Silver Overlord Chapter 365

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Yan Liqiang had no idea what was on the third floor of the crystal pagoda. However, there was a voice in his heart that kept telling him to try his best to charge up to the very top to take a look. Moreover, judging from the situation on the first and second floor, it seemed that with each advancement to a higher floor, the ‘reward’ received would be greater than the one before. However, the abilities tested on each floor were also different.

At the entrance to the crystal pagoda’s third floor, there was a door as usual. It was just that this door was different from the previous two. Yan Liqiang saw a huge piece of Gem of Origin Qi.

This Gem of Origin Qi was used to test a person’s cultivation level. Yan Liqiang had seen it in the trial conducted by the three parties back then. It was just that he had not expected to see it here again.

There was a line written below the Gem of Origin Qi —’Channel inner Qi into the Gem of Origin Qi to activate it, and the door will open.’

Yan Liqiang looked at that line and did not give it much thought before he placed his hand on the Gem of Origin Qi and then started to channel his inner Qi into the gem.

With the channeling of Yan Liqiang’s inner Qi, the Gem of Origin Qi lit up slowly and started to emit a warm, golden glow. Then, the closed crystal door opened slowly and Yan Liqiang entered the room with one step.

With Yan Liqiang’s entrance, the crystal door shut automatically.

The room on the third floor was extremely spacious and there was also a metal table in the very center. A metal box was placed on the table and when Yan Liqiang took a look at the surrounding walls, his eyelids could not help but twitch fiercely.

At one glance, Yan Liqiang saw that the surrounding walls were filled with many spirit talismans. Spirit talismans were very rare, but in this room, they were like bricks that did not cost any money and could be found everywhere.

“Why are there so many spirit talismans and rare beast core crystals here?” Yan Liqiang mumbled to himself while keeping his guard up. He cautiously walked up to the front.

Yan Liqiang knew that no matter how wealthy the Divine Sword Sect was, it was impossible for them to place so many spirit talismans here. Therefore, the only reason why these spirit talismans appeared here could be a little similar to the illusory scene he had encountered on the first floor. These spirit talismans were related to the trial on this floor.

Just as Yan Liqiang was walking toward the metal box on the table, his heart suddenly tightened. He saw that a spirit talisman on the opposite side started releasing intense spiritual Qi waves, emitting piercing red light. Amidst that red light, a red-colored wild wolf that was completely condensed from the spirit talisman’s energy and spiritual Qi started to slowly form.

What the heck? This was Yan Liqiang’s first time seeing spirit talismans being used in such amazing ways. It was really eye-opening. He stared with wide-open eyes at the wild wolf that was condensed from the red light, roughly guessing the challenge he might be facing on this floor.

Just as that wild wolf started to slowly condense together, the wall in the nine o’clock direction to Yan Liqiang had a spirit talisman that started to emit a golden light almost at the same time. Amidst that golden light, the body of a huge lion slowly took form.

This was not the end. There were three other spirit talismans in the room that were reacting at the same time. Out of those three spirit talismans, two condensed into red-colored wild wolves and the other one condensed into a huge green python that was close to ten meters long…

After some time, five ferocious wild beasts materialized before the five spirit talismans in the room — three red-colored wild wolves, one golden lion, and a huge green python. These creatures condensed from the five spirit talismans were similar to phenomena from a technique, yet the images formed appeared even more realistic and denser. After the light from the five spirit talismans dissipated, these five wild beasts were like living creatures that had been released from their cages, emitting dangerous sounds from their throats or hissing away. They started to surround Yan Liqiang, their eyes glimmering with a dangerous glow.

Yan Liqiang drew out the longsword he was holding and put on a defensive stance as he looked warily at the five ferocious beasts that had surrounded him.

“Grrr…” That golden lion roared and was the first to make a move. It brought along a strong gale and moved as quick as lightning, pouncing toward Yan Liqiang.

The moment that golden lion moved, Yan Liqiang moved as well. He also let out a furious bellow the instant the huge lion pounced toward him. His longsword turned into a beam of sword light that shot out from his hand like an arrow. It shot out toward one of the red-colored wild wolves that was charging toward him. At the same time, he rolled on the ground, dodging the paw of that huge lion that had pounced toward him dangerously.

The longsword that flew out from Yan Liqiang’s hand pierced through the red wild wolf’s mouth.

Amidst an agonizing cry, the wild wolf’s body turned into red light spots and dissipated. After the longsword that Yan Liqiang threw out instantly killed one of the red wild wolves, it fell to the ground with a clank.

The direction Yan Liqiang had rolled toward was where another red wild wolf was at. When it saw Yan Liqiang rolling in its direction, it opened its mouth and bared its fangs toward Yan Liqiang’s upper thigh without a second thought.

A sound rang out and Yan Liqiang drew back his leg, did a turn, performed a Black Dragon [1] with his head downward and legs up, and soared into the sky, dodging that wild wolf’s attack. However, the wolf tore his long purple swordsman robe. At the same time, when Yan Liqiang leaped up, one of his hands reached out to the back of the red wolf’s waist and grabbed onto its tail. Then, with a ferocious roar, he unleashed all of his strength as he turned his body, lifting up the wolf and smashing it heavily onto the ground…

Another red wolf dissipated as red light. However, at this moment, that huge python’s tail had come lashing out toward Yan Liqiang. He was unable to dodge and as he charged forward. Therefore, he used his back to receive the attack from the huge python’s tail.

This attack caused the blood and vital energy at Yan Liqiang’s chest to seethe and a mouthful of blood soared up to his throat before he swallowed it back down. Yan Liqiang accelerated abruptly, once again dodging the attacks from that huge golden lion and the third red wolf.

Yan Liqiang dashed over to the place where the longsword had dropped and then picked it up.

The huge python opened its mouth and darted toward him. The sword sheath that Yan Liqiang had been holding with his other hand flew out and hit the huge python’s lower jaw. Before it could react, the longsword Yan Liqiang was holding pierced straight the python’s lower jaw which it had exposed upward.

Yan Liqiang held the sword handle with both hands and then dragged the longsword down fiercely. He moved about nimbly, and in just an instant, he had opened up a terrifying wound that was over two meters long and one foot deep.

The huge python rolled and twisted around in agony, wrapping its tail and body, wanting to coil Yan Liqiang. However, Yan Liqiang was already holding onto the longsword and leaped out from the gaps of the python’s body.

The longsword once again turned into a beam of moving light, shooting out toward the golden lion that was pouncing toward him. It pinned the lion’s body, causing it to drop from the sky.

The moment Yan Liqiang’s legs landed on the ground, the third red wolf opened its mouth and jumped toward him. In that close moment, Yan Liqiang’s hands reached out at the speed of lightning, grabbing the red wolf’s upper jaw with one hand and lower jaw with the other. Then, he did a tearing action and the red wolf’s body was torn into two parts like a piece of paper. It then turned into red light and dissipated.

The huge python continued to seethe, twist, and turn as if it were in extreme pain. After the golden lion, which had a longsword pierced into his body, dropped to the ground, it continued trying to pounce toward Yan Liqiang. However, its movements had become a lot slower.

A tiger’s roar appeared on Yan Liqiang’s body, and the moment the huge golden lion came pouncing toward Yan Liqiang, he turned his body and moved right next to it. Then, his two fists moved at the speed of lightning, heavily smashing against lion’s waist, beating it to the ground. Before the lion could get up, Yan Liqiang followed with a fierce stomp on its head, crippling it. Then, Yan Liqiang drew out his longsword and once again stabbed the lion’s body. He continued to draw it out and pierced it a few times. After doing so at the speed of lightning for five times, the golden lion finally let out an agonizing cry, turning into golden light spots that dissipated…

The huge python’s vitality was stronger and did not die immediately despite suffering from such fatal injuries. It merely continued to roll and twist around in the room, looking for an opportunity to attack Yan Liqiang.

Seeing that the huge python came biting toward him with its mouth agape once again, Yan Liqiang leaped up, flipped onto the python’s back, and with a swing, green sword light flashed. Yan Liqiang chopped off the huge python’s head…

The savage python’s head fell to the ground and its writhing body came to a stop immediately. In the blink of an eye, the reptile’s head and body turned into green light spots that scattered like glimmers, dissipating in the room.

Yan Liqiang stood in the room and wiped the blood off from the corners of his mouth. After panting for a while, he walked over to pick up his sword sheath, and slipped the sword back into it.

The metal table in the room sank into the ground without a sound and the entrance to the next floor slowly opened.

—— It is hard to find a match with someone of the same level. Those who possess strong bravery and valiance are permitted to proceed to the fourth floor!

This line was written at the entrance.

Yan Liqiang threw a glance at the row of words, then lifted his legs and headed up.

Just as Yan Liqiang pushed open the door to the fourth floor and thought that he would face a tough battle, he was stunned by what he saw in the room. On the fourth floor of the pagoda, there were tall bookshelves everywhere. An old man with silvery-white hair and a beard sat in the middle of the few tables, quietly holding and enjoying a book…

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