Shadow Hack Chapter 739

"Stay your hand for me!"

A loud shout came from the Primordial God World, shaking the entire Ancient Lands. Fire God Zhurong and River God Gonggong were then rescued by the two masters of Primordial God World.

They felt that half of their lives had been cast away. If it were not for Fuxi and Nuwa rescuing them in time, it was likely that they would have been devoured by the devil Li Yunmu.

The two gods toppled to the ground while spitting out mouthfuls of blood. Fortunately, their lives and cultivation had been preserved.

Suddenly, a zither appeared in Fuxi's hand. When he prodded one of its strings, a wave of energy split open the space and rushed to attack Li Yunmu. He rolled to the side and dodged Fuxi's attack.

"Haha, Fuxi's strength is only so-so!"

"Too audacious Li Yunmu, you have already broken the rules of the Ancient Lands and you still injured the ancient gods. I will subdue you in place of ninth heaven!"

"Li Yunmu, we gave you a new opportunity at life by giving face to Biyao. I hadn't expected that you would be so savage and turn into a devil, so you shouldn't blame me and Fuxi for not being polite towards you!"

Upon hearing Fuxi and Nuwa's words, Li Yunmu sneered at them. "Don't use your hypocritical feelings towards Biyao. You didn't even listen to her request and misjudged me, Li Yunmu. I have no more hope for your Primordial God World."

"You have already fallen to the devil path, so we came to capture you in place of ninth heaven!"

Come! Since you had the confidence to allow me to fall to the devil path, then you should also be able to endure the aftermath of me turning into a devil," Li Yunmu said coldly.

"Stubborn! Today we will sacrifice you!"

Nuwa turned into a gigantic snake and charged at Li Yunmu. But he who had fallen to the devil path had some ability, and his strength was on equal terms with ancient gods.

Li Yunmu sinisterly smiled and said, "Do you think I am the same as before? I have already been tested by the Devil God Well, ha ha ha!"

Li Yunmu constantly dodged Nuwa's attack and Fuxi's energy arrows from his zither. When faced with the joint power of the two ancient gods, he found it quite strenuous to persevere.

Even if he had become a devil and his cultivation had increased a lot, he was still facing the two ancient gods of the Ancient Lands who were the backbone of the region!

Li Yunmu had only obtained his strength recently, so how could he fight against Fuxi and Nuwa who had slain countless devils?

The system sighed in Li Yunmu's body. He had already missed the best opportunity to escape and could not do it anymore. Whatever came, he had to continue fighting.

The system sighed at that. [It doesn't matter! First, I must assist the youngster in escaping this calamity.]

Li Yunmu couldn't hear the system's words nor the rewards it sent him.

[Ding! Congratulations host, system experience +1 000 000. The system has been upgraded.]

[Ding! Congratulations host, space elements +100 000!]

[Ding! Congratulations host, you have obtained 100 dimensional stones!]

[Ding! Congratulations host, you have gained devil power, which can destroy and create the heavens. It can also cause people to lose their seven emotions and six desires and tread the devil path!]

[Ding! You have obtained a new skill-Devil Transform, Heaven Falls and Earth Rends!]

[Skill: Devil Transform, Heaven Falls and Earth Rends.

[Ability: Heaven and earth will be ruined. If a god stands in the way, kill the god, if a buddha is in the way, then kill the buddha!

[Side effects: Similar to Dark State, but you will be unable to disperse Devil Transformation's reaction.

[Pay attention: This skill is extremely formidable, so use carefully!

Li Yunmu didn't pay attention to the final reminder. Since he had been forced into dire straits by the two ancient gods in front of him before obtaining the system's assistance, he was naturally going to use it!

"Ha ha ha..."

Li Yunmu laughed sinisterly, and his smile shook the world.

Fuxi and Nuwa turned red. They had beheaded countless devils and demons, but it was the first time they had encountered such a thorny mortal turned devil.

"It seems like a formidable power was concealed in his body, which has allowed him to battle this long. This mortal surprisingly became this formidable after transforming into a devil."

"Abominable, he truly is somewhat difficult to deal with. We really shouldn't have allowed him to fall to the devil path. It is difficult to get rid of him now."

"It doesn't matter. I have already thought of a good way to deal with him. I will attract the nine heaven thunder tribulation and let him have a taste of it!"

Nuwa was slightly startled. The mortal would turn into a ball of blood and flesh after the nine heaven thunder tribulation. The smoke would scatter and his ashes would go with the wind, then when Yuan Biyao learned about it, wouldn't she grieve herself to death?

Their surroundings changed instantly, and thunder descended from the sky. Explosions rocked the ruined Ancient Lands, and the entire world turned dusky.

The nine heaven thunder tribulation impartially attacked everything around Li Yunmu.

If someone else, like the Fire God or River God, were hit, they would have been turned into a pulp, and even no ashes would have been left of them.

But a defensive shield surrounded Li Yunmu, its golden light protecting him from any harm!

"That is… heavenly armor! Impossible, he has turned into a devil, so how can he have a heavenly armor protecting his body?

The system's patience had almost run out. It had told Li Yunmu countless times to not fight against Fuxi and Nuwa, but he hadn't paid any attention to it, so it had no choice but to take action.

Given the surroundings, the system could only use the heavenly armor. Otherwise, Li Yunmu's mortal body would be completely annihilated by the nine heaven thunder tribulation.

The Fire God and River God had thought that Li Yunmu would find it difficult to escape death in front of the nine heaven thunder tribulation. Yet who knew that he would bring out the heavenly armor of the Ancient Lands to protect himself.

They couldn't help but suspect his identity.

"How could this mortal possibly possess the heavenly armor to protect himself?"

Nuwa was also unable to understand it, and her eyes filled with astonishment. She shuddered without stop. It was already difficult to find a mortal who was evenly matched them, but he also had the heavenly armor to protect himself, which she found incredulous.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click wuxianovelonline.com for visiting.

Fuxi took a deep breath and said, "The world wouldn't kill a criminal who had turned into a devil, so what should we do now?"

His voice was filled with helplessness, and Nuwa couldn't help but recoil. It seemed that Li Yunmu did have some ability, but unfortunately, he hadn't walked the correct path and the Devil God Well had instead turned him into a devil.
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