Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1062

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Huang Yueli answered in shock, “What did you say? Li Moying he…. his illness acted up? Why did this happen?”

Mo Yi sighed and looked as though he wanted to say something but he still stopped himself, only saying, “Third Miss, after Master came back from your place today, he shut himself in the room alone. As is mood wasn’t good, the few of us didn’t dare to go near… because of that, no one knew when his illness acted up. By the time we discovered it, Master had already lost all rationale, and dashed out from his room!”

Although he didn’t dare to say it out directly, but he tactfully expressed the discontentment in his heart, hinting secretly that Li Moying had turned out like this because of Huang Yueli.

Huang Yueli couldn’t be bothered to haggle with him as she questioned anxiously, “Then how… is he now?”

“Master dashed out into the academy directly and now the academy is in a state of chaos! Principal Jiang and the rest have came out to stop him but they were not able to do so. Shadow guards have been sent back to our Sect to request for aid…. The noise is so loud outside, Third Miss didn’t hear it at all?”

Huang Yueli frowned and she replied in annoyance, “Earlier I as in the armament refining room and the soundproofing array there is too effective so I couldn’t hear a single sound at all!”

When Mo Yi heard that, his tensed expression relaxed a little.

Huang Yueli cried out, “Why are you still in a daze here for? Do you know where your Master is now? Quickly bring me to him!”

Mo Yi quivered and immediately responded, “Yes, Third Miss please follow me to save Master!”

He turned around to lead the way and Huang Yueli hurriedly followed.

By now, Celestial Light Academy was completely in chaos.

The two of them passed by a few streets and there were obvious signs that it had been struck by lightning and some houses had even collapsed by a large half as various terrified students were escaping around everywhere.

The academy’s teachers had all been called to maintain order but the academy was still extremely chaotic.

When Mo Yi brought Huang Yuei to the academy’s central square, his footsteps halted as he showed a serious look, “Third Miss, Master is just in front!”

Huang Yueli raised her head and saw Li Moying’s figure hovering in mid air, dark purple lightning encompassed his body as it gave a sizzling sound. Just this sound alone made one’s hair stand up.

Right behind Li Moying was a pair of dark coloured wings made out of lightning as it spread outwards, extending to ten over meters. Not only did it enable him to maintain hovering in mid air, it also enveloped him entirely in a zone of ten over meters in the thunder and lightning domain.

That good looking contoured face, under the lighting had originally reflected a pure jade-like skin tone but now it faintly revealed a bluish and chilly light. His eyes flashed bring about a penetrating glare, looking extremely terrifying.

No one dared to go near him and the boundary of ten over meters of the centre square had been cleared empty. Only the academy’s practitioners who were seventh stage realm and above were standing nearby.

But even so, they didn’t dare to get too close to him. All of them were hiding on the boundary of the square and they were anxiously paying close attention to Li Moying, who seemed like a death god descending on them.

The only one who dared to get a little closer was Jiang Tuxin.

Even so, from his anxious and terrified expression, one could tell that it wasn’t that he was not afraid, or even to say that he was so terrified to the point that he almost fainted.

But as he helmed the highest authority and had the highest power in the entire academy, so at this urgent moment, he was duty bound and could only braced himself to face the music.

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