So Pure So Flirtatious Chapter 1240

Chapter 1240 Yang Ming, Save Me!

“But now, these are not problems because every floor of the Immortal Building has a large electronic calendar. Not only does it display the current time, but also the date. With this unchangeable evidence, the police must believe it!” The young military advisor said, “Moreover, the time you killed Sui Yuejin is just after Yang Ming left the Immortal Building. The time between Yang Ming’s appearance and Sui Yuejin’s death didn’t exceed ten minutes! At the time of death, this small error is no longer a problem. At that time, Yang Ming can’t explain it!”

The black-shirted man nodded in agreement. It seemed that he really did not find the wrong person. In the belly of this young military advisor, there were a lot of evil tricks; he could even think of this insidious trick. “Your idea is very good, getting someone else to do the dirty work. If you can really succeed, I will let you enjoy endless wealth!”

The young military advisor sighed slightly. “In fact, this trick is the first thing that the Young Master used… but unfortunately, he…”

“What’s wrong?” The black-shirted man didn’t ask much about the young military advisor’s past. Both of the men each harbored hatred, and they joined together in opposition to the same enemy. They joined together to deal with the same target, Yang Ming.

Now, because the young military advisor thought of a brilliant idea, the black-shirted man was in a good mood. However, he saw some sadness in the young military advisor’s tone, so he couldn’t help but ask.

“Yang Ming luckily escaped, but the Young Master died a violent death!” The young military advisor clenched his teeth and said, “Yang Ming, see if I will trick you to death this time!”

The black-shirted man nodded silently. It seems that this young military advisor is also a loyal person.

“However, this time, although we have a lot of evidence against Yang Ming, the police are not fools. They won’t casually identify Yang Ming as a murderer…” The black-shirted man said with worry. “Moreover, the father of Yang Ming’s girlfriend is the acting chief of the Song Jiang City Bureau. How can he sit idly by?”

“The murder case happened in Mount Jing; the police in Mount Jing will naturally handle it!” The young military advisor said, “Moreover, the police do not need to decide whether he killed Sui Yuejin. As long as Yang Ming enters the detention center, I am sure I can end his life!”

“With Yang Ming’s skills, it is not so easy for him to be bullied by a prison bully!” The black-shirted man said, “It is also not his first time entering the detention center. Back then, in the detention center, he almost crippled a boss that was there.”

The young military advisor frowned. He didn’t think so much. In his opinion, not even Hercules could contend against two. As long as a group of prisoners surrounded him, the young military advisor was not afraid of not being able to kill Yang Ming. However, the situation now seemed to be a bit unexpected.

But even so, the young military advisor did not worry too much; things would eventually turn out fine. Moreover, this time, he also had the confidence to turn Yang Ming into a murderer.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click wuxianovelonline.com for visiting.

The young military advisor had already planned out Yang Ming’s hatred toward Sui Yuejin. At the class reunion, it was no secret that Yang Ming and Sui Guangqi vied over a woman. The young military advisor believed that as long as this news was released, it was another matter if Yang Ming’s girlfriend’s dad could still care about Yang Ming or not!


Wang Kejin returned to the Huashang District, the residence of Tombstone.

“Did you kill the target?” Tombstone came back to see Wang Kejin and asked calmly. This kind of task without any difficulty should be very easy for Wang Kejin. Tombstone asked Wang Kejin just because, because he did not believe that Wang Kejin would fail.

To Tombstone’s surprise, Wang Kejin shook his head, and his face was a bit sullen. “No.”

“No? Was there a problem?” Tombstone was also surprised. Is there any difficulty in this task?

“Yes, there was a big problem.” Wang Kejin sighed, “After Yang Ming left, another black-shirted man entered the Immortal Building before I could make a move. I couldn’t figure out where he came from, so I can only lurk near the building, waiting for him to come out and then make plans… However, after he came out, and I entered the building, Sui Yuejin had been killed…”

“What?!” Tombstone’s face also became weird. “Is there such a coincidence? That is, Sui Yuejin was killed by the black-shirted man?”

“It should be like this…” Wang Kejin nodded. Now, Wang Kejin had a feeling that misfortunes did not come singly. After he came to Song Jiang, everything was unfavorable. First, the mission to assassinate Yang Ming failed, but there was a reason for this. However, Sui Yuejin’s mission was somewhat a disaster. Although the target was dead, he didn’t know who killed Sui Yuejin.

“Are there any clues?” asked Tombstone.

“At the door of the Immortal Building, I had already recorded a video from far away. I don’t know if it can be seen clearly after I enlarge it…” Wang Kejin said, “However, I found a backup monitoring machine in the monitoring room of the Immortal Building. I have removed the hard disk inside; I don’t know if there is any valuable information inside.”

“In any case, Sui Yuejin is dead. Although I don’t know which party did it, it has no effect on us.” Tombstone said, “Don’t worry; this is fine.”

“Do not worry, Master’s Junior. I won’t think too much.” Wang Kejin nodded.

“After a while, extract the video and the contents of the hard disk. I want to see if that person is someone from the assassin circle.” Tombstone said, “You haven’t eaten yet, right? Let’s eat something together first.”

In Wang Kejin’s camera, the face of the black-shirted man was clearly recorded, but after Tombstone looked at it, he shook his head. “This person looks very ordinary. I have not seen him before.”

The person, who was unknown to Tombstone, could not be recognized by Wang Kejin either.

The hard disk of the backup machine was missing the scene where the black-shirted man entered the building and broke into the security room to kill because the backup machine only synchronized with the monitoring machine after a certain period. This situation indicated that before the monitor could sync with the backup device, the black-shirted man had removed the hard disk from the machine.

However, although they couldn’t see the black-shirted man entering the building and going to the security room, it was clearly recorded that the black-shirted man came out of the security room, took the elevator to the thirty-sixth floor, and entered Sui Yuejin’s office to take a shot!

Because the hard disk of the monitoring machine was removed, the backup device lost contact with the monitoring machine. The computer program in the backup machine confirmed that the monitoring machine had a malfunction, so the backup machine directly took over the authority of the monitoring machine, and the backup machine began to manage the monitoring of the entire Immortal Building.

A camera on the thirtieth floor faced the door of the chairman’s office. The whole process of the black-shirted man shooting and killing Sui Yuejin was recorded.

“It was really him.” Wang Kejin breathed a sigh of relief. The black-shirted man’s murderous act was done in one go. Before killing, he didn’t say anything more to Sui Yuejin. In this way, there was no need to worry about the Butterfly Family’s failure to keep a promise to be spread out.

The only unclear thing was which group this black-shirted man represented. Why did he appear in Immortal Building after Yang Ming left and carry out a mass slaughter, resulting in leaving not a living person in the building?

“Keep this video first. If I have time to return to Europe, I will show it to the head of the family,” said Tombstone.

“Okay, then I will take all the videos of the black-shirted man from my camera and backup hard drive, and burn it onto a CD,” said Wang Kejin.


When Yang Ming returned to Song Jiang, it was already a little past one o’clock in the morning. At this moment, returning to the Huashang District would affect the rest of Chen Mengyan and others. Moreover, he promised Xiao Qing to go look for her, but it didn’t happen because of many unexpected events.

Yang Ming hesitated for a moment and decided to go back to the school dormitory and stay for one night. He didn’t know how Tian Donghua was doing. Yang Ming called several times, but the recording, which indicated that the phone was shut down, still sounded.

Because Yang Ming had applied for the school pass, no matter how late it was, he could still drive onto the school campus.

At one o’clock in the morning, most of the students had already entered the dreamland. On the huge campus, in addition to several graduate bedroom buildings that were still lit up, the rest were dark. Only the bathrooms on each floor of the dormitory were lit up.

Under the dim street light, Yang Ming slowly drove the car. Although it was early spring, it was still cold. Who could guarantee that no passionate men and women in the school were engaged in outdoor sex on campus?

It was not good if he hit an individual accidentally.

On the small road to the dormitory area, Yang Ming suddenly saw a figure not far ahead, and it was moving forward quickly. Judging from the back, this was a girl, and her body was a little familiar.

Maybe because this girl was afraid of the night, she did not dare to walk on the side of the road, but she walked in the middle of the road. Although the security in the school was excellent, who could guarantee that no one would climb over the wall, or a pervert who lurked in the campus during the day, to come out at night to hunt and kill?

Didn’t Hou Zhenhan come to school to rob back then? Therefore, Yang Ming could understand the mood of the girl at the moment. He wanted to press the horn and ask her to move aside, but as Yang Ming’s hand just landed on the horn, he let it go.

At this moment, the night was quiet. There was no sound at all on the campus. If Yang Ming honked, it might awaken many students who had already entered their dreams. Yang Ming didn’t want to do this kind of annoying thing that lacked morale. He remembered when Qi Zhide and Xie Wenjin honked crazily at school; they were all taught a lesson by Yang Ming. Yang Ming naturally couldn’t do anything similar.

(About Qi Zhide and Xie Wenjin, see Chapter 1089: Go to the Hospital if You’re Sick.)

Thinking of these two scumbags, Yang Ming remembered Shen Yuxi, the girl who worked as a waitress at the Nightless Club. He didn’t know how her recovery was at the moment. Was she able to stand up and walk?

Although Qi Zhide, Xie Wenjin, and Liu Zhaojun all received the punishment they deserved, the punishment could not make up for the harm caused to the girl.

Yang Ming sighed slightly. He had heard a lot about Shen Yuxi. Yang Ming did not deliberately deny the rumors in the Nightless Club.

Now, including Bao Sanli, they thought that Shen Yuxi and Yang Ming had a somewhat unclear relationship, let alone other people in the Nightless Club.

Therefore, with this relationship, people who went to the hospital to visit Shen Yuxi were endless, and many of them did not belong to the Nightless Club. Those who belonged to Ming Yang Entertainment went to visit Shen Yuxi with a gift in hand.

Yang Ming did not explain and deny the root cause. In fact, he also wanted Shen Yuxi to get more care. Maybe she would be happier. As for the gossip, Shen Yuxi didn’t care. Why would Yang Ming deny it?

Although Yang Ming had not visited her after returning to Song Jiang, Bao Sanli had already reported to him about Shen Yuxi’s recent situation.

Thinking about these past events, Yang Ming slowly followed the girl behind him. Since Yang Ming couldn’t overtake her or honk at her, he could only follow her. He waited for her to enter the girl’s dormitory in front before proceeding.

Jing Xiaolu was busy with the work at hand, and it was already past twelve o’clock in the middle of the night. She did not expect to be working for so long.

This afternoon, Jing Xiaolu was in class at school when she received a call from the department head and told her that something had happened to the company. The two vice presidents fled to avoid punishment. President Hou Zhenhan and President Guo Jianchao wanted to hold a general staff meeting, and Jing Xiaolu must attend it.

In fact, Jing Xiaolu could have given Hou Zhenhan a phone call to request for a leave. The department head also knew about Jing Xiaolu’s relationship with the company senior. However, the reason why he called and informed Jing Xiaolu was to go through the formalities. This was because Guo Jianchao’s original words were to tell those who were outside doing business, or those who took leave, that all of them must be in the company meeting room at three o’çlock in the afternoon!

Jing Xiaolu initially used her relationship with Yang Ming to be very relaxed and free in the company. She only went to the company when there was no class, and she could go back to school at other times. Therefore, when something happened to the company, Jing Xiaolu was not willing to have special treatment. She hurriedly took leave with the school teacher, stopped a taxi, and rushed to the company for the meeting.

Something big had happened to the company. The first thing the company’s higher-level management had to do was to stabilize the people’s minds. Only when the employees in the company were not chaotic, would things end nicely.

However, most of the employees knew the background of Ming Yang Entertainment, so they were not worried about the company’s accident. In their view, the two vice presidents who fled would be caught sooner or later.

After the meeting, all departments checked the accounts and filled out the statements. This should have been done at the end of each year, but it was pushed forward to now. Therefore, all departments were extremely busy; Jing Xiaolu naturally also joined in.

Although she had a special relationship, she did not want to be isolated. She would not slack off when the others were working. Although others would not say anything, they must be secretly uncomfortable.

But now, she also worked with everyone, so others felt that Jing Xiaolu was really good from the bottom of their hearts. Although she had a relationship with the boss, she was approachable.

Jing Xiaolu now gave everyone such an impression, so whenever she took leave and went back to class, no one would gossip about it. Instead, they felt that this little girl was hardworking.

After the completion of the work, she looked at her watch. It was already twelve o’clock. Jing Xiaolu secretly complained, The dormitory should have locked the door earlier, right? At this time, can I knock on the door of the dormitory until someone opens it?

Rejecting the suggestion of a colleague to eat together, Jing Xiaolu stopped the taxi and hurried back to school. Because the cab was not allowed to enter the school campus, Jing Xiaolu got off the taxi at the school gate and walked in the direction of her dormitory.

It didn’t take long for Jing Xiaolu to feel two beams of light coming from behind, just like car lights. Jing Xiaolu quickened her steps and instinctively moved to the side of the road, hoping to let the car pass by.

Although Yang Ming saw Jing Xiaolu’s action, this road was very narrow; it was considered to be a single lane. Yang Ming’s car was already wide, so even though Jing Xiaolu had moved to the side, she was not entirely at the side. Yang Ming still did not dare to simply rush forward and pass her. In case he bumped into Jing Xiaolu, it would not be worth the loss. Yang Ming was not in a hurry anyway.

Jing Xiaolu let the car pass, but she didn’t see it driving past her, and the car behind her didn’t honk. It just followed Jing Xiaolu at an unhurried pace!

Jing Xiaolu’s heart suddenly tightened. She had heard of many night robberies, and Yang Ming’s current driving speed was very suspicious. How could Jing Xiaolu not be afraid?

Especially in the evening, Yang Ming turned on the lights. Even if Jing Xiaolu turned back, she couldn’t see the model, license plate, nor the person sitting in the driver’s seat. So, after Yang Ming followed her for a long time, Jing Xiaolu finally collapsed in fear.

“Ah-!” Jing Xiaolu screamed.

The shrill voice was particularly harsh on the quiet campus. Yang Ming naturally heard the Jing Xiaolu’s shout, and he subconsciously stopped the car, open the door, and jumped out.

When Jing Xiaolu heard the sound of the car door opening behind her, she was even more afraid, and ran away without looking back!

Before, when Jing Xiaolu turned back, Yang Ming had already recognized Jing Xiaolu. He was wondering why Jing Xiaolu was still wandering around the school. Before he had time to open the window to ask, Jing Xiaolu shouted inexplicably and rushed forward. Yang Ming was even more puzzled; he didn’t know what had happened to her.

However, Yang Ming still subconsciously pursued.

Jing Xiaolu heard footsteps behind her and knew that a person in the car jumped out and chased her. She was even more afraid; her heart almost jumped out of her throat. She ran forward desperately.

However, the helpless Jing Xiaolu was not good at sprinting and running. Although Yang Ming started running after her, he was getting closer and closer. Jing Xiaolu was almost in tears. How could I be so unlucky…

She thought of all the things that could happen after being caught, being molested, humiliated, and killed… Jing Xiaolu was almost going to collapse. Knowing that she couldn’t run away from the person behind, in a desperate time, she shouted involuntarily, “Yang Ming, save me —“

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