So Pure So Flirtatious Chapter 1242

Chapter 1242: It Will Become a Tragedy If You Are Too Proud
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“Why can’t you?” Jing Xiaolu said smugly, “In school, although the dormitory manager will lock the gate every night, it’s not impossible for the door to be opened. Think about it. What if there is an emergency? How can she not open the door?

“A few days ago, a sister in our dormitory forgot the time because of her self-study in the study room. When she realized it, it was already 11:30 p.m.; the dormitory gate was closed at 10:30 p.m. She was late by more than an hour, but she could also knock until the door opened! In fact, our dormitory manager is actually a very good aunt!”

” Oh , that’s how it is.” Yang Ming nodded and turned the car around.

” Hey , what are you doing?” Jing Xiaolu saw Yang Ming turn around, and she suddenly wondered, “Why are you going back?”

“Yeah, we are going back.” Yang Ming’s face looked at Jing Xiaolu with an indescribable smile.

“Go back for what?” It was unclear if Jing Xiaolu was stupid at this time, or she deliberately pretended not to understand Yang Ming’s words.

“I’m taking you back to your dormitory. Since your sister can go back, and your dormitory manager is a good person, I believe she won’t let you sleep on the streets.” Yang Ming said with a smile.

” Ugh? Ah ?” The initial smile on Jing Xiaolu’s face instantly froze… I was really too proud just now. To show my intelligence and wisdom in front of Yang Ming, I said those words before thinking much about it. Now I am too proud of myself, so it has become a tragedy.

“What ugh ?” Yang Ming looked at Jing Xiaolu’s look and smiled. “Weren’t you very smug just now?”

“I won’t go back.” Jing Xiaolu said as she rudely grabbed the steering wheel in the hands of Yang Ming. Jing Xiaolu wasn’t a fool; she wouldn’t do it if it were daytime. That would be making fun of human life! However, there weren’t any cars around the school, and Jing Xiaolu only dared to do this after she observed her surroundings.

“Okay, don’t make trouble!” Yang Ming stopped the car helplessly. “I know that you are very assertive and very smart, but you don’t have to show off deliberately in front of me. I think that is too fake…”

“Isn’t there a reason? Why don’t you see me showing off in front of others?” Jing Xiaolu rolled her eyes and glared at Yang Ming nicely.

“I naturally understand your thoughts…” Yang Ming was helpless about Jing Xiaolu’s approach. “However, don’t relationships need to progress slowly? If we aren’t honest with each other from the beginning, and we just want to please each other, do you think such a relationship is reliable?”

Jing Xiaolu pursed her lips, aggrieved. Indeed, she deliberately pleased Yang Ming, but this was not wrong, right? Yes, what was wrong with this? Jing Xiaolu was more angry the more she thought about it. She snorted. “Then you think that two people must be honest when falling in love. They must show their true sides to each other, and they shouldn’t deliberately guess each other’s minds, and to compromise with each other, right?”

“At least, I think so…” Yang Ming nodded, but he felt a sense of uneasiness. He always felt that Jing Xiaolu was a little elvish. She wouldn’t be convinced by his words so easily, so then what did she mean by asking this?

“Really?” Jing Xiaolu suddenly revealed her previous sly smile. “Then why do you put so much effort in proposing to another woman? You even asked me to be your adviser. What are you doing then? Aren’t you deliberately pleasing and compromising with her? Don’t try not to admit it. If you didn’t think so, why didn’t you just simply buy a gift or tell her that you liked her? Isn’t it a matter of one sentence whether she accepts you or not? Why are you beating around the bush? Why are you being dishonest?”

Jing Xiaolu’s sudden questions made Yang Ming suddenly speechless. He widened his eyes and was dumbfounded! I simply put myself into this trap, and I unwittingly fell into the trap set by Jing Xiaolu.

Yang Ming really had no way around it as he sighed at Jing Xiaolu’s exceptional intelligence!

“Well, since you said so much, aren’t you just refusing to go back to school? I will just find a hotel for you. Is that alright?” Yang Ming couldn’t argue with her, so he had to compromise. “After I find a good hotel, I will go back to my dormitory.”

” En … what?” Jing Xiaolu was astounded after listening to Yang Ming’s second half of the sentence. “Why are you still going back?”

“If I don’t go back, am I going to stay with you?” Yang Ming glared at Jing Xiaolu, not knowing what she was thinking in her little head. Would I be attracted to her so easily?

” Oh …” Jing Xiaolu blushed due to Yang Ming’s straightforward question. She wasn’t a shameless person. The reason why she could say so many shameless words to Yang Ming was because of her love for Yang Ming. If it were another person, Jing Xiaolu wouldn’t say this. At least, Jing Xiaolu wasn’t even willing to allow her previous boyfriends to hold her hand, let alone go further.

In fact, Jing Xiaolu didn’t know what she wanted to do. If Yang Ming really went to the hotel with her, Jing Xiaolu would be more fearful and anxious than Yang Ming. Jing Xiaolu just thought of the result, but she didn’t think about the process.

The result was that she had become Yang Ming’s woman. This was what Jing Xiaolu was willing to accept and promote, but the process… Jing Xiaolu was a bit nervous. After all, she had never experienced it, so she really didn’t know what to do when she got there.

“No, I mean, I worked at the company so late; I haven’t eaten dinner yet. My colleagues invited me to dinner, but I was afraid that the school would be closed, so I rushed back. However, the school was still closed.” Jing Xiaolu defended herself. “I was scared by you just now, then I became hungry after all that running. I want to eat something.”

Yang Ming naturally knew that Jing Xiaolu couldn’t stay with him, so she tried to ask for the second choice, and Yang Ming didn’t expose her. Yang Ming was getting increasingly interested in Jing Xiaolu who was in front of him. She was different from her previous image as a delinquent girl. Her mind was still very meticulous.

To be honest, on Yang Ming’s side, he was indeed lacking such an adviser. Although Sun Jie could be qualified for it, Yang Ming didn’t want to ask her for many things. In the end, it was still because of her chauvinism. Sun Jie kept saying that the boyfriend she looked for must be stronger than her. How was Yang Ming willing to be inferior to her?

Jing Xiaolu was a desirable candidate instead. She would definitely become a powerful helper in the future. However, Jing Xiaolu was just too utilitarian. She always wanted to create something deliberately.

It wasn’t that Yang Ming rejected this style of ‘women wooing men.’ Zhou Jiajia was also the one who pursued Yang Ming first, but Zhou Jiajia was very shy. She wouldn’t deliberately act like she was Yang Ming’s girlfriend in front of others.

Jing Xiaolu was too eager for quick success and instant benefits. This made Yang Ming instinctively uncomfortable. It wasn’t that Yang Ming had any opinion on Jing Xiaolu’s previous image. Jing Xiaolu’s approach just made Yang Ming somewhat uncomfortable.

Yang Ming was a strong advocate of the patriarchal society. Therefore, Jing Xiaolu’s approach seemed to be very clever, but in fact, it had the opposite effect. It made Yang Ming feel controlled and restrained.

With Jing Xiaolu’s cleverness, she seemed to be aware of the problem, so she no longer asked for anything excessive. In fact, Ge Xinyao was right. She should just let things run its course.

Yang Ming shook his head with a bitter smile. He had just returned from Mount Jing, so he hadn’t eaten anything yet. However, Yang Ming was too lazy to eat alone. He planned to sleep first.

However, since Jing Xiaolu was also hungry, Yang Ming could go along with her to eat something. What’s more, Jing Xiaolu wanted Yang Ming to treat her. How could Yang Ming not know?

“What do you want to eat?” asked Yang Ming.

“KFC,” Jing Xiaolu thought about it and replied.

“It’s so late already. Is KFC still open? I remember it closes at twelve o’clock. It’s only a few minutes before twelve o’clock. We can’t make it.” Yang Ming looked at the time and said.

“I know of one open twenty-four hours,” said Jing Xiaolu. “I will take you there.”

“Alright, you show me the way. I’ll drive.” Yang Ming nodded. Many girls liked fast food like KFC. It seemed that Jing Xiaolu was no exception.

“I will drive; it’s very hard to show you the way,” said Jing Xiaolu.

“You? You know how to drive?” Yang Ming looked at Jing Xiaolu in amazement.

” Hehe …” Jing Xiaolu smiled proudly, then she took out her driver’s license from her bag and showed it to Yang Ming. “President Hou sent me to the driving school quite a while ago. It was that kind of fast-paced driving school that teaches all day long. I can take the exam after learning for a week.”

Yang Ming was helpless. Hou Zhenhan must have misunderstood some things when he saw me eating with Jing Xiaolu last time. After knowing that Jing Xiaolu didn’t have a driver’s license, he took the initiative to send her to study in the name of the company. I think the fees were reimbursed by the company.

“Then you drive.” Yang Ming opened the door, got off, and changed seats with Jing Xiaolu. Jing Xiaolu got in and started the car.

Jing Xiaolu also drove the company’s car before, but they only let their employees drive Jetta, Poussin, and the like. The best car was just a Honda CRV. Jing Xiaolu had never driven a BMW before.

Holding the steering wheel, Jing Xiaolu felt satisfied in her heart. When can I have my own BMW? Ai, but I have to rely on myself; I still have to fight for a few years. I don’t know if Yang Ming will give me a car?

As Jing Xiaolu was dreaming, she was interrupted by Yang Ming, “What are you doing? Do you want to drive?”

After Jing Xiaolu started the car, she fell into a fantasy, and the car was still parked by the roadside. Seeing that Jing Xiaolu was smirking, Yang Ming was naturally anxious.

” Oh , alright.” Jing Xiaolu quickly switched the gear and started driving.

There weren’t many cars on the road at midnight in Song Jiang. They were almost unimpeded along the way. Jing Xiaolu drove excitedly; Yang Ming was interested in watching Jing Xiaolu drive.

At this moment, Jing Xiaolu did not have a sense of beauty, driving a luxury car with simple attire. She looked just like a superior woman in the upper class.

Jing Xiaolu had discovered that Yang Ming was paying attention to her through the corner of her eye. She felt pretty delighted in her heart, thinking that Yang Ming finally knew how to appreciate her. However, the good times did not last long. Yang Ming was interrupted by the phone’s ringtone.

Yang Ming picked up the phone; Jing Xiaolu was slightly disappointed.

“Yanyan?” Yang Ming looked at the caller ID. He felt a bit puzzled. Why did Wang Xiaoyan call me in the middle of the night?

“Yang Ming, Wang Kejin called and told me that Sui Yuejin is dead…” Wang Xiaoyan said while lowering her voice.

“What! He’s dead?” Yang Ming suddenly burst into shock; he nearly dropped the phone. “How did he die?”

I just reached an agreement with Sui Yuejin and also hoped to use his hand to mess up Tian Long. He was guilty. But I did not expect this to happen after a few hours. Sui Yuejin died?

“He was shot by someone,” said Wang Xiaoyan. “Wang Kejin went to Sui Yuejin, trying to get rid of him. He was afraid that Sui Yuejin would say something that will tarnish the reputation of our family’s assassin group. But after you left the Immortal Building, another black-shirted man entered the building. According to Wang Kejin’s judgment, the people in the building were killed by him.”

Yang Ming listened to Wang Xiaoyan’s words and suddenly frowned. If it were Wang Kejin who killed Sui Yuejin, Yang Ming wouldn’t bother about it. After all, Wang Kejin did it to protect the family’s interests. However, why was there a third party?

Black-shirted man? On which side was the black-shirted man? Why did he kill Sui Yuejin?

“You wait for me; I will go to you now!” Yang Ming took a deep breath and said in a hurry. He must see Wang Kejin again; he needed to ask in detail.

A black-shirted man appeared inexplicably; Yang Ming was somewhat depressed.

“Not now!” Wang Xiaoyan refused directly. “Sister Zhao Ying is at my house. I am calling you in the bathroom. Don’t come over…”

” Ah ? Zhao Ying is there too?” Yang Ming was stunned.

” En , I met her at school today, then we came back together at night.” Wang Xiaoyan said, “I will tell you the specifics tomorrow. I have been in the bathroom for a long time already.”

As soon as Wang Xiaoyan spoke, there was Zhao Ying’s voice, “Yanyan, why are you still in the bathroom? What’s taking you so long? Are you alright?”

” Ah … Sister Ying, I’m cleaning my face; I have a few pimples on my face…” Wang Xiaoyan explained quickly, then she lowered the voice and said, “Yang Ming, I won’t talk to you now; I’m hanging up!”

Yang Ming heard that Zhao Ying was at Wang Xiaoyan’s home. It seemed that he couldn’t go to Wang Xiaoyan tonight. He could only wait until tomorrow.

Jing Xiaolu initially thought that Yang Ming was leaving and was disappointed. However, Yang Ming might not be going after hearing his words.

According to Jing Xiaolu, this KFC was located near the seaside. There was a spa that opened day and night, so most of the nearby restaurants were open 24 hours.

“The KFC here, as well as the train station and the airport nearby, are open 24 hours, but there are more people near the train station, and the airport is too far, so we came here.” Jing Xiaolu parked the car in the parking lot in front of the KFC and said to Yang Ming.

“How do you remember the route so clearly? It seems that you come here often to eat.” Yang Ming did not expect Jing Xiaolu to know so much.

“Of course, Sister Xinyao used to invite me to eat here…” Jing Xiaolu took a long sigh. “At that time, I hadn’t made money myself, and my family was very poor. It was hard to eat a meal with meat. Sister Xinyao saw that, so she often brought me here to eat…”

Yang Ming nodded. He naturally understood Jing Xiaolu’s bitterness. His family was once poor too, but it was still better than Jing Xiaolu’s family. Even so, his father ordered a good meal from the restaurant, but he often refused to eat and would always leave it for Yang Ming…

“Let’s go in.” Yang Ming locked the car and walked into the KFC alongside Jing Xiaolu.

It was already past twelve o’clock, but there were still nearly half of the diners here. It could be seen why a twenty-four-hour business existed here.

“I have a student card; it is very cheap.” Jing Xiaolu took her student ID card and a discount card from the bag, shaking them in front of Yang Ming.

Jing Xiaolu now started to earn money from her work, but she also budgeted carefully. With this kind of discount, she certainly wouldn’t let it go. It must be known that the student card was cheaper than the coupon!

Yang Ming glanced at the discount card in Jing Xiaolu’s hand that was printed from the computer. He secretly thought Jing Xiaolu was thoughtful.

Jing Xiaolu showed the student ID card and the discount card in her hand to order; Yang Ming ordered only a set with a burger and a cola plus a piece of original flavored chicken. Jing Xiaolu didn’t order burgers, but she ordered sweets such as sundaes, egg tarts, french fries, and something else.

After the two ordered the meal, Jing Xiaolu took the lead to find a couple’s swing to sit down, but after sitting down, she suddenly remembered that Yang Ming didn’t like this. She quickly stood up again and said to Yang Ming, “We… should change to another seat; let’s not sit here…”

Seeing Jing Xiaolu’s pitiful look, Yang Ming couldn’t bear to say anything more. “Just sit here; I think it’s good.”

After getting Yang Ming’s approval, Jing Xiaolu was very happy, but she also understood Yang Ming’s temper! That was to ask Yang Ming’s opinion before making a decision. As long as she made herself look pitiful, Yang Ming would obey her meaning.

Just as Jing Xiaolu picked up her tray and stood up, a bald-headed young man sat down on the swing behind Jing Xiaolu, and then smugly waved to a girl not far away. “Xiao Hong, come here! I found a seat!”

Yang Ming frowned as he saw the bald-headed young man’s action. Although the couple swing was a public place, he and Jing Xiaolu were standing in front of the table. It was obvious that they wanted to sit here. Anyone with eyes could see that. How could this bald-headed young man not see it?

He looked around with his 360-degree vision and found that there was only one couple swing in the restaurant. However, Yang Ming was too lazy to care about this person without social ethics. He frowned and said to Jing Xiaolu, “Let’s take another seat.”

If Jing Xiaolu were the previous her, she would be outraged now. She got into a conflict previously with Yang Ming for the first time because of a seat problem, but now, Jing Xiaolu had changed a lot. She wasn’t as competitive as she used to be. Although she hated the bald-headed man to death, it was so difficult to get Yang Ming’s approval to sit. They took the seat from them instead. But Jing Xiaolu didn’t say much; she sat with Yang Ming at an ordinary dining table on the side.

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