Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator Chapter 103

"Dad, Grandpa, I still don't understand this. Chen Fan is the perfect candidate for this job; why wouldn't he be interested."

Wei Ziqin asked perplexed.

"This is a directive from the military leaders. I bet he is the only young man at his age to have received such honor."

"It doesn't make sense to you because you haven't fully understood the power of a Transcendent Master." Elderly Man Wei said slowly with a loving smile.

"Your grandpa is right." Wei Changgeng nodded. "In fact, I didn't tell the complete story about the last head sergeant. During the tournament, my boss and two other big wigs had come to watch Cang Dragon's combat. After the defeat, my boss was so pissed off that he fired our last head sergeant on the spot in a fit of anger."

"Oh? Li Wuchen also went to watch the tournament?" Elderly Man Wei was taken aback.

He didn't expect the military leaders at such a high level would have paid any attention to law enforcement units. Lu Wuchen was one of the highest-ranking officers that the Old Man knew.

"Indeed. After the tournament, Li Wuchen rushed to Zhong Hai and invited Mr. Hua to be the new head sergeant. However, Mr. Hua refused." Wei ChangGeng lamented.

"You are talking about Hua Yunfeng?" Old Man Wei furrowed his brows and said: "He is about the same age as me, no wonder he is not interested."

"Who is Hua Yunfeng?" Wei Ziqin asked curiously.

"Mr. Hua of Zhong Hai. He used to be a famous playboy when he was young in the 30's." Wei ChangGeng said wistfully." He rose to power about the same time as the other now-legendary heroes. He had stayed in Zhong Hai for his entire life in order to ensure the stability of the city."

"Not a lot of people know that Hua Yunfeng was also one of the most powerful Transcendent Masters. He was undefeated in China for a couple of decades." Elderly Man Wei shook his head and said: "He had already achieved everything he wanted in his life; therefore, he no longer had any drive to get involved."

"Indeed." Wei ChangGeng nodded."That's what Mr. Hua told Li Wuchen."

"There are other Transcendent Masters in provinces and cities such as Dong Jiang, Hu Dong, Zhong Hai; however, they are either too old or too difficult to find. That is what made Master Chen a real gem."

"I didn't think Li Wuchen would invite Hua Yunfeng personally." Elderly Man Wei said abruptly.

"If I knew that they wanted Chen Fan so badly, I would have to pay a visit to him myself to apologize for Zipin."

"What happened to Zipin?" Wei Zipin just came back, and therefore he was not aware of what had happened.

"Zipin offended Chen Fan and Chen Fan broke one of his legs. He said if not for grandpa, he would break both of his legs."

Wei Ziqin said indignantly.

However annoying he was, Wei Zipin was her cousin and hurting Wei Zipin was the same as slapping her face.

"Humph! Someone needs to teach that idiot a lesson. If my brother had given his son to me to look after, I would have beaten his arrogance out of him by now."

Wei Changgeng scoffed. He never liked Wei Zipin.

"Dad!" Wei Ziqin rolled her eyes at her father and then complained: "Grandpa, although Chen Fan is powerful, you shouldn't have to go to him and apologize. He had hurt Zipin, not the other way around."

"Silly girl, hehe. You have no idea how important Chen Fan is." Elderly Man Wei shook his head heavily. "Changgeng just came back, and he was in a hurry to see Chen Fan, so he didn't explain everything to me. I thought he was just looking for a head sergeant for the normal units, but little did I know that the position was for Cang Dragon." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click wuxianovelonline.com wuxianovelonline.com for visiting.

"If he fills up the role, he would have more power than you could ever imagine."

"Really? I think he is powerful already. People call him Master Chen of Jiang Bei." Wei Ziqin exclaimed.

"That's nothing."

Old Man Wei cracked a smile.

In the eyes of the retired veteran, Chen Fan's influence at this stage was laughable. Most people were simply afraid of him because of his personal strength.

"However, if he could become the head sergeant of Cang Dragon and lead the Cang Dragon to defeat Dragon's Fang, he would become as reputable as Ye Nantian." Elderly Man Wei said heavily.

"The next Ye Nantian?" Wei Ziqin was shocked.

"Yes." Elderly Man Wei said: "Ziqin, do you know what happened to the person who first recommended Ye Nantian to the military?"

"What happened?" Wei Ziqin asked.

"He rose to the top rank of military overnight."

"Top rank over night?" Wei Ziqin gasped.

If the person who helped Ye Nantian at an early stage of his career were able to garner so much respect and honor, then exactly how much prestige does Ye Nantian himself possess?

"Indeed, Ye Nantian is so powerful that sometimes I doubt if he is a warrior god." Wei Changgeng said with a solemn face. "Although we are rivals, I respect him for his strength and abilities."

"If Master Chen could achieve what Ye Nantian did, he would be way out of our league."

"Indeed." Old Man Wei lamented. "Your older brother is getting older by the day, and I don't think he had much potential left in him. Your younger brother, well… acts like your younger brother. You are the backbone and the hope of our family.

"If Master Chen is really going to become the next Ye Nantian and rise to power, we can then count on our connection with him to grow your influence. There is nothing more important to me than making sure that you are on the right track."

"Dad." Even though Wei Changgeng was a battle-hardened warrior, tears welled in his eyes.

"That's it for today." Elderly Man Wei rose from the chair and said: "When Mr. Chen returns from his trip, I will visit him personally.

"Tell your younger brother that don't blame others for his fault. He should have been more strict to his own son."

"Yes, father." Wei Changgeng rose from his seat and answered.

Wei Ziqin stood quietly as her mind raced.

She could never have thought that the Wei family would have to bend their knees before Chen Fan.

Chen Fan knew nothing about the Wei family's plan.

Although he was taken aback by how attractive the employment terms were, he was not convinced that he should fill the role.

The position might seem tempting to others, but it was nothing in the eyes of Chen Fan who used to look down at the universe like it was his plaything.

The head sergeant was nothing but a little ant standing on a two-inch tall sandhill in a desert that had no bounds.

"On another note, I am very impressed by the power of my Immortal will. I had practically entered bullet time." Chen Fan cracked a smile.

He had thought of disabling the gun first, but then changed his mind and decided to stop the bullet with bare hands.

Chen Fan would not have been able to pull the bullet time off three months ago.

However, with the immortal will, Chen Fan was able to predict the movement of the bullet and catch it.

Without the Immortal Will ability, Chen Fan wouldn't be able to pull this act off until he reached Divine Sea Level.

"I think I am done here. Time to go home and meet my parents."

Chen Fan looked into the distance wistfully as memories of his hometown flooded his mind.

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