Seized By The System Chapter 794

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After receiving word that someone was attempting to converge the Earth’s Heavenly Axiom, Fang Ning felt really anxious.

As he had said earlier, if the world’s Heavenly Axiom was seized by an evil force, it would spell disaster for everyone.

He was perfectly aware of the evils that mankind was capable of. The tyrants featured in the pages of history were shining examples of this. With unlimited power, all hell would break loose.

“Sir, we ought to find out where that thug is. Any indications on the System Map?” Fang Ning urged.

“How should I find him? I don’t think the Convergence of Paths on its own is a criminal offense? Moreover, you can’t simply jump to conclusions and accuse someone of being a thug. The River God has already mentioned that he’s just a pawn and by merging with the Earth’s Heavenly Axiom, he’ll lose his own consciousness.” Sir System was unconvinced.

“You’re an idiot. My intuition tells me that the truth isn’t what you think. Don’t you have a Master-level intuition? Don’t you sense that this is an attack on us?” Fang Ning sneered.

Sir System was dazed. “I didn’t sense anything from my intuition. How does one’s intention to converge with the Earth’s Heavenly Axiom become an attack on us?”

“Hmph, don’t you know that in the eyes of an outsider, Vigilante A upholds the Path of Heavenly Punishment and does the dirty work on behalf of the Earth’s Heavenly Axiom? If they can’t defeat you, they’ll tackle your master. As you’ve begun to study history, you should probably remember Yue Fei and Li Mu. They’re classic examples of using dissension to tackle your master when they can’t defeat you on the battlefield.” Fang Ning described confidently. (TN: Yue Fei and Li Mu were military generals in Chinese history.)

“Oh, that’s a good point, Richie. Right, does this mean that my accumulated Heavenly Merits will be useless if someone converges the Earth’s Heavenly Axiom?” Sir System exclaimed.

“Yes, your Heavenly Fortune skill is still frozen. The beings of the Upper Realm have long since begun to do something about the Earth’s Heavenly Axiom. Now, they’ve finally discovered a critical point and launched their plan, so we must be vigilant.” Fang Ning cautioned.

“I have an idea. I can pinpoint the location of the Moon Goddess. That River God fellow has already clarified that this deity is the one pulling the strings.” Sir System recommended.

“That’s the plan. Do look for her quickly. She didn’t dare to confront you last time. Apparently, she’s no more powerful than the River God. The Upper Realm’s downfall has led to a significant loss of actual power among the deities. A person who has fallen from grace would be subjected to much indignity and humiliation, so she’s no match for you.” Fang Ning reassured the System.

“You’re mocking me again.” Sir System snorted. “However, I’ve confirmed her location. She’s currently on the Lunaette, outside the gates of the Azure Mountain.”

“Huh, we should head there at once and interrogate her. We shall see what tricks these Upper Realm deities are up to. They can’t even give us a break!” A vexed Fang Ning declared.

“Eh… Your drive for justice and righteousness is surely one of a kind.” Sir System teased.

“Enough of that nonsense. Let’s go.” Fang Ning insisted.

In the meantime, the gates of the Azure Mountain on the Lunaette stood under the night sky.

It was surrounded by smooth rocks and sand. The peak where the Azure Mountain stood, however, was covered in greenery which gave it a unique look when viewed from a distance.

If those scientists were allowed inside this area, they would definitely research this place thoroughly.

A woman dressed in white was standing outside the mountain gates and speaking to someone.

A deep crease formed on Gu Buwei’s brows. This Upper Realm goddess wanted the Lunaette to become her place of residence under the pretense of obtaining good karma.

However, since the Azure Mountain had decided to choose this place as the exit of the mountain gates, it must have discerned it as a favorable location.

It used to be the moon and had guarded Earth for millennia. The mere fact of it waiting for the mysteries of the universe to reveal itself proved how virtuous it was.

By using this place as their territory, even if the saints that were created by the universe here wanted to nudge them, they also had to consider the matter of keeping their virtues intact.

Now, this deity claimed that she was the Moon Goddess of the Upper Realm, and she wished to stake her claim on the Lunaette due to her affinity with this place.

Gu Buwei thought for a moment and shook his head in disagreement. “I’m sorry, your Excellency. This is not a decision that I can make. I suggest we discuss this matter again after I report to the Grandmaster.”

“That’s fine. I shall wait here for a while.” The woman in white did not pressure him but was rather obliging.

Fang Ning observed the woman from a distance and stopped Sir System from approaching her.

“What are you trying to do?”

“Waiting for them to fight amongst themselves.”

“I like it. Better yet, let them get the same amount punishment.” Sir System sniggered.


Soon, the towering mountain peak transformed suddenly into a gigantic, human face.

Fang Ning thought the face looked familiar.

“That fellow seems so familiar. Do you remember when we’ve seen him before?”

“I suppose playing too many video games has taken a toll on your memory?” Sir System chided his host. “Once, the Bodhisattva Spirit King invited the Indian Trinity and various other deities for a meeting. We were spying outside. There was one phantasmagoric figure holding an Eight Trigrams Disc. That figure was the Master of the Azure Mountain, Shang Qingshan.”

“Wow, you have a sharp memory. Pretty much expected from a System.” Fang Ning exclaimed in admiration.

Meanwhile, the human face spoke.

Fang Ning realized with astonishment that he could hear the voice of the human face.

“Huh, it seems that there’s now air on the Lunaette. When did this happen?” Fang Ning was bewildered.

“You stay at home for so long that you’re no longer aware of what’s going on outside. It has happened for a very long time. Obviously, that Axiom Daddy of yours has started to transform this nearby piece of land into a place for the reproduction of life.” Sir System responded haughtily.

“I see, looks like Axiom Daddy has been busy. That’s so tiring. He has to resist the diabolical plans of the Upper Realm deities while simultaneously developing the Earth. It’s true that with great power comes great responsibility.” Fang Ning sighed.

“Yeah, I have too much power and too many responsibilities, that’s why I’m always so exhausted. You, on the other hand, are a weakling and are always fooling around…” Sir System grumbled.

Fang Ning ignored the System’s rant and concentrated on the conversation between Shang Qingshan and the Upper Realm deity.

“Your Excellency, the relationship between the Lunaette and the Azure Mountain realm runs deep. I dare say that the Lunaette should not belong to anyone. Instead, it should remain neutral.”

Damn, this geezer’s got some balls, Fang Ning thought.

“Haha, I see. I suppose it’s my lack of sincerity. I must remember to be more sincere next time.” The woman in white remarked coolly.

“Please don’t be offended, your Excellency, but I simply don’t have the authority to do so.” The giant face did not compromise.

“No worries, Sir. I’m not an individual who likes forcing others against their will. I do think, though, the people of this realm have misunderstood the intentions of the Upper Realm deities. You’ll all understand in the future that this is all for your own good.” The goddess shook her head in disappointment.

As soon as she had finished speaking, she turned around and disappeared.

Gu Buwei stared at her disappearance and frowned.

“Grandmaster, I don’t think we’ll face any problems by rejecting this Upper Realm deity?” He was still a bit concerned.

“Haha, they’re just a bunch of vagabonds. To think they have the cheek to boss me around at my front door, the fools.” The giant face hummed, asserting a strong sense of dominance.

“Every decision is up to you, Grandmaster.” Gu Buwei felt relieved now.

He knew that the Grandmaster’s Precognitive Divination surpassed his own method of Divining by the Clouds, so there should not be a problem.

Fang Ning was enjoying the show. He did not expect Shang Qingshan to be so formidable. No wonder the Azure Mountain used to be notorious for their tyrannical ways, as the origin stemmed from here.

“You only know how to watch. They didn’t even fight and I can’t get any goodies out of it.” Sir System whined.

“Behave yourself. You’re a Hero System, so don’t you always thrive on chaos for your selfish wants.” Fang Ning reprimanded him.

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