Super Evolution Chapter 5

Ye Feng believed to a point that one would just have to look for the fragile part of the body of the monster, and keep fighting; he didnt believe that he couldnt beat it down! Ye Feng was a person
who would never accept defeat, a person who would never give up.

As the saying goes beat the snake at seven inches, thats what this was all about; a suitable phrase for the situation.

Ye Feng also understood the truth: although it was an easy thing to say hed never give up, in actuality, it was a difficult thing to do. After all, its not like a zombie would simply stand still and let you whack at it.

Besides, this zombie was so large that if you took it head-on, you would definitely lose. You couldnt beat it using only brute strength. You had to use your wits.

The zombie shuffled its massive self towards Ye Feng. It was about to lunge for him again.

What to do? Ye Fengs mind was a mess, ceaselessly trying to think of a solution.

At this point, Yen Feng was already close to the wall, sweat soaking his whole back. He was in a rush, and had been thinking about a countermeasure; and soon, there was no way to go because
a wall had blocked his retreat.

A wall? Wait, an idea flashed through his mind. Ive got it!

Ye Fengs lips curved upwards.

This method wasnt very good though, and it was quite dangerous. If he couldnt make it, he would be eaten. But to him, it was worth a try. If he could escape, thatd be good, but if he couldnt escape, its just a matter of bad luck and theres nothing he could do
about it now.

Faced with the giant zombie coming at him again, Ye Feng also had no time to think and directly gave up fighting with it head-on.

He then placed all his power into his legs. At present, the giant zombie had already rushed in front of him, raising its claws and swiped. His claw was almost about to reach Ye Fengs chest.

It was at this moment, Ye Feng evaded. He had crouched down, and with a quick twist of his leg, dodged past the front of the zombie. It was a one-breath move, no excess movements; the whole process did not exceed 5 seconds.

Then he heard a bang. The zombie had rushed too fast, and was too late to stop itslef, and its body slammed onto the wall.

The wall shook.

By the time he looked back, Ye Feng had run off to a good two meters. Seeing the now cracked wall, he was shocked for a while, but he felt relieved. If he hadnt evaded in time, he would probably have been smashed into pieces by that thing.

The zombie had not fallen. It wriggled its body and tried to turn around. Ye Feng did not dare to pause even for a moment; taking the advantage of the gap in time when the zombie hit the wall, he hefted the steel pipe in his hand, and charged forward, aiming at the giant
zombies left leg, and whacked it. Following that, he landed a dozen more hits. Suddenly, the zombies left leg broke, and with it, its balance. It fell down.

It seemed the method was quite effective, but fortunately, just now because of its poor brain, Ye Feng knew that it would be slow to respond. Therefore, he was able to escape. He just had
to time this point exactly and close the distance between him and the wall. This
guy was huge, the impact and acceleration was certainly not slow. As long as he
hid in time, it would certainly hit the wall. In this way, there is a chance to
close this gap, and give it a blow. That was his idea.

When Ye Feng was ready to completely end its life, the danger was already closing in on him. At this time, that group of zombies he had worried over had shuffled in. Seeing such a large group, Ye Feng had a gloomy feeling. He had been busy fighting the zombie just now and
almost forgot about the group heading for him. A few zombies, it was still
ok. Motherf**k! Now this group came up. This was bad. It was impossible not
to tear himself away at the moment. He was not a superman who can fight a group; he was just a
man, a common man. Although his strength was a little bit higher, but how could
he fight a crowd?

Ye Feng turned and prepared to run away; he didnt dare to stay any further, damn it.

Hey, hey! Wait for me, Im still here! You cant just leave me! the woman who was standing not too far from him shouted and ran towards Ye Feng, fearing he would abandoned

Looking at this troublesome woman, Ye Yeng headache grew worse. Although he hadnt had a good impression of her, but it was also thanks to her help that there were not so many difficulties. But this woman was not bad-hearted. He couldnt leave her here right now; he must take her
out first.

At this moment, she had caught up to him. He had no time to think too much about it, so he pulled on her arm, and rushed to the stairway, regardless of whether she could keep up.

Fortunately Ye Feng was on the second floor, which was close to the ground, so they were able to quickly go downstairs.

Ye Feng looked at the street and found that there were only a few scattered zombies. He let out a breath. The fight upstairs didnt attract other local zombies.

But the danger wasnt completely gone, because the zombie was still chasing Ye Feng. Many zombies desperately jumped down from the second floor, directly falling onto the ground. The black blood splashed all over the ground; its stench nauseating.

Some zombies broke their arms, and some broke their legs even though it was still close to the ground. They would then drag their bodies up with a hand, bare their fangs and open their claws; behind were long trails of blood.

Hey, what are you waiting for? Run faster, these demonic fiends are coming back the woman next to him shouted at Ye Feng in fear.


On the street, a few zombies who were the nearest to him heard the womans voice and started moving towards them.

At the moment, more zombies were already rushing down,

This really was a wave of ups and downs. Ye Feng really admired her brainlessness, and with that, a sudden burst anger flared in him.

Keep your mouth shut! Shouting so loud will attract more zombies in the area to come over; dont you know common sense?! Do you know that these zombies are the trouble youre bringing me! Do you wish to give me more trouble, eh?

When the woman heard Ye Fengs words, she suddenly got choked.


Soon afterwards, the womans eyes become red, and tears started streaming down her cheeks. She looked quite pitiful. Any man who saw her in this state would probably start to feel some compassion for her.

Watching the girl who started crying, Ye Feng couldnt help but feel guilty. He was just very disgusted, but it seemed like some of his words were quite direct and quite heavy and he hadn practically seemed to care about her feelings.

But Ye Feng couldnt take care of her feelings at this time, no matter how much he hated himself in his heart, and that was because everywhere there was danger. They needed to get somewhere safe first. Then, they had to find food. Not too far away was a large shopping mall; they had to go there to find supplies.

There were zombies around them, and of that, too many zombies at their backs. It was impossible to try and fight them all.
The number of zombies in front of them was relatively less, so they could only go

Ye Feng directed the woman with him and ran towards the big shopping mall not too far ahead.

Along the way, the woman was livid. When had she ever been so wronged? No one had ever dared to yell at her or dared to shout at her like that. To be exact, only she could be angry
at others; who dared to do this to her? But today thinking until this point, she
felt especially sullen, and felt even angrier until she cried. Humph! Ill get back at you sooner or later! Ill let you scold me, let you annoy me, let you make me cry She grinded her teeth hard, cant wait to bite him at this point.

While she had been holding hands with him, woman was staring at Ye Feng. Well, in fact, he looked handsome. Especially when he shouted at her, he was manly Oops! What is happening? What am I thinking? Why am I praising him? I should hate him; I should be disgusted with him! How dare he make me angry, I am so angry now! He even made me cry,
how shameful but he saved me and he is not my enemy, why do I hate him so
much, argh So annoying, no, he made me angry anyway, and Im not happy, well, hes
a bad guy anyway

If Ye Feng knew what went through the womans mind, he would probably be mortified. He himself was anxiously thinking about how to get rid of the danger and how to find food as soon as possible. His mind was practically a mess, but you are so lucky, still being able to think about the small stuff even now

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