Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 856

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Yun Bixue had her purpose for bringing Bai Yaoyao here. She hoped that this visit would allow Bai Yaoyao to forget about her past and start over.

The two looked at the entrance before moving further away from the gate. When they reached the railings at the side, they climbed in. Both of them hopped excitedly with their hands together when they realized they successfully got in.

“The security here is tight, but since we’re now inside, we don’t have to worry anymore,” said Yun Bixue enthusiastically.

Bai Yaoyao was excited as well. It was as though they returned to their high school times. After so many years, nothing much seemed to have changed over here. Acting like they were still teenagers, she laughed and exclaimed, “Old missy me is back again!”

“Be careful, you fake demure lady.”

“I didn’t have to pretend back then. Now that no one is looking, I don’t need it as well.”

Yun Bixue chuckled. Seeing Bai Yaoyao, who seemed to have regained her energetic self, her heart felt more at ease.

Ning An First High School had very tight security that didn’t allow for people to enter or leave as they pleased. However, once they entered the school grounds, the security was slack.

Since they were going to their old high school, they dressed like how students would. That was why a few high school boys had their eyes on them when they walked past. They even whistled.

A daring and handsome boy spun a basketball on his finger and asked, “Hello, girls. Are you here to watch us play basketball?”

Bai Yaoyao couldn’t stop herself from laughing as she waved at the boy. “Sure, we will go and watch when it’s time for the match.”

Since they were former students, they knew that there was always a basketball match every Friday at four in the afternoon.

The few boys whistled and left. Bai Yaoyao hopped excitedly. “That felt good. Old missy me is already in my twenties, but they thought that I was still in my late teens.”

Yun Bixue didn’t know if she should laugh or cry. “Yaoyao, stop it with the ‘old missy me’!”

Bai Yaoyao flipped her hair. “Fine, I will be the quiet and pretty girl of the school.”

After she spoke, she pulled Yun Bixue along as she ran, as though embracing the wind. This sort of run made her feel alive again.

Her blood, which seemed dead silent, started pumping throughout her body again.

Many students who saw them couldn’t help but sneak a few glances at them. Both of them were exceptionally beautiful women with extraordinary auras.

Since Yun Bixue was dressed like a teenager, not to mention that her hair was tied up in a ponytail, it was hard to associate her with the extraordinarily picture-perfect Yun Bixue on television.

That afternoon, the two of them toured many areas in the school. Bai Yaoyao looked around excitedly, reminiscing about their high school times.

When it was time for the basketball match, Bai Yaoyao and Yun Bixue asked for two small red flags from the boys. They ran to the bleachers and started cheering.

Bai Yaoyao shouted, “Go for it! Go for it!” Her voice was the brightest, as though it conveyed all the emotions she felt.

When it was timeout, Bai Yaoyao even went to the court and passed some drinks to the players.

Yun Bixue knew that her current appearance made her hard to recognize, but in order to avoid trouble, it was still better for her to stand in the crowd while Bai Yaoyao helped out.

She hid her smile as she watched her best friend. Bai Yaoyao was just like before, shining brightly no matter where she was. She was incredibly eye-catching and a social butterfly, so it was easy for her to become friendly with everyone.

After passing the drinks to the players, Bai Yaoyao went to buy snacks from the cafeteria and gave them all to the boys after the match.

Everyone had a good impression of her and even asked for her year and class. Bai Yaoyao only smiled and said, “You can try guessing.” Of course, she wasn’t going to expose herself just like that.

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