Shadow Hack Chapter 740

Devil God Well had been producing devils for several centuries, but no one who had entered there had turned into a god!

Li Yunmu also wasn't an exception, but a mortal turning into a devil could already be considered as legendary.

Furthermore, he was even fighting on equal terms with the protectors of the Primordial God World Fuxi and Nuwa. From it, it was clear that after falling to the devil path, his strength had improved by leaps and bounds.

Fire God Zhurong and River God Gonggong couldn't help but sigh. "This mortal can surprisingly resist the nine heaven thunder tribulation! Can he already command the devils?" 

The two gods kept sighing when they heard a burst of mad laughter from the direction of the Devil God Well. The sounds made Fuxi and Nuwa's complexion change.

"Ha ha ha, this youngster is the new generation's powerhouse of our Devil World; he seems useful to me. Youngster, if you are willing to follow me to the Devil World, I will allow you to increase your cultivation again so you can massacre the Primordial God World!"

"Li Ying!"

Fuxi and Nuwa looked at the shadow, which was the king of the Devil World Li Yin. He had been cultivating in the Devil World for a millennium and had always been an enemy of the Primordial God World. Only because of the Devil God Well did the devils of the Devil World were unable to cross over to the Ancient Lands.

But the Devil God Well had been destroyed by Li Yunmu. Once it turned into ruins, it was the perfect opportunity for the people of the Devil World to enter, which was why Li Ying suddenly appeared.

He wore a black gown and took the form of a shadow which happened to be similar to the sinister shadow which Li Yunmu had encountered in the Devil God Well.

When Li Ying turned formless, no one was able to see his facial features. They could only see a mass of black mist.

"Fuxi, Nuwa, long time no see. I hadn't expected that this new generation's expert of the Devil World would bring you so many inconveniences."

The outcome of the battle between Li Ying and Nuwa with Fuxi hundreds of years ago had been undecided. The trifling nine heavens tribulation thunder were only floating clouds in their eyes.

While that was happening, the system was talking to Li Yunmu from the bottom of its heart. [Quickly wake up! This Li Ying is a very dangerous guy!]

But Li Yunmu had lost all reason, and he only laughed devilishly.

"Alright! This is the perfect opportunity to take a trip to the Devil World and obtain the power I want!"

"Ha ha ha…"

"Li Yunmu, if you go to the Devil World with Li Ying, you will never be able to return. You will be trapped on the devil path, eternally unable to get free!" Fuxi shouted at Li Yunmu, but Li Yunmu didn't listen to him.

"Hehe, Fuxi and Nuwa, this is your punishment. Wait until I go to the Devil World and obtain the power I want, then I will definitely return to the Ancient Lands and massacre everyone in the Primordial God World!"

Li Yunmu's words startled Fuxi and Nuwa, while Li Ying kept laughing crazily.

"Ha ha ha ha… Fuxi and Nuwa, clean your necks and obediently wait for your death! I am sure we will meet again!"

Li Ying's black mist faded away and disappeared from the Ancient Lands with Li Yunmu.

By coincidence, Yuan Biyao also saw that scene, and she shouted hoarsely, "Li Yunmu! Li Yunmu! Where are you taking Li Yunmu?"

When the black mist was already gone, Yuan Biyao still extended her hand in an attempt to grab it.

"No! Li Yunmu, you cannot fall to become the devil! Never!"

Hearing Yuan Biyao's shouting hoarsely and sobbing spasmodically, Fuxi and Nuwa felt paired, but they were unable to change something that had already happened.

"Biyao, quickly stand up. He… is no longer the Li Yunmu you knew. After he fell to the devil path, he turned into an enemy of our Primordial God World," Fuxi patiently said while supporting her up.

Nuwa also guided her up. "Biyao, forget about this man in the future. He isn't worthy of your efforts. He followed after Li Ying and entered the Devil World, so from this moment on, his only thought is to destroy the Primordial God World."

Biyao resolutely flung aside Fuxi and Nuwa's hand, then said while gnashing her teeth, "The two of you didn't agree to shelter him! If you had given him shelter and allowed him to recover his cultivation in the Primordial God World, would he still have chosen to enter the Devil God Well?

"Do you know why he wanted to increase his cultivation quickly? Do you think he was influenced by greed? He only wanted to recover his cultivation to protect his loved ones and defend his people! Was that wrong?

"But just for your so-called Primordial God World, your so-called dignity of gods, you forced him onto the devil path. Where did your morals go then? You did it only to satisfy your selfish desires. You both only thought of getting rid of him because you were afraid of the being inside his body!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click wuxianovelonline.com for visiting.

Hearing Yuan Biyao's criticism, Fuxi and Nuwa looked at each other but didn't say anything. They were unable to explain all of their reasoning to her.

"I won't believe you two any longer! I know you have watched over me from childhood and are my guardians, but when I brought Li Yunmu to the Primordial God World to ask for your help, you refused me directly. From that moment onwards, our relationship was completely severed."

"Biyao! How can you talk to Fuxi and Nuwa like that?" Fire God Zhurong and River God Gonggong said from not far away.

"Biyao, hear me out. I and Fuxi did that because I saw that Li Yunmu was being corroded from inside and he possessed a fiend origin, so he would've turned into a devil sooner or later."

Yuan Biyao smiled coldly and said, "You don't know why Li Yunmu absorbed the demonic particles into his body. Neither of you know why he fell to the devil path! You don't understand him, but I do! I will tell you why his body was corroded; it was because he had absorbed the demonic particles to save the common people of the central desert!

"He hadn't lost his reason. I am proud of his righteousness, and there is no shame in his heart! He increased his cultivation to protect his people and his loved ones. Who among you have the qualifications to judge him? You are not qualified!"

Nuwa slapped Yuan Biyao, then said, "Yuan Biyao, I and Fuxi are the masters of the Primordial God World. If you continue talking to us like that, then henceforth you will have no relation with the Primordial God World! Get lost from the Ancient Lands!"

Hearing Nuwa's chiding, Yuan Biyao sneered, and soon, her figure disappeared from the Ancient Land. She went straight for the Devil World.

"Ah! She left for the Devil World. Has the lassie gone crazy? She will be attacked by devilish beings! It's only courting death going in there!" Fuxi anxiously said.

Nuwa shuddered, feeling great sadness in her heart. She hadn't expected that Yuan Biyao would misunderstand their intentions to such an extent and that her feelings for Li Yunmu would be so deep.
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