Shadow Hack Chapter 741

Lin Yuerou was in the camp of vampires, constantly observing the distant Lucky Wind City. She was waiting for an opportunity to cut a bloody path to it.

When she heard of the massacre in which countless ordinary people were killed, many others were left homeless and destitute, while many children were left orphans, she sobbed crazily. All of that was her fault.

"Ah ah ah… Everything happened because of me! All of them are dead because of me!"

"City lord… those people didn't even let the common people off. They are simply beasts."

Lin Yuerou kept sobbing crazily, and her weeping influenced the soldiers in the camp.

She kept blaming herself. If only she hadn't relaxed her vigilance, failing to pay enough attention to Lucky Wind City's defenses. The experts of the different planes wouldn't have been able to push through, which had resulted in the city's fall.

With her staunch resolve for revenge, she cultivated the method Li Yunmu had given her like crazy. The soldiers who escaped together with her also did the same.

They were waiting for an opportunity to take revenge while a life of debauchery continued every day in Lucky Wind City. The city was filled with lanterns that were red and wine green once it turned into a place of entertainment for the other plane experts.

The lives of the common people were filled with suffering, since the experts from the other planes didn't view them as humans. They wouldn't shrink from committing any crimes like burning, killing, or looting the homes of commoners. They also confiscated any money they saw for their own use.

Because of that, Lucky Wind City turned into a ghost town. Those who could flee had while leaving many dead behind. Compared to their comfortable life previously, they became extremely miserable.

Lin Yuerou took care of Li Yunmu's parents while increasing her cultivation. She got stronger and stronger while researching various strategies and tactics in wait for the opportunity to cut a bloody path through Lucky Wind City.

In any case, the occupants couldn't win over the population to their side. They spent their time drinking and enjoying themselves, which gave Lin Yuerou the perfect opportunity to take revenge.

Even if those people possessed strength more formidable than hers, she was convinced that in time, the one who doesn't advance loses the ground.

The people in the city weren't showing any intention to advance, just waiting for their ultimate downfall.

After Kass learnt the information about Li Yunmu, he immediately left for the Origin World. Li Yunmu had killed his family, so he had to find and sacrifice him to make things right.

Kass' departure left Lucky Wind City much weaker. On top of that, Lin Yuerou's side was growing stronger every day in the vampire camp while the experts from other planes kept growing weaker without Kass. There was a large disparity between the two sides.

When Lin Yuerou decided to attack Lucky Wind City, Ling Shuang suddenly appeared in front of her.

"Ling Shuang… when did you return?"

"I returned to assist you. I heard that Lucky Wind City encountered a great trouble!"

Lin Yuerou was silent, feeling extremely unwell. If it were not for negligence on her part, such a day would have never come to pass.

"I heard that there were many other plane experts in Lucky Wind City, which is just perfect. The sword in my hand has defeated countless experts from here, so it's time to challenge the experts from the other planes."

Ling Shuang had changed a lot from before. After countless battles, she had become much more experienced, and her strength had also reached new heights, even stepping on the highest level of cultivation on Earth, Battle Sage!

When compared to Li Yunmu, she was still quite a distance off, but on Earth, she could be considered an overlord level character. Just like she had said before, when she returned again, she would certainly cause the situation on the Earth to change.

In the afternoon, Lin Yuerou started her plan to recapture Lucky Wind City, which she had perfected for a long time. Her soldiers were ecstatic to see their brave city lord about to return to her former self.

Moreover, with the return of the city lord, they passed their lowest point, finally returning to strength.

Their power had also increased by a lot with the addition of Ling Shuang. Not only had her addition brought new blood to the forces, her coming had also bolstered Lin Yuerou's confidence in capturing all of Lucky Wind City at once.

She didn't pay any attention to the small bandits in Lucky Wind City and simply made some discreet inquiries from which she learned that the leader of the enemy wasn't present. It was the best opportunity for her to attack.

But she also had some apprehensions toward the experts of the other planes, since the weakest of them was a domain sage. She didn't have much assurance of winning in front of those people, but the appearance of Ling Shuang increased her chances.

When Lin Yuerou finally arrived in the vicinity of Lucky Wind City, she gave the command to attack the city. Her action caught the enemy unprepared while indulging in debauchery. They hadn't even dreamt that Lin Yuerou would suddenly launch an attack on them.

For three months, Lin Yuerou had been thinking of taking revenge while waiting for such an opportunity, for the moment when they could finally capture Lucky Wind City. Not only would they take revenge for the commoners, they would also take revenge for what happened three months ago.

Blocking Lin Yuerou's path were the experts of the other planes. There were more than a hundred experts, and the weakest of them was a domain sage.

Kass had dared to leave not without reason. He wasn't afraid of Lin Yuerou forcing her way into the city because it was being protected by more than a hundred experts of the other planes. Lin Yuerou possessed the strength of a domain sage, but it was impossible for her to deal with so many experts of the same level.

But unfortunately for Kass, he hadn't considered the unexpected appearance of Ling Shuang. Upon entering the battlefield, she pulled out her sword without a word and rushed towards the experts of the other planes.

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The experts of other planes felt insulted by the words of the woman in front of them. There was no lack of domain sages among them, but as for battle sages, there was only Kass.

Yet how could Ling Shuang possibly deal with such a grand arrangement of troops by herself? Lin Yuerou couldn't help but hesitate for a moment.

"Ling Shuang, don't try to be brave. These people aren't easy to eliminate!"

"You only need to concern yourself with recapturing your city, I will deal with other matters."

Lin Yuerou nodded, then led her soldiers to charge into the city. Once Lucky Wind City was occupied, Li Tian and Li De could lead Li Yunmu's parents back.
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