So Pure So Flirtatious Chapter 1241

Chapter 1241: Proud and Complacent
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In the most critical moments, people often think of the people who can best protect them. In the younger years, we will think of our parents. After becoming an adult, we will think of our partner.

Jing Xiaolu, who was a young girl, naturally, thought of the person she loved in her heart. Moreover, Yang Ming did have enough strength to protect her. During the several times when she encountered danger, all were solved by Yang Ming.

So, naturally, Jing Xiaolu called Yang Ming’s name, “Yang Ming – save me -”

Yang Ming, who was chasing after Jing Xiaolu, was not sure what she had encountered. He didn’t know why she suddenly ran away. At this time, when he heard Jing Xiaolu call for help and called his name, Yang Ming couldn’t help but be surprised!

Yang Ming didn’t know how Jing Xiaolu recognized him. In fact, Jing Xiaolu had never looked back. Yang Ming was somewhat inexplicable. Could it be that Jing Xiaolu has the special ability of 360-degree vision?

Yang Ming didn’t know what happened to Jing Xiaolu. He accelerated his footsteps and caught up with Jing Xiaolu in a few steps and pulled her arm. Yang Ming thought it would give her a sense of being secure. However, he didn’t expect Jing Xiaolu’s reaction to be even more intense!

“Let me go – help! Yang Ming, come quickly -” Jing Xiaolu desperately wanted to shake off Yang Ming’s hand that was grasping her and screamed loudly.

Yang Ming heard Jing Xiaolu’s yell, and he was dumbfounded. He thought, I already came, and yet you ask me to come quickly? Also, I grabbed your arm, but you want me to let go of you. Why is it so contradictory? Does Jing Xiaolu have something wrong with her mind?

“Jing Xiaolu, what are you doing? You told me to save you and yet told me to let go of you. What the hell is going on?” Yang Ming couldn’t help but ask.

” Ah ?” Jing Xiaolu’s yelling stopped immediately after Yang Ming spoke. She turned around and looked at Yang Ming inexplicably, “How come it is you?”

“What do you mean it is me? Didn’t you call me?” Yang Ming was confused by Jing Xiaolu’s words.

Jing Xiaolu looked at Yang Ming and looked at the car parked in the distance. She suddenly realized that she made a mistake. She thought that Yang Ming was a trailing robber. She actually called Yang Ming to save her. What a great embarrassment.

“Did you drive behind me just now?” Jing Xiaolu asked, embarrassed.

“Yeah, I didn’t recognize you at first. I saw you walking slowly, and this road is narrow. I was afraid that I would hurt you, so I did not speed past you,” said Yang Ming.

“Then, why didn’t you honk?” Jing Xiaolu didn’t expect to make such a mess, so she blushed a little.

“You want me to honk on such a quiet night. Wouldn’t I wake up all the people in the university? That is a lack of public ethics, so I did not honk.” Yang Ming threw up his hands as he smiled and said, “Did you misunderstand something?”

“Yeah, it’s so late. You were following behind me, so I thought you were a bad guy. Of course, I’m afraid!” Jing Xiaolu said with some grievances, “It is so dark; I couldn’t see clearly…”

Yang Ming broke into a sweat. No wonder Jing Xiaolu glanced at the back once and ran away immediately. Yang Ming thought that Jing Xiaolu had encountered other troubles. After recognizing his car, she called for help, but Yang Ming did not expect that Jing Xiaolu thought he was a bad guy.

Thinking of Jing Xiaolu actually calling for help from him, Yang Ming was dumbfounded, “Then, why do you call me for help? Do you think that I’m superman? Will I appear just as you shout…?”

“I did it subconsciously!” Jing Xiaolu’s face slightly blushed. She did not have the current feeling of blushing and fast heartbeat in the past. She didn’t know why. When she saw Yang Ming, Jing Xiaolu’s heart was not nervous. However, when she couldn’t see him, she started to miss him again.

She had many ex-boyfriends, too, but Jing Xiaolu just regarded them as free workers or free cash machines. She never really liked anyone.

Yang Ming was very clear about Jing Xiaolu’s mind. Last time, Jing Xiaolu asked him to keep her as a mistress, and then she took him to accompany her. How could Yang Ming not know that Jing Xiaolu had such an intention on him?

However, Yang Ming only believed that Jing Xiaolu’s idea was not love, but admiration for a strong character. Jing Xiaolu was a girl who mixed in society for so many years. To protect herself from harm, Jing Xiaolu spent all her might and her means. She was already tired and exhausted. When a person, who could really protect her, appeared in front of her, Jing Xiaolu would subconsciously want to use this person as someone she could depend on, even not caring about her status to be a mistress.

However, this was a separate matter from love; it was just a kind of instinct for the weak to seek someone to depend on. Yang Ming did not think about taking advantage of Jing Xiaolu. Although Jing Xiaolu, without the heavy makeup, was appealing, there was an indescribable seduction in her eyebrows. They were all very attractive, but Yang Ming didn’t want just to accept anything. Now, his harem had made him feel overwhelmed, so Yang Ming would not think about having something with Jing Xiaolu.

Today, after listening to Jing Xiaolu, Yang Ming suddenly discovered that Jing Xiaolu seemed to really have a crush on him. Only in this way, Jing Xiaolu would involuntarily call out Yang Ming’s name in a dangerous situation.

With this analysis, Yang Ming could also get an idea of ​​Jing Xiaolu’s thoughts, but what about it? Yang Ming could only pretend that he didn’t know. Women who were with Yang Ming happened due to unusual coincidences. Yang Ming did not have them just purely because he was being lecherous. Yang Ming was not that kind of person filled with desire.

“I bet you really treat me as a Superman and Ultraman.” Yang Ming shrugged and changed the subject. “How come you came back so late?”

“Something happened to the company. Two vice presidents have fled after embezzling the money. All of our departments are in an emergency for accounting to calculate the deficit…” Jing Xiaolu did not hide from Yang Ming. Firstly, she got into the company through Yang Ming. Secondly, she knew that Yang Ming should be the actual behind-the-scenes boss who was controlling the company. “You should already know, right?”

Yang Ming nodded. “I went to the company in the morning. It turned out that you went to check the accounts.”

“Yeah, I am exhausted.” Jing Xiaolu stretched out lazily and said. “How is it? Aren’t you going to reward me?”

“I? Reward you? Why is it related? What does it have to do with me?” Yang Ming was inexplicable after hearing Jing Xiaolu’s words.

“I work for your company. Of course, you need to reward me!” said Jing Xiaolu proudly.

“…” Yang Ming was speechless. This Jing Xiaolu was really great at utilizing favorable advantages. She actually related that matter to this. Yang Ming was about to say something, but he heard a loud yell, and then a few beams of light glared over them.

“Don’t move! We are the Campus Security Department!”

Yang Ming and Jing Xiaolu were surprised at the same time. Why did the Campus Security Department come at this time? Yang Ming was alright with it, but Jing Xiaolu was slightly annoyed. Do the people of the Campus Security Department have nothing better to do? They still stroll around the university so late at night.

I finally have a chance to spend some romantic time alone with Yang Ming on campus at night. It was ruined, just like that. So disappointing! Although it was an occasional encounter, girls naturally liked fantasy and romance. Even though the flowers in the current season had not yet bloomed, it was still considered under the moonlight!

“What are you two doing!” Jing Xiaolu yelled.

“We just heard someone calling for help. Was it you?” asked the staff of the Campus Security Department.

“It was me… but it’s fine now…” Jing Xiaolu heard that these people were attracted by her own cry for help, and her anger disappeared. Anyway, they came for her. “I had a quarrel with my boyfriend; we were just quarreling. I’m sorry…”

When Yang Ming heard Jing Xiaolu’s explanation, he was annoyed and amused at the same time. But explaining it at this time would be more troublesome. To avoid having the need to elaborate on the explanation to the security guard, Yang Ming did not bother to explain, but he just glared at Jing Xiaolu.

Jing Xiaolu was smug. She did not care about Yang Ming’s glare.

“Boyfriend? Quarrel? Are you all from this school?” The Campus Security Department staff glanced at the BMW parked by Yang Ming and asked suspiciously.

Jing Xiaolu was dressed as a student. Yang Ming drove a BMW, unlike a student. Especially after Yang Ming’s experience in Vietnam and Africa, he seemed to be more mature and earnest. He indeed did not show the scholarly appearance from the past.

“Yeah, I am from the art department. I live in the dormitory building over there.” After Jing Xiaolu explained, she said as she pointed at Yang Ming, “He is from computer science!”

“Take out your student card and let me take a look.” The Campus Security Department staff didn’t seem to be very convinced. After all, it was already the middle of the night. The doors of the dormitory buildings were locked. Wasn’t it ridiculous to come out at this time to date?

If it were summer, it was still reasonable. The Campus Security Department staff did encounter students who had outdoor sex during the summer night patrols. Although they felt that it was inappropriate, they also turned a blind eye to it. It was just that the climate in the early spring was still frigid. Wasn’t dating at this time torture?

Moreover, Yang Ming even drove a BMW into the university. Could he be a person from the outside society who looked for compensated dating [1] with a student? Although there was no objection to relationships among the students in the university, the university did not allow people from the outside society to look for compensated dating with the students in the university.

These were two concepts. One was free love; the other was breaking the law.

Jing Xiaolu took out her student ID card from her bag and handed it to the Campus Security Department staff. The security department staff looked through it and determined that Jing Xiaolu was indeed a student of the university’s art department. Then, he returned the student card back to Jing Xiaolu and said to Yang Ming, “What about your student ID card?”

“Mine… I didn’t bring it.” Yang Ming broke into a sweat. His student ID card was placed in the villa in the Huashang District. Because he went to Africa previously, he could not carry his student ID with him, right? After returning, he had not gone back to the villa, so he naturally did not bring his student ID card.

“You are not a student from the university?” Seeing that Yang Ming had no student ID card, the Campus Security Department staff were more suspicious of Yang Ming’s identity.

“Wait… the pass on my car did record my identity!” Yang Ming suddenly remembered that the pass on the car had his class information!

“Show it to us.” The Campus Security Department staff nodded to Yang Ming. The information on the pass would do. The student’s pass procedure was not as easy as a faculty teacher’s.

The application of the faculty pass might not require the owner and the faculty member to be the same person. Even their spouses and relatives could do it. However, the student’s pass procedure was stringent. For a student, the vehicle registered must be in the name of the student applying for the vehicle pass. This was to prevent students from using their own identity to procure a pass for people from society outside.

Therefore, if Yang Ming were able to present the information on the pass, the Campus Security Department staff also validated it.

Yang Ming took the pass and handed it over to the Campus Security Department.

The Campus Security Department staff glanced at the registration information behind the pass and saw that it was registered in the name of the student. They looked at the photo on Yang Ming’s driver’s license and verified his identity. Then, they nodded and returned the pass to Yang Ming.

However, when the pass was handed back to Yang Ming, the pass was split from the middle and became two passes! It turned out that the two passes were stacked together for a long time, and they stuck together.

” Hey ?” The security department’s people were surprised. They found out that the following one was also a campus vehicle pass. The car plate number on it was the same. They were in shock all of a sudden and thought it was a counterfeit. However, they couldn’t help but wonder when they saw the anti-forgery tag there. “Where did this come from? How come you have two?”

Yang Ming only remembered it now that one of the passes was done with Liu Weishan’s help because the pass that was applied by Liu Weishan last year was for Zhang Bing’s car. The purpose was to allow Yang Ming to enter the family area and stay together with Lan Ling. This year, Liu Weishan did one for Yang Ming’s car on the way.

However, while Liu Weishan did one for Yang Ming, Yang Ming himself also applied for a pass with his student ID card. Yang Ming also put the two passes together, and he forgot about it later. He only recalled it now.

“My godfather helped me to do this one. He is a professor at school.” Yang Ming quickly explained.

The security department staff looked at the information behind the other pass and found that the applicant was really a person in the school, and he was actually a big shot, Liu Weishan, the vice-principal! They suddenly became shocked and no longer doubted it. They returned the two passes to Yang Ming and said, “I’m sorry for taking your time…”

“It’s fine.” Yang Ming waved his hand and said, “You are just being responsible!”

“However, now the dormitory is locked. You won’t be able to enter. You should think about how to rest later.” The security department people knew Yang Ming’s identity, so he naturally spoke up in a friendly tone. He spoke for Yang Ming’s benefit. “There is still a room in our security office. How about I empty one out for you?”

He subconsciously determined that Jing Xiaolu was Yang Ming’s girlfriend, and the two returned to school after going out for a date. Obviously, they did not go to the hotel for sex. Otherwise, they would definitely not go back to school despite being so late.

Not going to the hotel meant that Yang Ming had not yet succeeded. The security guards were also young people. They naturally knew the intentions of young student couples, so they also wanted to create a chance for Yang Ming to push her down.

In fact, the security guard also knew that Yang Ming could open the dormitory building with his identity. The security guard said this to help create an opportunity for Yang Ming.

Yang Ming was not suspicious of it. His dormitory building was a postgraduate apartment. At night, the gate wouldn’t be locked, and the electricity was always on, but the dormitories of other undergraduates were not like this. Jing Xiaolu’s dormitory’s gate now seemed to be locked. So, the security guard’s reminder was not wrong.

” Ah ? The gate is locked…” Although Jing Xiaolu was somewhat disappointed on the surface, she was already crazily happy. Wouldn’t I be able to share a room with Yang Ming in a while?

“Yeah, it must be locked now.” The security guard nodded firmly. “You can only stay in the security building or find a hotel…”

Yang Ming could get in his dorm, but he couldn’t just walk away and leave Jing Xiaolu alone! Let Jing Xiaolu, a girl, stay in the security building alone with a group of men. How would Jing Xiaolu dare to go?

Moreover, it was not courteous to have Jing Xiaolu go out to find a hotel to stay alone. She came home so late because she was working for his company! Thinking of this, Yang Ming sighed helplessly and looked at Jing Xiaolu. “What do you say?”

The security guard was speechless to Yang Ming’s question! Are you still a man? You’re driving a luxury car handsomely, but how can you not know how to pick up a girl? You should take the initiative at this time. Doing it half-heartedly could fool the girlfriend into the hotel. Why are you asking for the girl’s opinion? How could she be able to say it bluntly?

Indeed, Jing Xiaolu was very eager to be with Yang Ming, but now she was shy in front of so many security guards. If Jing Xiaolu were alone with Yang Ming, Jing Xiaolu was not afraid of anything. She would say what she thought. Wasn’t it just pursuing a boy as a girl? What was she afraid of!?

“I’m not used to the security room…” However, Jing Xiaolu was clever. In a sentence, she also spoke out her own ideas in disguise while being reserved, not letting others look down on her.

“Then, we will stay at a hotel.” Yang Ming naturally felt that leaving Jing Xiaolu alone in the security room was inappropriate, so Yang Ming decided to help Jing Xiaolu find a hotel. After he settled her down, he would go back to the school dormitory.

Under the baffled gazes of the security guards, Yang Ming fetched Jing Xiaolu out of school.

” Hey , is your godfather a big shot? Why did the security guards immediately have a great change in their attitude when they saw it?” Jing Xiaolu asked as soon as she got in the car.

“What great change? Nonsense. You shouldn’t always look at others in prejudice.” Yang Ming glared at her. “My godfather is Liu Weishan.”

Jing Xiaolu winked. “Why not? They also helped you to pursue me. They wanted to help you make a chance to go to bed with me. Don’t think that I didn’t notice it!”

Yang Ming broke into a sweat after listening to Jing Xiaolu’s words. He almost pulled out the steering wheel. He glared with his eyes wide open. “When did they help me pursue you, let alone go to bed with me?…”

“Why can’t you?” Jing Xiaolu said smugly, “In the school, although the dormitory manager will lock the gate every night, it’s not that the gate cannot be opened. Think about it. What if there is an emergency? How can she not open the door?

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