Reborn Aristocrat: Return Of The Vicious Heiress Chapter 161

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Ning Shuqian was ultimately unable to stop Old Mr. Wen from chasing Wen Yuya out of the Wen Family and sending her overseas, and even Wen Haowen agreed with Old Mr. Wen’s decision. That day, Wen Haowen and Ning Shuqian left the old mansion.

Housekeeper Yu booked a 10:00 AM flight to New York for Wen Yuya scheduled the next day.

In compensation, Wen Haowen contacted the best school in America for Wen Yuya and arranged for her to stay in a very good environment and dorm. He even gave her a bank card containing 500 thousand dollars and promised to send her 50 thousand dollars for living expenses every month. He called for his own private jet to bring her on the journey.

Xia Ruya also went to send her off at the airport upon hearing the news.

Wen Yuya sat at the VIP waiting room at the airport, wearing a milky-white dress, sitting quietly in a corner. Her long hair blew around her, hanging on her chest and covering her face. Only her big, lifeless eyes staring at her boarding ticket were visible. She was extremely quiet.

This was no longer the moody, proud, and beautiful Wen Yuya, she had lost all of it overnight, becoming quiet and silent.

Xia Ruya teared up, screaming, “Yuya!”

Wen Yuya! Wah! No! It’s Ning Yuya. After Grandpa chased her out of the Wen Family yesterday, her surname had been changed back. She was now only the leftover daughter of a mistress. She lifted up her head, and her hair parted to reveal her vulnerable, red, and swollen face. “Ruya, why are you here!”

Xia Ruya couldn’t bear to look at her miserable little face. She took big steps to reach her and pulled her into an embrace, crying. “Yuya, I know what happened. It’s okay, don’t worry about all these. No matter what happens, Aunt Ning and I will always be here by your side.”

Ning Yuya was feeling very sad and depressed. She hugged Xia Ruya tightly and cried. “Ruya, I don’t want to go to America, I don’t. I want to stay here with you and Mom, Ruya…”

Xia Ruya couldn’t hold back her tears any longer. She patted her back, comforting her. “Yuya, I know how miserable you must feel, but what can we do? I will visit you during your winter and summer breaks with Aunt Ning. We can also video call and chat. You can call me if anything crops up.”

Ning Yuya’s tears fell even harder, flowing down her face, triggering her wounds. “Why must I be chased out of the Wen Family? How could my 15 years there not compare to Wen Xinya’s 15 years on the streets as a little gangster? Where am I lacking? Why is everyone like this to me? I cannot accept this… I really cannot accept this!”

“Because… we are not the true Miss Wen of the Wen Family, we are only Wen Xinya’s scapegoats.” Xia Ruya’s eyes turned cold. That’s right! She didn’t realize it earlier, but the strong return of Wen Xinya resulted in Yuya being chased out of the Wen Family. It must be when she first returned to the Wen Family, she put on a perfect act, leading everyone to think that she was some unruly, barbaric little gangster. Therefore, they all underestimated her. They didn’t know her prowess until she revealed them at her homecoming banquet.

“Scapegoat…” Ning Yuya seemed to think of something and kept shaking her head, her gaze going all over the place.

Xia Ruya grabbed her shoulder suddenly, her strength locking down on her like metal. Her gaze was hiding poisonous snakes, waiting for her victims. “Fifteen years ago, Wen Xinya went missing. The Wen Family accepted you as an adopted daughter, but because you couldn’t take over the Wen Family’s value on bloodline, they found me. I was only a substitute, we all aren’t true Miss Wens, so we all ended like this—you being chased out of the Wen Family, me becoming the laughingstock of town. All of our sufferings are because of Wen Xinya!”

Ning Yuya felt her hands leave behind two heavy marks on her shoulders, her nails pressing down on her skin through the thin fabric. Her eyes turned red from the pain, and she let out a crazy laugh. “That’s what happened, that’s what happened!”

Xia Ruya looked at her crazy state, and her eyes dimmed, bulging out of her eye sockets. “Yuya, Wen Xinya has caused us so much pain and hurt because we used to own things that belonged to her, so she hates and is against us in everything. First, I was kicked out of the Wen Family. Now, you too. I really don’t want to know what will happen to Aunt Ning!”

Ning Yuya lifted her head, staring into Xia Ruya’s venomous eyes, feeling like her eyes had some mysterious powers. Her eyes widened, as if she were poisoned, all of her rationale having been wiped clean by the venom, causing her not to think straight. “No… I can’t let her hurt my mother, don’t let her hurt my mother!”

Xia Ruya saw the craze in her eyes, followed by hatred. Her eyes twitched slightly, and her gaze became clear water, her big eyes holding dewdrops, enchanting and trembling. “Yuya, you are so innocent. Going to America is good too, at least Wen Xinya can’t harm you there.”

Ning Yuya’s mind filled with Wen Xinya’s face, her lifeless heart jumped to life at the birth of her hatred. Her eyes were venomous, sharp, and her face twisted in cruelty, resembling a demon. “Wen Xinya, just you wait. I will be back, I will definitely come back!”

Xia Ruya let go of her shoulders suddenly and embraced her. “Yuya, Aunt Ning and I will be waiting for your return.”

At this moment, Ning Shuqian came in with some of Ning Yuya’s favorite snacks. Seeing the two sisters hugging, her eyes shone with tears, and she went over with a smile. “Ruya, you are here.”

Xia Ruya let go of Ning Yuya, eyes still wet. “Aunt Ning, I only received news this morning and tried to call you and Yuya. Both of the calls did not go through, so I rushed here.”

Ning Shuqian patted her hand gently, sighing. “You are such a kind child.”

“Mom, I’m hungry, I want to eat.” Ning Yuya’s voice was still hoarse, sounding like the broken strings of an Erhu.

“Alright… Mom will go and buy your favorite food.” Ning Shuqian’s eyes were wet. Yuya had not eaten anything since yesterday afternoon. Now that she wanted to eat something willingly, she felt extremely happy and relieved.

Ning Yuya grabbed the snacks and started eating.

Ning Shuqian realized that her daughter’s big eyes were no longer grey and lifeless and suddenly look alive and fresh again.

She glanced over at Xia Ruya gratefully, knowing it was due to her help!

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