Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 855

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Yun Bixue nodded her head. “A person’s attentiveness says a lot about him. He treats Bilu really well, so we can rest assured. By the way, I’m still worried that you have yet to find a partner.”

Bai Yaoyao hugged Yun Bixue’s arm. “Don’t worry about me. You just be the bride, alright? If there is really someone suitable for me, I will definitely talk to him.”

After a moment of contemplation, Yun Bixue asked, “What about you and your Mr. Soldier?”

Bai Yaoyao didn’t want her best friend to worry needlessly, so she answered, “He’s not bad. I will tell you more if there’s any progress.”


Looking at Yun Bilu’s pale complexion, Huang Yize didn’t know what he should say to her.

Yun Bilu met Huang Yize’s deep and mesmerizing gaze. Her heart skipped a beat as she broke the awkward silence. “The doctor said that my stomach was unwell, but I’ll get better after taking the medicine. You’re not allowed to scold me, okay?”

“Yun Bilu, you still want to have your way? I have yet to say anything, and yet you’ve already told me not to nag you.”

Yun Bilu stuck her tongue out. “Of course, the one who strikes first gains the advantage.”

“Yun Bilu, have you learned idioms before?”

“Of course I did. If I didn’t, how would I know how to use them?”

Seeing Yun Bilu’s bold and sassy expression, Huang Yize did not bother arguing with her. His tone softened as he asked, “Does it still hurt?”

Hearing that question and the way he asked it, Yun Bilu’s eyes shone. She giggled happily before saying, “Huang Yize, you’re so gentle now. I’m not used to it.”

Huang Yize could only sigh whenever Yun Bilu spoiled the atmosphere. “Rest well. Don’t talk anymore.”

“But how can I fall asleep if you’re here with me?”

“Then I’ll go out now. If there’s something wrong or if you need anything, call me.”


As soon as Huang Yize left the bedroom, Yun Bilu’s smile left her face. She slumped weakly on the pillow and smiled lightly before falling asleep.

All this time, Huang Yize stood by the door. He didn’t even step away the entire afternoon.

When Yun Bilu woke up and moved about a little, Huang Yize heard rustling sounds coming from inside and entered the room. Seeing that her complexion improved, he asked, “You’re awake?”

“Yes, I want to drink some water.” Yun Bilu loved the feeling of being taken care of by a god-like person.

Without saying anything, Huang Yize went to pour a glass of hot water before mixing it with cold water. When the temperature of the water was just right, he passed it to Yun Bilu.

After drinking, Yun Bilu hooked her finger, wanting for Huang Yize to come closer. “Come here.”

Huang Yize had no idea what Yun Bilu wanted to do, so he walked over and sat near her.

Yun Bilu sat up and pecked Huang Yize. Her eyes shining brightly, she said in a mischievous voice, “Huang Yize, you’re really nice today.”

Huang Yize’s heart stirred. Looking into Yun Bilu’s dark eyes, his gaze deepened. He knew that this girl defied all logic.

“You’re feeling alright now?”

“Yes, but my stomach still hurts a little. Don’t worry, it’s not a big deal. I’m not that weak.” Her experiences from when she was young made her stronger. No matter what happened, she was always loud and boisterous.

However, with her acting like this, Huang Yize could only sigh in resignation.

When Yun Bilu was well, Yun Bixue stopped worrying. Since nothing was going on at home, she took Bai Yaoyao outside so she could unwind and relax a little.

The two of them arrived at Ning An First High School. Standing outside of its gates, they peered inside. This was the place that held many of their memories from their youth.

At that moment, it felt like they returned to their high school times. Bai Yaoyao said in a wistful voice, “Bixue, nothing changed at all. It’s still the same as before.”

Yun Bixue nodded her head. “Yes, no matter what, our childhood and teenage days are always the best period.”

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