Super God Gene Chapter 1775

Chapter 1775 White Feather Dyed Red

“Do they know about Xina?” Han Sen wondered to himself.

He was not afraid, but Stay Up Late had only just become a Baron. He could not return to the sanctuary, so it’d be dangerous if the Feathers thought about going after him, too.

“Which one of you is Kong Fei?” the leader of the Feathers asked coldly.

Han Sen felt relieved by this; the Feathers hadn’t come here looking for him. They wanted Kong Fei.

“I am Kong Fei. Why have you come looking for me? If you want me to pay you back, I have no money to do so. Killing me will be a futile endeavor.” Kong Fei opened his hands in a helpless gesture.

“Was it you who killed a Feather on Rock Mountain in xenogeneic space?” the Feather asked Kong Fei in an ominous tone.

“I don’t remember if I did.” Kong Fei shook his head.

The Feather grunted coldly and said, “It is fine if you do not wish to admit it, but we’ll still happily make you pay with your blood here and now.”

After that, the Feather flapped his wings and flew towards Kong Fei. He performed a strike.

The swordlight was like a rainbow, soaring through the air towards Kong Fei.

Kong Fei evaded the swordlight, as Han Sen and Stay Up Late also dodged to the sides. Unfortunately, the tractor was cut in half.

The Feather went straight for Kong Fei, as the other Feather led the Kate to Han Sen and Stay Up Late.

“We have nothing to do with this. We don’t even know him, and we were just hitching a ride with the guy!” Han Sen shouted.

“Then you picked the wrong vehicle to ride in.” The Feather grunted and swung his sword at Han Sen without any hesitation.

Han Sen felt dismayed by this action. Those that were considered higher races never seemed to like diplomacy and reasoning.

But fortunately for Han Sen and Stay Up Late, the Feather was merely a Baron. The group of Kate were mostly commoners, with two Barons in their midst.

Stay Up Late’s geno armament became a set of armor. He went for the Feather Baron while Han Sen went to deal with the Kate.

Although Stay Up Late had only just become a Baron, his fighting experience was still there, and it led to him being a more formidable fighter than the Feather that challenged him. He was better than the Feather, but the Feather seemed to be at an advantage.

Han Sen ran as the Kate tried to surround him. He didn’t want to kill them, but he did not enjoy running.

Han Sen did not know what was going on, and he didn’t want to kill anyone without even knowing why. The last thing he wanted was to make more enemies. That would not be a very wise thing to do.

What the Feathers wanted was Kong Fei. The Feather fighting Kong Fei was no weaker than Xina had been, but he wasn’t able to damage Kong Fei in the least.

Kong Fei moved swiftly, and the Feather was unable to even brush his clothing.

“Good techniques.” Han Sen was shocked. He watched Kong Fei’s energy stream. He had initially assumed him to be a Baron at the most.

Witnessing his talent in battle, Han Sen knew this was a character that wasn’t as simple as he first appeared. While his skills weren’t very complicated, they were very deep. Han Sen wouldn’t dare say he was better than Kong Fei was.

When Han Sen looked at Kong Fei, he noticed that the man wasn’t even focusing on the Feather, either. It was like while Han Sen was watching him, he was watching Stay Up Late and Han Sen.

Kong Fei noticed Han Sen was looking at him, so he beamed a smile. It looked rather nice, and it shocked Han Sen.

After the smile, Kong Fei pulled a feather from his clothing and drew an invisible sigil in the air.

The feather he used did not touch anyone, and it simply waved through the air. But somehow, it now looked bloody. The blood on the white feather was very obvious to see. It came running down the feather itself. Where it actually came from, Han Sen had no idea.


A second later, Han Sen knew exactly where the blood was coming from. The two Feathers and the Kate stopped chasing them. They all put their hands on their necks, screaming in agony. But the blood still poured through the gaps in their fingers. Eventually, they all crumpled to the ground twitching. Their ability to breathe was snatched from them shortly after.

Han Sen and Stay Up Late were scared. They could not figure out how Kong Fei had managed to kill them all with his feather.

Kong Fei held on to the feather. He swished it back and forth, and the blood all vanished. He put the clean feather back into his clothing. He smiled to Han Sen and Stay Up Late. “Do you still want to go to Mosi Mountain?”

“I guess now we have to.” Han Sen had a wry smile.

It was not a coincidence that the Feathers had blocked them there, of all places. But if the Feathers found out Han Sen and Stay Up Late had accompanied Kong Fei in the slaughter, splitting up wouldn’t make a difference. They’d still be chased down.

“Then let’s go.” Kong Fei walked forward two steps and then thought of something. He came back and knelt. He started looting the dead bodies, while saying, “Since you guys are dead, you won’t need your things. Let me use them on your behalf.”

Before Han Sen and Stay Up Late could react, Kong Fei had rummaged through all the dead bodies. He had taken everything he could find, almost going so far as to look inside the underwear of the corpses.

Han Sen and Stay Up Late knew that Kong Fei’s road would be a perilous one, and that wasn’t the last they’d see of the Feathers. But they did not know why Kong Fei was happy to accept their company and bring them with him.

Han Sen didn’t have to be too afraid, as he could always slip into the sanctuary. But Stay Up Late could not do that, and Han Sen would have to find a way to protect him.

“Brother Han, I saw your moveset. It is quite good. Where’d you learn your style?” On the road, Kong Fei asked Han Sen this with much interest

“I didn’t learn it from anyone. I learned it all myself,” Han Sen said.

Kong Fei was shocked to hear this, and he smiled. “That’s great.”

After that, Kong Fei did not ask any more questions. He simply lowered his head and continued walking.

After a few miles, they heard aircraft in the sky above them. A very advanced aircraft hovered high above. Seeing the model, they could tell it did not belong to the Kate. The Kate did not have the ability to create advanced aircraft. They could only create helicopters. This must have come from another planet.

The aircraft slowly approached, and before Han Sen and Stay Up Late could see what they wanted, Kong Fei pulled out his feather and drew something invisible across the sky again.


The aircraft in the sky was cut in half, and it fell down in two balls of fire. They landed on two different fields, forming two large craters.

Kong Fei acted like nothing happened, and he put the feather back into his clothing.

Han Sen and Stay Up Late looked at each other. It looked as if Kong Fei was even stronger than they thought.

No. Not just stronger.

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