Priceless Baby's Super Daddy Chapter 547

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Yet amid her sadness, Xu Xinrou knew that she had to find a way to make Huo Jingtang stay.

Since they got married just for the benefits. Huo Jingtang was willing to marry her because of the child inside her

“Jingtang… My…” Xu Xinrou sobbed. “My child is gone…”

“Don’t worry about it, you have to take care of your body first.”

Huo Jingtang wasn’t as angry as he had been at the ring shop. He’d already calmed down.

Now that he thought about it, Xu Xinrou and he had gotten together because they could benefit from it. He’d never really had any feelings for her.

And since the child in her body wasn’t even his, the whole incident had nothing to do with him anymore.

“Jingtang, you have to take revenge for me!” Xu Xinrou scolded. “We’ll let that bitch suffer!”

“I’ll do what I can.”

Huo Jingtang’s tone sounded like he didn’t care anymore.

Even Huo Jingtang felt that Xu Xiyan wasn’t to blame for everything. It was Xu Xinrou who had tried to snatch the ring from Xu Xiyan and fell down the stairs because of it.

If Xu Xinrou had chosen another like Huo Jingtang suggested, none of that would’ve happened.

“Jingtang… Now that my child is gone… What about our marriage?” Xu Xinrou asked, trying to test Huo Jingtang.

“We’ll talk about it later.”

Huo Jingtang was clear on his intention. Since the child was gone, the only reason for their marriage was gone.

Huo Jingtang never really had the intention of marrying her. There was no way he really wanted to marry a woman that had slept with so many different men.

It would be bad if people started to call him a person who took back a public toilet.

Now that the child was gone, it was the right time to call off the marriage.

He already had Yunhai Entertainment in his hands, and he could think of another way to take over the family.

Huo Jingtang could still achieve his goals without Xu Xinrou.

“Get some rest, I’ve already called your family to come over,” Huo Jingtang said. “I still have an important meeting, I’ll take my leave now.”

Huo Jingtang believed that he’d already done his best by taking Xu Xinrou to the hospital and left after settling everything.

“Jingtang! Don’t go… Please…”

Yet no matter how much Xu Xinrou begged, Huo Jingtang never turned his head back.

It was only then that Xu Xinrou realized how cruel of a person Huo Jingtang could be.

She had helped him to take over the company, and now he pushed her away when she was of no use to him anymore.

She thought that after she’d ditched Chu Yuhe and got together with Huo Jingtang, she could marry into the Huo family and live a luxurious life.

But in the end, it was all for nothing.

Xu Xinrou never liked losing. Angered by the fact that she lost, she threw everything on her table to the floor.

Wen Li opened the door as the things fell onto the floor and was shocked by it.

“Xinrou, please calm down…”

“Wen Li…” Xu Xinrou saw Wen Li coming in and cried even harder.

“Don’t cry…” Wen Li said. “What just happened? You weren’t hurt, were you? What’s with the miscarriage? When did you become pregnant?”

“How did you know about that?” Xu Xinrou asked.

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