Supreme Uprising Chapter 740

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Luo Yunyang was analyzing the Blood Transformation Blade Technique in a deep cave within the mountain. Right now, he appeared to be training in seclusion.

The Blood Transformation Blade Technique, which was one-third complete, was essentially a hollow technique that contained only the blade’s might but no corresponding conjuring method.

The reason he was studying it was because there was nothing to do. The Great Radiance Technique he had received required gradual improvement.

After increasing his mind power many times, Luo Yunyang realized that this sort of adjustment wasn’t very effective. Even though the flawed Blood Transformation Blade Technique improved significantly in terms of power after Luo Yunyang utilized his Heavenly Venerate consciousness to aggregate it, it was still very inferior to his Sky Blade Seven Cleaves.

Without the corresponding power, even elite techniques would become empty shells.

The Primeval Underworld Monarch’s Bloodied Sea seemed to match the power of the Blood Transformation Blade Technique the most. However, the two techniques were vastly different.

If the Blood Transformation Blade Technique was a huge blade, then the Primeval Underworld Monarch was just a small infant.

One might not be able to hurt oneself by using the strength of an infant to mobilize a huge blade, but the power executed was minimal.

It was just like wielding a toy blade.

On the upside, the amount of Divine Crystals used to purchase it was rather small and could be considered the icing compared to the purchase of the Five Divine Feathers.

Just as Luo Yunyang was about to discard the Blood Transformation Blade Technique, the demonic aura being suppressed by the Cleansing Glass Flame Technique began to react.

Luo Yunyang furrowed his brows. The disruption caused by the demonic aura was unbearable, so he was prepared to use the Cleansing Glass Flame Technique to seal it again.

However, when Luo Yunyang was about to make his move, he suddenly felt the demonic aura enter his hands.

The demonic aura was guiding his hand to execute the moves of the Blood Transformation Blade Technique.

Was the demonic aura using the Blood Transformation Blade Technique?

After pondering this for a moment, Luo Yunyang immediately conjured his Chaotic Four-Origin Beast and erected the Bloodied Sea Clone. Luo Yunyang didn’t want to take chances by exposing himself to danger, even though his Cleansing Glass Flame Technique was suppressing the demonic aura.

His mind shook for a moment when the Primeval Underworld Monarch executed the Blood Transformation Blade Technique with the assistance of the demonic aura. He felt a force that was much stronger than the Blood Transformation Blade Technique surging in his mind.

This force was extremely terrifying and incomparably vast.

Luo Yunyang had only utilized a small trace of the demonic aura. The results would have been unimaginable if he had expended all of it.

After taking in a cold breath, Luo Yunyang decided to keep the Blood Transformation Blade Technique. Although it seemed like he had found a way to execute the blade technique in a much stronger manner, the eeriness of the demonic aura made him want to avoid using it.

At the very least, he wouldn’t use it unless he had to.

Three days passed quickly. When Luo Yunyang exited his cave residence, a disciple from the Three Era Supreme Sect was already waiting for him outside.

“Senior Brother Luo, the Everlasting Sky Podium is in this direction. Please follow me.” The disciple was very well-mannered.

However, Luo Yunyang could see through his facade immediately, as he sensed his hostility. Still, because of the difference in their status, the disciple had no choice but to rein in his emotions.

“Where’s Qing Mo?” Luo Yunyang asked casually. After all, Qing Mo was always the one attending to him.

“Senior Brother Qing Mo has other arrangements, so the elders instructed me to accompany you, Senior Brother Luo. Please feel free to let me know if you need anything. I’ll do my best to assist you.”

The disciple had a smooth tongue and sounded very calm.

From the looks of it, he was one of the core disciples of the Three Era Supreme Sect. Luo Yunyang nodded in acknowledgment. “Lead the way then!”

Although the disciple appeared calm on the surface, he was feeling nervous deep down.

Luo Yunyang had beaten up Chengfeng on the flagpole and thus frightened most of the disciples of the Three Era Supreme Sect. While they knew that Luo Yunyang would never lay his hands on ordinary disciples like them, it was still hard to erase the fear rooted deeply in their hearts.

“Senior Brother, I’ve arranged a Tri-Dragon Chariot. Let’s head over together!” the disciple suggested after suppressing the fear inside him.

Tri-Dragon Chariot? This was the first time Luo Yunyang had heard this name. He grinned as he answered, “Alright, since we can use a chariot, we might as well take it.”

In the blink of an eye, three four-clawed flood dragons of similar color raised the battle chariot and flew forward along with it.

Each of the three flood dragons was at the initial stage of the Celestial Domain Grade. If they hadn’t been located in the Three Era Supreme Sect, they would have been a dominating presence in their respective regions. However, they were simply working horses in the sky now.

Luo Yunyang could see the dim light in the dragons’ eyes. Obviously, they had gotten used to pulling the battle chariot long ago and had no qualms about it.

The speed of the Tri-Dragon Chariot was lightning-quick, and almost all the disciples hurriedly avoided it when the chariot dashed forward.

While he was on the battle chariot, Luo Yunyang overlooked the three sacred mountains, which were arranged in a triangular shape, and saw the boundless spiritual energy that flooded the majestic land. However, he also felt a great looming fear every time he shot a glance at those mountains, especially when he glanced at the three huge statues of the Divine Lords that were erected at the peak of the divine mountains.

Although the three Divine Lords looked very calm, it would be very devastating if they went into a frenzy.

“Senior Brother, the Everlasting Sky Podium is just in front of us!” The disciple tasked to accompany Luo Yunyang sat at the front of the chariot, brandishing a whip while pointing towards a large podium floating in the sky.

Luo Yunyang didn’t pay much attention to the podium. His eyes were instead focused on the crowd that had gathered below it.

That’s right. An area of thousands of miles was covered with people. When Luo Yunyang looked over, all these people looked back at him as well.

“That’s Luo Yunyang. Luo Yunyang from the Glazed Titan Sect!” some people exclaimed when they saw him.

“Luo Yunyang is truly exceptional. No wonder that he can challenge the Zongzi considering that he’s a Glazed Titan Sect disciple.”

“Galaxy-Grade at dawn, Celestial Domain-Grade at dusk. He’s a man of character!”

This commotion wasn’t exactly loud, but it was unrestrained. Even the disciple accompanying Luo Yunyang could hear it loud and clear.

“Senior Brother Luo, all the subsidiary sects are here,” the disciple said gently.

Luo Yunyang had originally thought that he knew enough about the conflict between the main sect and the subsidiary sects. However, he finally realized how deeply rooted the problem was after seeing the bloodshot eyes of the disciples of the subsidiary sects.

Luo Yunyang could see the reverence and admiration on the faces of the strangers below him…

“Yunyang!” As Luo Yunyang was lost deep in his thoughts, Yue Liuli shouted his name and flew over immediately.

The disciple on the chariot frowned. Although he was about to speak, he shut his mouth immediately after getting a closer look at Yue Liuli’s figure and realizing instantly who she was.

“Greetings, Sect Master!” Luo Yunyang glanced at Yue Liuli’s expression and knew immediately that she had something to tell him. Thus, he flew towards her at once.

“Greetings, Sect Master!” Luo Yunyang greeted her respectfully.

Yue Liuli hesitated for a moment before appearing in front of Luo Yunyang suddenly. Her slim, smooth hands reached out and grabbed Luo Yunyang’s palms right away.

It would have been normal for a male elder to act in such a manner. However, Yue Liuli was a woman.

As Luo Yunyang was surprised by her action, a stream of information entered his mind through Yue Liuli’s palms.

This information included the secret techniques of the Glazed Titan Sect and many records of the Eternal Divine Mountain Sacred Technique of the Three Era Supreme Sect.

“Yunyang, no matter what happens, you have to remember this. Just do whatever you can. We’ll just admit defeat if you can’t win,” Yue Liuli mumbled sincerely.

As she was saying that, another trace of sound that was emitted by Yue Liuli entered Luo Yunyang’s mind. “The three main sects must be very confident in winning if they are acting in such a manner. I do not know what sort of hidden trump cards they have, so you must be very careful.”

Luo Yunyang nodded his head in acknowledgment. “Got it. Thank you, Sect Master.”

Yue Liuli let go of his hands after sending all this information and moved aside. However, she did not leave. She just stood silently in mid-air.

Luo Yunyang did not proceed with the battle chariot. Instead, he took flight in the air and flew towards the Everlasting Sky Podium. He did not know what the people from the Three Era Supreme Sect had planned for him, but he wasn’t afraid at all thanks to his exceptional strength.

“Ha ha ha… What a touching scene. So warm and emotional!” Sky Origin Zongzi emerged as his tyrannical laughter was heard. He was clad in golden battle armor. Bathed in golden radiance, he looked exactly like an invincible deity.

The surrounding atmosphere seemed to freeze for a moment when he landed on the podium. The subsidiary sect disciples, who had originally been discussing among themselves, suddenly found it suffocating to even speak. It felt as if something was exerting pressure on them.

Luo Yunyang glared at Sky Origin Zongzi. He felt immense changes on him compared to their last meeting in the Divine Sacred Hall.

Luo Yunyang couldn’t pinpoint exactly what sort of changes had taken place momentarily. However, his consciousness told him that Sky Origin Zongzi had become extremely terrifying.

It seemed as if a monstrous demon was hiding inside his body!

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