Priceless Baby's Super Daddy Chapter 549

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“Wen Li, come back…” Xu Xinrou cried.

Yet no matter how much she called out, Wen Li never turned back.

The door of the elevator closed just as Xu Xinrou got to it, and she could only take the stairs

Yet because she tried to run down the stairs, she slipped and fell down.

The stairs at the hospital were much higher than the ring shop. Xu Xinrou fell down the stairs like a sack of beans.

She hit the wall, bounced off of it and roll down another floor.

When she finally stopped, her head was bleeding, dying the stairs and her body with blood.

She did not faint from it, but she could feel the pain throughout her body and couldn’t move.

“Help… help…” Xu Xinrou shouted weakly.

Before she could even react, a group of reporters rushed out from nowhere and snapped pictures of her.

Xu Xinrou was sent straight into the ER for the second time. The second fall had caused her uterus to bleed too much. To save her life, they could only remove it.

Ying Bao woke up the next morning, and the first thing she saw was her parents sleeping beside her.

They rested their heads on their arms on different sides of the bed, yet they were holding hands tightly in the middle of the bed.

Ying Bao was very happy to see this sight. It was her wish to have her parents sleeping beside her, and now her wish had come true.

Ying Bao also wanted to hold hands with her parents. With a chuckle. She gripped her fists and shoved them quietly into her parents’ hands.

Yet the slight movement was enough to wake Xu Xiyan and Huo Yunshen.

“Baby, are you awake?” Xu Xiyan asked, noticing the extra little fists under their hands.

“Yup. Daddy, mummy, good morning!” the little girl greeted happily.

“Morning, baby.”

“Good morning, Cherry.”

Huo Yunshen gripped both of their hands tightly in his as if he was protecting them.

The feeling of having the whole family together was heartwarming. Xu Xiyan looked at her child, then at the man opposite her and smiled.

Huo Yunshen also looked at her, yet his affectionate gaze made Xu Xiyan blush.

Neither of them really slept for the whole night, as they were kissing most of the time.

Neither of them felt tired as the night was too short. Before they could find themselves to separate from each other, the sun was already rising.

This was how a couple that was passionately in love with each other was supposed to behave.

“Mummy, can I leave the hospital today?”

The little girl’s voice cut through their eye contact.

Xu Xiyan rubbed Ying Bao’s cheeks and said, “Not yet, little one. You still have to stay for two more days until the injury on your head is healed.”


The cute little girl puffed her cheeks up as she felt a little disappointed. She did not want to stay at the hospital any longer as there was nothing for her to do.

“Then can you help me blow on it and let it heal faster?’ Ying Bao begged so she could leave the hospital earlier.

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