Priceless Baby's Super Daddy Chapter 548

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Xu Xinrou had only told Wen Li that she was in the hospital. She never told her about the miscarriage.

“It’s already on the news!” Wen Li said. “Everyone knows about it!”

“What news?”

“Haven’t you seen it?” Wen Li said as she took out her phone and showed Xu Xinrou.

The news about Xu Xinrou’s miscarriage was already spread all over the entertainment business. It was one of the biggest headlines.

Yet the content of the news wasn’t authentic. The news mentioned that Xu Xinrou never told the crew about her pregnancy and it led to her getting into an accident which led to the miscarriage.

Yet in truth, she fell down the stairs because of a slap from Xu Xiyan.

“This isn’t true! This is a lie!” Xu Xinrou scolded as she grabbed Wen Li by her arm. “This was all because of Jing Xi. She’s the one who did this to me!”

“I get it. Please calm down now,” Wen Li said. She knew that Xu Xinrou hated Xu Xiyan and she would do anything to blame everything on her.

“Do you think I’m lying? She’s the one who pushed me down the stairs!”

Xu Xinrou finally got the backlash of trying to frame others every time.

“I do believe you, but the news is telling a different story.”

Yet in Wen Li’s heart, she actually believed what the news was saying. There was no way that the news would even mess up the time and venue.

“It must be Jing Xi! She must’ve paid the news to report a fake story! All to cover up what she really did to me!” Xu Xinrou scolded as her mind started to crumble into chaos. “Hurry up and tell the press the truth about this incident! It was all Jing Xi’s doing! She did it for revenge! This time, I will make her lose everything!”

“All right. But right now, you have to take care of your weak body first,” Wen Li said, as she cared about Xu Xinrou’s health. “We can take care of this matter next time, okay?”

“What next time!” Xu Xinrou scolded. “Don’t you get it? There’s no next time! Jingtang has left me now that my child is gone! What do you even know? You’re just a useless bitch! Leave me! Don’t ever bother me again!”

Xu Xinrou was letting all her rage out on Wen Li.

Wen Li had been cleaning up Xu Xinrou’s mess ever since the beginning. She was always worried about Xu Xinrou’s well-being, and now she was being humiliated by Xu Xinrou just because Xu Xinrou had failed.

“Since I’m just a useless bitch, then I guess our working relationship is over,” Wen Li said and turned to leave. “Go and look for someone that’s more suitable for you. I quit!”

After Wen Li had left, Xu Xinrou finally realized what it meant for her to leave.

Not only had she lost a capable person, but she also let a person who knew all her darkest secrets go wild.

She finally realized that Wen Li must never leave her.

Xu Xinrou climbed out of bed despite her weak body and chased after Wen Li.

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