Priceless Baby's Super Daddy Chapter 462

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Ye Xun’s heart was bleeding after the little girl’s words struck a great blow to it.

After all, he had personally raised this “daughter” of his by himself. How could he not be sad seeing her throw herself into another man’s arms?

“Oh, how cruel! Both mother and daughter are so cruel! None of you wanted me anymore after getting a better man. I don’t even have a place to cry here!”

Huo Sanyan heard him and immediately patted on her own shoulder. “Young Master Ye, if you want to cry, you can cry over here. I can lend you my shoulder any time and anywhere you need.”

“Bug off!” Ye Xun glared at her. Why was she pestering him everywhere? How annoying!

“Are there bugs here? Are they biting you, Young Master Ye? Let me get the insect repellent for you.”

The wiring in Huo Sanyan’s brain had always been that strange. Her mind was never on the same wavelength as normal people.

“…” Ye Xun was speechless.

As Ye Xun observed the intimate interaction between Ying Bao and Huo Yunshen and their perfectly matched dimples, he seemed to realize something.

He finally understood why Ying Bao liked Huo Yunshen so much.

It couldn’t simply be out of fondness for no reason. It might be because of a blood relationship.

Ying Bao must be the daughter of Huo Yunshen.

It was a bold guess and Ye Xun was sure he was right. He let out a long sigh as envy and jealousy swelled in his heart.

Oh well. If Xu Xiyan and the child were happy being with Huo Yunshen, he would bless them.

Nobody knew that Ye Xun’s attitude had changed. Perhaps it had happened back at the time when he had discovered Huo Yunshen’s mysterious identity, or perhaps it had happened after his accidental sexual relationship with Huo Sanyan.

He was no longer qualified to pursue Xu Xiyan. The only thing he could do now was to let her go and respect her wishes.

However, he would always protect both mother and daughter silently.

After dinner, Huo Yunshen accompanied Ying Bao in a game of pat-a-cake.

Huo Sanyan noticed that Ye Xun had been watching Ying Bao intently. She said to him, “Young Master Ye, see how cute Cherry is? How about we make a baby of our own?”

Ye Xun was rudely pulled back to his senses. He glared at her hatefully and bristled. “Who wants to make a baby with you! If you want a child, go make it yourself!”

Huo Sanyan wasn’t angry or upset. She grinned at him and said, “Well okay, it’s a woman’s responsibility to bear a child anyway. You only need to contribute one single sperm. Who knows if your seed is already sprouting in my stomach and soon you will be a father!”

“…” Ye Xun was completely speechless. F*ck, what the hell was she talking about?

Was she not going to stop until she had completely ruined him?

Everyone turned to cast shocked looks at him. Xu Xiyan asked, astonished, “Did you two… do that…”

“No!” Ye Xun immediately denied it. He was so embarrassed that he felt like looking for a crack in the ground to squeeze into.

However, Huo Sanyan was being very blatant about it. “Young Master Ye, why won’t you admit it? Everyone is an adult here and having a sexual relationship is a very normal thing. Plus, I’ve already said you don’t have to be responsible for it, so don’t be embarrassed. You—”

“Why don’t you finish your food!” Ye Xun stuffed some veggies into her mouth rudely, plugging up her unshuttable mouth.

But it was already too late. Everyone already knew what had happened between the two of them.

Xu Xiyan had already guessed that it must’ve happened at the time when he had gotten drunk. She laughed, “Second Senior, Miss Huo is a very good person. It’s not right to let her down.”

Ye Xun: “…”

He had enough of trying to explain himself. The more he explained, the more disastrous the outcome anyway.

“Oh, thank you, Jing Xi.”

Huo Sanyan was very happy to hear Jing Xi’s words of support. She continued, “You don’t have to call me Miss Huo anymore. Just call me Third Sister. That way we will sound more like family, don’t you think?”

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