect yourself. It’s utterly useless even if you act like this! If I like a person, I’d be wholeheartedly devoted to him, and he’d be the only person in my eyes and heart. Other beautiful men in my eyes are nothing but passing clouds. I’m not someone that can be mesmerized by beautiful men. The world claims I’m wanton and unrestrained, but I’m actually an honorable person… Mm…”

Before she could finish speaking, a scorching kiss sealed her lips again…

Honorable! Your! A**!

Ye Wanwan leaped up and forcefully pounced on him.

A second later, a “thud” was heard as the couple fell onto the sofa behind them.

Ye Wanwan pressed the man hard against the sofa and ripped off the final buttons on his shirt before releasing a frustrated scream and biting his collarbone, leaving red marks behind.

The man grunted and his ferocious eyes shifted to extreme gentleness and indulgence…

His hand loosely wrapped around her waist to prevent her from accidentally rolling off the sofa. “President Bai seems to be saying one thing but means another.”

Ye Wanwan didn’t care how she kept humiliatingly proving herself wrong and grumbled with a snort, “Heh, no wonder Lord Asura isn’t worried at all despite death being so close at hand. It turns out you’re confident about your charm and don’t think there’s anyone you can’t charm! Do you think I’m who you think I am? I’m telling you—you’re right!”

Then, she barbarously bit his lips.

All the man’s defenses collapsed completely under the girl’s soft body and soothing warmth…

In the next second, Lord Asura gripped her waist and their positions switched in the blink of an eye.

Before the man could press down a kiss, Ye Wanwan didn’t forget her business and tilted her head slightly to the side to dodge him. “Rumors claim that the esteemed Lord Asura retains his distance from women, but it appears you’re also saying one thing while meaning another?”

The man expressionlessly replied, “President Bai, I’m Lord Asura, but I’m also a normal man.”

Ye Wanwan instantly became enraged by this man’s matter-of-fact tone. “So Lord Asura is saying you’re only acting like this toward me because you’re having a normal male biological response?”

The man’s expression froze for a minute and didn’t say anything, but judging from his expression, he was agreeing tacitly.

Ye Wanwan snorted. “Lord Asura, allow me to remind you about something—a one night stand can’t cure the gu.”

Love gu was the king of gus, so it couldn’t be cured so easily. It required two people to love each other genuinely.

In other words, if this gu was cured in the end, it meant he was lying!

When the man heard her, his gaze darkened slightly and chilled. “Before reminding me, President Bai, shouldn’t you also remind yourself why you’re acting so unnecessarily tonight if you’re truly whole-heartedly devoted to Emperor Ji?”

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