Reverend Insanity Chapter 1168

“You have finally become a strong expert. In all three continents, your current strength is at least top ten.” Fang Yuan’s fake will purposely praised in his mind.

Fang Zheng replied plainly: “With enough accumulated growth, it happens naturally.”

These last years, he killed mercilessly. Under the pressure of life and death, he was gradually understanding Fang Yuan’s emotions when he slaughtered his clan.

He had no choice.

Either you die or I die!

Fang Zheng was still unable to forgive Fang Yuan, but he understood the reason why he did it. His deep hatred had faded slowly as time passed, after Fang Yuan’s fake will helped him to escape danger time and time again.


“We are not Fang Zheng’s match!!”

Soon, the allied white and yellow haired Gu Master army broke apart.

Fang Zheng did not talk to the black haired Gu Masters, he cleared out the battlefield and left.

Leaving behind black hair Gu Masters who were looking at him with complex expressions as he left.

“So he is that rumored human Gu Master.”

“Amazing! In the blink of an eye, victory was decided.”

“Unfortunately, he offended the higher ups, and is not a hairy man, no matter how big his contributions are, he can only reach this stage…”

“Even though I am grateful to him, for my own future, I should keep a distance from him.”

Lang Ya blessed land.

After receiving the fake will, Fang Yuan had an understanding expression: “Oh, it seems that Fang Zheng is going to be ready soon, but Blood Deity’s recipe has not been completed. Should I divert some of my energy towards this?”

Originally, according to Fang Yuan’s plans, he was going to use the light of wisdom to deduce Blood Deity’s recipe, it was the fastest way.

But the light of wisdom was unusable now. Fang Yuan might as well deduce it himself, it would be more quickly this way than trying to use it again.

But thinking about it, Fang Yuan gave up on this alluring option.

Firstly, he had Hei Fan’s time path true inheritance, he did not lack methods, refining Blood Deity was only icing on the cake.

On the other hand, blood path was not doing well in the current period. Once he used it, he would be chased down by all kinds of Gu Immortals. From Fang Yuan’s perspective, the five regions chaotic war was the best time to display blood path again.

Ever since he took Become Dragon Mound, these last days, Fang Yuan had been waiting for Chu Du to act while cultivating diligently.

His profits were starting to decline.

Because a large number of the resources in Hei Fan grotto-heaven had already been sold by him.

A lot of the resources in Hei Fan grotto-heaven could not grow in Fang Yuan’s sovereign immortal aperture, he could only sell them and exchange for the things he needed.

This way, his profits increased rapidly.

But these were non-replenishable resources, after a few months, he ran out of them.

Even though Fang Yuan earned a lot of immortal essence stones, he also used a lot of them.

An earthly calamity every two months was simply too frequent. And recently, Fang Yuan had fought in Hei Fan grotto-heaven, Eastern Sea, and Become Dragon Mound, he used rank seven Immortal Gu, thus his green grape immortal essence expenditure was huge.

And because he was developing his immortal aperture, he had invested a lot in it. His immortal essence stones came and went like a flowing river, even though the quantity was huge, he was not left with much to keep.

“Currently, the only thing that can allow me to grow rapidly is to use the light of wisdom after settling the soul path trap in my immortal zombie body.”

“Other than that, I can obtain information path methods to resolve the alliance agreements that I have. It will allow me to deal with the different forces and relationships more freely, I would be able to make full use of them.”

“I can also rise to rank seven and obtain red date immortal essence, it will greatly lower my expenditure, and give me a qualitative growth.”

Fang Yuan was aware of his options, but that did not mean he could easily succeed in doing them.

He was at an impasse in his cultivation.

Unless he had a fortuitous encounter, he could only get through these hurdles slowly.

But how could fortuitous encounters come whenever he wanted them? Even if they did, Fang Yuan had to be wary of whether they were part of heaven’s will’s plot.

Fang Yuan spent two hours cultivating his soul.

In the remaining time, he would use sword eyebrows Immortal Gu to increase his number of sword path dao marks, or go to the outside world and use star eyes Immortal Gu to refine the stars in black heaven.

Other than this, he had to spend a lot of effort in training his time path killer moves, to gain more proficiency to use them in actual battles.

He was mainly working on developing his immortal aperture.

Speaking of which, the sovereign immortal aperture’s initial stage arrangements were not completed yet.

The reason was that he had too many Immortal Gu. For him to be self sufficient and not rely on the outside world, he would need to rely on the production in his sovereign immortal aperture to feed all of his Immortal Gu.

At that time, his initial stage developments would be completed.

Unfortunately, Fang Yuan had many rank eight Immortal Gu, he had just started gathering the food of attitude Gu and wisdom sword Immortal Gu, there was no follow up yet.

He had no choice, this was his limit.

Every day, he was making the most of every second, he was very stingy towards the use of his time on specific objectives, but his time and energy were limited. Fang Yuan could only think carefully before cultivating the most important aspects that he had chosen.

Such hard work caused Fang Yuan to improve rapidly.

Almost every day, he made great progress.

The sovereign immortal aperture defied heaven itself, Fang Yuan’s hard work was simply inhuman, he was ruthless towards others, but was even stricter and more cruel towards himself.

With these two elements, his immortal aperture’s development was rapid, Fang Yuan’s strength was rising all the time.

Half a month passed like this, until Fang Yuan finally received Chu Du’s letter.

In the letter, Chu Du invited Fang Yuan to help, once they succeeded, he would pay Fang Yuan hugely.

Chu Du spoke very courteously and humbly, almost as if he had forgotten Fang Yuan was his ally.

“Chu Du could control himself for so long, it is quite extraordinary. Fine, I will make the trip.” Fang Yuan was mentally prepared long ago, he immediately left.

A day and a night later, he arrived at the secret meeting location.

When he reached, many Gu Immortals had already arrived.

“Senior, you have arrived.” The one who came to welcome Fang Yuan was the Chu Sect Gu Immortal who had went with Fang Yuan to take down Become Dragon Mound.

“Allow me to make the introductions, these are experts that master has called for reinforcements. This is senior Hao Zhen.”

Hao Zhen had the appearance of a middle aged man, he had a beard and a muscular body, he nodded at Fang Yuan.

“This is senior Chou Lao Wu.” Chu Sect’s Gu Immortal continued.

Chou Lao Wu had a dismal looking face, his body was thin and dry, his back was hunched, he smiled at Fang Yuan with his uneven yellow teeth, his appearance was extremely ugly.

“This is senior Li Si Chun.” The Chu Sect Gu Immortal said with an evasive gaze.

This Gu Immortal was quite unique.

He had a square face, with thick brows and huge eyes, his nose bridge was very tall, his chest had thick black hair that was exposed, he was a man but he wore a flowery skirt.

Seeing Fang Yuan, his eyes shined brightly as he pulled his flowery skirt, saying seductively: “Oh my goodness, it’s a handsome little brother.”

The Chu Sect Gu Immortal shuddered, he immediately moved past this person, arriving at the final Gu Immortal.

“This is senior Immortal Wang 1 .”

Immortal Wang had a short stature, he had a red nose and triangular little eyes, looking at Fang Yuan as he said: “We have already introduced ourselves, you are the last one here, why don’t you introduce yourself to us?”

Fang Yuan smiled plainly: “I have nothing much to say, I am just a lone cultivator. You can call me Liu Guan Yi.”

“Liu Guan Yi.” The Chu Sect Gu Immortal quickly memorized this name. This was the first time he had heard Fang Yuan’s name, because he easily chased away the Bai Zu tribe Gu Immortal and even took away Become Dragon Mound, he had developed a strong interest and curiosity in Fang Yuan, and even a little admiration.

In fact, he was not the only one, the other Chu Sect Gu Immortals also paid a lot of attention to Fang Yuan.

After all, they mainly cultivated strength path. Fang Yuan’s strength path battle strength was immense, in this world where strength path was declining, he was like their shining beacon of hope.

“Liu Guan Yi.” Hao Zhen muttered, seemingly trying to remember this name.

The others also etched this name deep in their minds.

To be invited by Chu Du, and have the guts to deal with Heavenly Lord Bai Zu, he was definitely not ordinary.

Hao Zhen and the rest had rank seven cultivation level.

Of course, Fang Yuan was currently using familiar face, he was also emitting rank seven aura.

“Darling Liu, I heard that you uprooted the entirety of Become Dragon Mound and took it away. You are so capable!” Li Si Chun laughed in an enticing manner, approaching Fang Yuan.

All of the immortals felt goosebumps over their bodies.

Fang Yuan was unmoved, he stared at Li Si Chun with a cold expression, he said plainly: “Stay away from me.”

The hearts of the other invited immortals shuddered.

Fang Yuan emitted a trace of deep killing intent that was bone-chilling, these invited immortals were all knowledgeable people, they instantly knew that this person was an evildoer who had killed countless people and was filled with ruthlessness.

The Chu Sect Gu Immortals around them had little experience, they could not sense Fang Yuan’s ferocious nature, the Gu Immortal who was doing the introductions for Fang Yuan earlier said: “According to master’s arrangement, us Chu Sect Gu Immortals have low battle strength, we will not participate. We will be relying on you seniors, once we succeed, master will definitely compensate you well.”

“Tell us about the battle plan.” Immortal Wang said.

The Chu Sect Gu Immortal said some shocking things: “Master has devised a conclusive plan, seniors, we hope that you will work together and attack Iron Eagle blessed land!”

At the same time, Snowy Mountain, first peak.

The refinement path Gu formation was shining in golden light, it was so condensed it was almost solid, firmly cast over the peak of the snow mountain.

Within the light, Lady Wan Shou and Old Ancestor Xue Hu were standing in front of Ma Hong Yun.

Lady Wan Shou was extremely tired, she was carefully taking out a ball of lightning.

The ball of lightning was fist sized, there were sparks inside, creating thunderous sounds, the exterior was protruding at times, at one glance, one could tell this lightning ball was unstable.

“What, what are you trying to do?! No, no, ahhh!” Ma Hong Yun screamed, he had a frantic expression, but his entire body was immobilized, he could not move.

“This is the final crucial step.” Lady Wan Shou said, pushing the lightning ball towards Ma Hong Yun.

The lightning ball quickly fused into Ma Hong Yun’s chest, vanishing instantly.

“AHHHHH—!” Ma Hong Yun was hit by intense waves of lightning, his body was shaking as he raised his head, he was screaming loudly with all his strength.

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