Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator Chapter 101

Jiang Churan left the mansion confused and scared. She came for an answer, yet she left with more questions.

"Who is Chen Fan? Where does his powers come from? Is he an immortal?"

However, what really upset Jiang Churan was the discovery that she and Chen Fan belonged to two different worlds and they would never be together.

So thinking, more and more regret sprouted out inside of her heart.

Chen Fan didn't even seem to care Jiang Churan when the latter left the mansion. He gently stroked the head of the misty snake.

The snake was entirely made out of the mist and was about thirty meters in length. It writhed in the sky, ramming its horn against the clouds like a dragon in the ancient scroll paintings.

"This is the real reason that I killed the Yin Snake and absorbed its soul into the Jade Marrow." Chen Fan thought to himself.

The Misty Mountain Array consisted of four main components.

Spirit Channeling Array, Spirit Gathering Array, Mist Array, and the Array Spirit.

Only the souls of powerful cultivators or Spirit animals could have enough power to sustain the immense power of the array. The Heretic and the Demon Schools would use mass sacrifice to create an Array Spirit from the lives of thousands of innocents.

Chen Fan had even witnessed a perfected immortal from the Demon School blow up an entire populated planet and harness the life force of all sentient beings on the planet to create an Array that spanned an entire galaxy.

However, in the end, the savage cultivator from the Demon School was defeated by an alliance of five other cultivators. Chen Fan was one of the five righteous cultivators that brought justice to the Demon School cultivator.

"This Yin Snake had cultivated for over a hundred years and had reached Ethereal Enlightenment. Although it was not an ideal Array Spirit material, it should suffice for now."

He watched as the giant snake leaped above the clouds and disappeared. As soon as the Misty Mountain Array was turned on, the mist in the array merged seamlessly with the natural mists formed around the mountain.

Looking at the mountain from far away, the mist that used to cover the mountain peak had grown in size and covered the entire mountain.

The mist not only served to confuse an intruder, but it also provided a perfect hiding spot for the misty snake. Although the snake was formed from shapeless mist, its power was not any less than when it lived in the pond. In addition, it's new form made it nearly indestructible, since hitting it was more or less like hammering a nail into a puff of clouds.

Its life was linked to the endless supply of Spirit Qi from the lake and the Mist from the Mountain, and therefore it could regenerate itself indefinitely.

Chen Fan watched as the Giant snake disappeared in the sky. He cracked a smile and then said: "Since you look so much like a real dragon, I will call you White Drakeling."

'As its recorded in the ancient text, Drakelings were juvenile dragons. In five hundred years they will grow into Drakes, and after another five hundred years, they will finally become real dragons that could soar into the heavenly realm.

As if the white drakeling had heard Chen Fan's words, it echoed him with a long joyful hum.

Although this white drakeling only existed in the form of a soul and lacked any substance, once Chen Fan upgraded the array, he would be able to help the white drakeling regain its body.

Chen Fan stayed in the mansion for another few hours to finalize the array.

After the array was finally ready, he was about to leave for home. Suddenly, he got a phone call from Wei Ziqin.

"Chen Fan, are you still in Chu Zhou City? I can't get into your mansion at all! What's up with all the mist?" Wei Ziqin complained over the other end of the line.

"Is there anything you need from me?" Chen Fan furrowed his brows.

He was planning to leave Chu Zhou City and return Si Shui County for the Chinese new year.

Wei Ziqin paused a second and then said in a serious tone: "My grandfather wants to see you before you leave for your home."

She then said hesitantly:"… and my dad is here too, he wants to meet you as well."

"Your dad? Wei Changgeng?" Chen Fan was taken aback.

The oldest son of the Old Man Wei was called Wei Changgeng, and he was a high-level official in the province; his second son was the leader of the local military unit.

"They want to revenge for Wei Zipin?"

Chen Fan thought to himself. However, he was not afraid of retribution at all.

Half a year ago, when he first met Old Man Wei, he had only been at the Foundation Establishment level. Even a shot from a handgun could have threatened his life.

However, half a year later, he had nearly completed the Foundation Establishment level and gained two deadly Dharma Artifacts. With the help of his Immortal Will, he was practically invincible as long as he was not facing up against an entire army.

"Fine, what's the harm in seeing them anyway?"

So thinking, Chen Fan left the mansion.

As soon as he was through the threshold of the array, he saw Wei Ziqin was waiting for him with a big frown. She complained, "This mist is annoying. I can't even find the path."

"It's just an array." Chen Fan said lightly.

He sneaked a peek at Wei Ziqin's face and didn't find any displeasure nor vindictiveness. He said with surprise, "I thought the Wei family is coming to get me."

Wei Ziqin covered her mouth and giggled.

"Don't worry. I know you have broken my cousin's leg, but he got what he deserved. Over the years, he had ruined our family reputation, and if not for his overprotective father, I would have broken his leg myself."

"When grandpa first heard the news about what happened to his precious grandson, he was angry for a while. However, after a long talk with my dad, grandpa is in a much better mood now; otherwise, he wouldn't want to see you." Wei Ziqin gave Chen Fan a sidelong glance.

"Master Chen is so powerful now that you probably didn't even care about the reaction of the Wei family any longer."

"He asked for it. I give neither empty promises nor threats, ever." Chen Fan said calmly, however, his eyes were brimming with pride.

Wei Ziqin rolled her eyes, but she didn't blame Chen Fan. It was her cousin's fault from the outset.

Chen Fan followed Wei Ziqin into a quiet courtyard; it was the same place where he had first met Master Wu and Xin Zhong.

"Mr. Chen, long time no see!"

Elderly Man Wei cracked a smile and stood up to greet Chen Fan.

He looked in much better health than six months ago. His steady steps carried such gusto that it could mean only one thing: the old man had finally perfected the internal force.

"Long time no see." Chen Fan nodded and then looked over the shoulder of the elderly man.

In addition to Xiao Qi, the old man's bodyguard, he also saw a middle age man in a military uniform standing upright like a tall spruce tree. His face was hard and indifferent, on his shoulder, he carried marks that displayed four stars sandwiched between two horizontal strikes.

"What can I do for you, Mr. Wei?" Chen Fan asked lightly after he sat down.

"Just wanted to chat with you." Old Man Wei said with a smile. "It had only been six months, and you have made a name for yourself. You already forgot your old friends, haven't you?"

Chen Fan smiled but didn't respond. He could tell the bitterness in Elderly Man Wei's voice.

However delinquent Wei Zipin was, he was the old man's grandson. Breaking Wei Zipin's legs was the same as slapping the elderly man in the face; an act that would greatly reduce the prestige of the family.

However, since Elderly Man Wei had invited him over, it meant that he had already got over it.

"What could have made him forgive me for harming his grandson?"

Chen Fan couldn't help but look to Wei Changgeng behind the old man.

Elderly Man Wei's smile disappeared from his face; he said heavily, "I have a favor to ask you."

"Do tell." Chen Fan nodded.

The Elderly Man Wei kept his silence, but he turned his head over his shoulder and looked to Wei Changgeng.

Wei Changgeng nodded and gave Chen Fan a sharp glare.

"Master Chen, everyone has been talking about your martial abilities, of how invincible you are. I wonder if the rumors are real?"

Chen Fan furrowed his brows, and he looked to Elderly Man Wei. However, the old man ignored his stare. Chen Fan was amused by the show they put on for him. He looked back at Wei Changgeng and then said, "Yes, it is true. But what are you getting at?"

"Can you demonstrate please?" Wei Changgeng's eyes glinted.

Chen Fan cracked a smile. He was planning on showing the Wei family a display of strength to deter them from harboring any intent of harming him. He asked Wei Changgeng, "Have you brought a gun with you?"

Wei Changgeng was taken aback and knotted his brows, "What does it have to do with your demonstration?"

Chen Fan pointed to him and then pointed back at himself. "Try your weapon on me."

"What?" Wei Changgeng thought his ears had played a trick on him.

Wei Ziqin and Old Man Wei were also shocked by what they heard.

"I said, try your weapon on me." Chen Fan repeated.

"As you wish!"

Wei Changgeng was a man of no-nonsense. He would oblige, if shooting the boy was what it took to get what he wanted.

"Very well. Are you ready?" Wei Changgeng held the gun in both hands and asked heavily.

"Do it." Chen Fan sat still and said proudly.


Wei Ziqin gasped. Even the Elderly Man Wei was at a loss for words.

Although he had heard that a Transcendent Master did not fear modern weapons, he had always believed that those were simply high tales.

Wei Changgeng fired. Suddenly a spark erupted violently in front of Chen Fan. It was as if the bullet had struck a piece of metal. When Wei Ziqin looked closer, he saw Chen Fan had caught the bullet in his hand, and the boy was unharmed.

"He did it!" Wei Ziqin exclaimed.

The Elderly Man Wei heaved a sigh of relief. He also felt lucky that he didn't insist on butting heads against Chen Fan for his grandson's injury.

A joyful smile brake over Wei Changgeng's face.

"So the rumors are true! You are indeed as powerful as they said you were."

Wei Changgeng saluted to Chen Fan and said: "Master Chen, the reason I invited you here today was to ask you to become the head sergeant for the Cang Dragon Unit."

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Chen Fan was taken aback as he had no idea what it meant.

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