Reverend Insanity Chapter 1222

Rank nine love Gu.

Zhao Lian Yun did not recognize this Gu worm, but that did not stop her from noticing this Gu worm’s uniqueness.

Because in her vision, this Gu worm had become the center of the world, its body was glowing with multicolored lights, the entire Gu worm seemed to be the hottest flame burning in the universe. All of reality would be overturned, everything in this world would revolve around it.

“Is this… a miracle?” Zhao Lian Yun’s face was covered in tears, a final thought was produced in her mind.

Next, she fell onto the ground, falling unconscious.

Spirit Affinity House was in a commotion!

Love Gu, it was the signature Immortal Gu of Spirit Affinity House.

It flew out of its resting place to Zhao Lian Yun’s side. Most importantly, when Zhao Lian Yun was unconscious, it did not fly away, it remained on her shoulder.

That night, Spirit Affinity House recalled all of the Gu Immortals in the sect, holding an emergency meeting to discuss this matter.

Spirit Affinity House’s first supreme elder, second supreme elder, and third supreme elder, Feng Jiu Ge, Fairy Bai Qing, Xu Hao, Li Jun Ying, and the others had gathered, the auras of immortals mixed together, the highest number of Gu Immortals from Spirit Affinity House had gathered together for the first time in hundreds of years.

“Everyone, we know about the rules of the sect. Now that love Gu has acknowledged Zhao Lian Yun, she is the sect’s current generation fairy!” Xu Hao spoke expressionlessly, but intense joy could be felt from his tone.

Back then, he had advised Zhao Lian Yun, he was just trying to target Feng Jin Huang and damage her reputation, to elevate Zhao Lian Yun’s own prestige.

He did not think that Zhao Lian Yun would be so stubborn, continuing to kneel there without giving up.

Xu Hao was helpless about this.

He nurtured Zhao Lian Yun and used her as a chess piece to deal with Feng Jin Huang. His real goal was to attack Feng Jin Huang’s father — Feng Jiu Ge.

A place with people interacting would have internal and external conflicts.

When an organization is big, there would be many factions in it.

Right now, the Feng faction with Feng Jiu Ge at the lead had the greatest authority in Spirit Affinity House.

Xu Hao, Li Jun Ying, and the others were suppressed by theFeng faction, unable to lift their heads. Thankfully, Spirit Affinity House’s two rank eight Gu Immortals, first supreme elder and second supreme elder, were impartial, they did not side with anyone, only looking at the benefits of Spirit Affinity House, this allowed Xu Hao and Li Jun Ying to remain as part of the sect’s core authority, despite the Feng faction’s power.

Zhao Lian Yun knelt and begged Feng Jin Huang, most people could only see the surface of the matter, only a few understood that this was a political conflict in Spirit Affinity House.

Zhao Lian Yun was a mere mortal, but after inheriting the Thieving Heaven true inheritance, she was qualified to compete with Feng Jin Huang for the position of Spirit Affinity House’s fairy.

Xu Hao made Zhao Lian Yun his political tool.

Originally, Xu Hao was thinking that he could not let Zhao Lian Yun kneel anymore. In his opinion, as a political performance, it was already enough. If Zhao Lian Yun continued kneeling, she would be like an idiot, there were no gains for her.

But several hours ago, when Xu Hao heard that love Gu had stayed by Zhao Lian Yun’s side of its own accord, he was stunned.

After his heavy shock, he felt intense joy!

He acutely sensed that this was a godsent opportunity. This gift was too precious, he almost fainted from happiness.

This was an unbelievably rare chance.

He needed to use this opportunity to make Zhao Lian Yun Spirit Affinity House’s fairy!

Then on this basis, he would retaliate against the ‘Feng faction’, this was an unprecedented opportunity for Xu Hao in the sect! As long as he made use of this chance, his future in the sect would change drastically for the better.

Xu Hao did not doubt this.

Thus, he was the first to stand up and support Zhao Lian Yun for the position, to become Spirit Affinity House’s current generation fairy!

He spoke: “Our sect rules are clear, in choosing the fairies, first, we listen to the masses, then we look at aptitude, finally, we look at the preference of higher-ups.”

The meaning was: They would first see what the people in the sect thinks, before looking at the aptitude and talent of the participant, and finally, it would depend on who suited the preferences of the higher-up Gu Immortals more.

Xu Hao continued to speak: “Right now, in terms of the masses, Zhao Lian Yun might be an otherworldly demon, but she has love and loyalty, in order to save her lover, she knelt down to her opponent. The entire sect knows about her character, and in terms of aptitude, it is not important, as long as we are willing, we can raise a mortal’s aptitude easily. I believe that everyone has heard of her experiences in Northern Plains, she is an elite in terms of talent. And finally, everyone’s preferences. I greatly acknowledge Zhao Lian Yun, I express my support towards her in becoming our fairy.”

“I concur.” Xu Hao had just said that when Li Jun Ying added this.

She was Xu Hao’s wife, they had the same opinion in this.

This was not strange.

But the following scene was shocking to others.

“I agree with Xu Hao.”

“I approve of Xu Hao’s perspective.”

“Even love Gu acknowledged Zhao Lian Yun, what else do I have to say?”

At once, five to six Gu Immortals agreed with Xu Hao’s words.

Fairy Bai Qing could not stand it anymore.

She felt: It seemed that everyone here agreed with Xu Hao, they felt that the position of Spirit Affinity House’s fairy should go to Zhao Lian Yun.

Fairy Bai Qing was a Gu Immortal of Spirit Affinity House, but more than that, she was Feng Jin Huang’s mother.

The position of fairy in Spirit Affinity House was very special.

She was the cultivation seed that was chosen by the entire Spirit Affinity House, even the mortals were part of the selection process. Next, they would invest heavily in her and nurture her to become immortal. Every generation’s fairy would be Spirit Affinity House’s representative when they fully matured.

Spirit Affinity House was an organization, and organizations not only needed old experts, but also new Gu Immortals, to inject fresh blood and keep the system going smoothly.

Fairy Bai Qing herself was a fairy of Spirit Affinity House. She had felt for herself the experience of having an entire sect support her cultivation.

Even though Feng Jiu Ge and Bai Qing were both Gu Immortals and could totally fund their daughter, Feng Jin Huang, for her immortal ascension easily, this type of support paled in comparison to the funding of the entire sect.

Fairy Bai Qing did not want to see her daughter lose.

But she understood deeply: Right now, the situation was very disadvantageous for her!

Because the sect rules were, in choosing a fairy, other than ‘listening to the masses, looking at aptitude, and the higher-ups preference’, there was also an important part, that was —

Once love Gu acknowledged someone, no matter how disliked they were, or now bad their aptitude was, or even how badly received they were by the Gu Immortal higher-ups, they would become the current generation fairy, regardless of the situation, or whether they were male or female!

Because of this rule, after Xu Hao finished speaking, he gained the approval of many Gu Immortals, they expressed their support.

In fact, Xu Hao’s own political force was not strong. Normally, he would not garner such support.

“Even though the sect rules are as such, it is not a hopeless situation. Because in our sect’s history, there was a fairy that was promoted because of this rule, and in the end she…”

Fairy Bai Qing thought of this and was about to speak.

But at this time, Feng Jiu Ge pressed down on her hand softly.

“Don’t be anxious.”

“I know, you want to mention Mo Yao, right? Back then, she was just an inkman slave, but she gained the acknowledgement of love Gu and was funded by the entire sect to become a Gu Immortal, and even managed to reform Bo Qing. But in the end, she betrayed the sect, she defied Heavenly Court.”

Feng Jiu Ge transmitted.

Fairy Bai Qing nodded, replying to him secretly: “That’s right, this is Huang Er’s only hope. As long as we use this point and continue arguing, using the strength of Feng faction, we might be able to get the sect to change this rule. After all, rules are made by people, isn’t that right? This sect rule does not make sense!”

But Feng Jiu Ge shook his head.

He rejected Fairy Bai Qing’s idea: “Xu Hao is a wisdom path Gu Immortal, why did he not mention the sect rules in his earlier speech? He only talked about the first three conditions, and seemingly forgot about this sect rule that was most advantageous for him.”

Fairy Bai Qing was slightly stunned.

Feng Jiu Ge continued: “This is his scheme, his trap. If you talk about it, you will fall into his plot. Even though Bo Qing and Mo Yao had caused such a situation, the sect rules did not change. After the battle of Yi Tian Mountain, our sect suffered a lot of pressure, but our rules had not changed either. This is a very deep issue, there is more than meets the eye. If you want to use Feng faction’s power to challenge it foolishly, wanting to change this rule, we will lose miserably. We would suffer heavy losses while Xu Hao would be completely intact, that is what he wants to see.”

Fairy Bai Qing’s body was covered in cold sweat.

“I was rash.” She quickly calmed down, after a while, she thought about why she made such a mistake.

“Because it involved Huang Er, I became confused due to love. No, there is another reason, I became a rank seven Gu Immortal and gained rank seven Immortal Gu, compared to before, I was overconfident. Because I am in the righteous path, battle strength is not everything. If hubby did not remind me today, I would have committed a huge mistake.”

Thinking of this, Fairy Bai Qing unconsciously looked at Feng Jiu Ge.

She felt a strong feeling of protection from him. Even though Feng Jiu Ge was from the demonic path, after all these years he had demonstrated his skills, being in the sect did not require just battle strength, his political abilities were also far superior to her, otherwise, how could his Feng faction have such brilliance today?

“Since you can expose Xu Hao’s trap, I will entrust this matter to you.” Fairy Bai Qing transmitted secretly, there was sweet affection in her tone.

Feng Jiu Ge smiled bitterly: “This matter, I am not going to interfere. Because interfering is of no use.”

“What do you mean?” Fairy Bai Qing was stunned.

Feng Jiu Ge did not speak, he looked at the sky.

“He did not fall for it…” Xu Hao was originally waiting for someone to jump out, but nobody objected to his words, even Feng Jiu Ge was keeping silent, he felt that it was a pity.

But he quickly collected his thoughts, feeling confident inside: “Forget it! Since nobody objected, this matter is decided.”

But first supreme elder suddenly said: “I have understood everyone’s stances. But Zhao Lian Yun has a special background, she is an otherworldly demon. I will report the result of our discussion to the higher-ups, they will decide themselves.”

“What?” Xu Hao was completely stunned.

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