Supreme Uprising Chapter 741

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Buddha Sacred Mountain, Present Buddha Hall!

The three Sect Masters were sitting on their thrones. However, Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master’s expression wasn’t looking good. More importantly, the Eternal Pestle that used to float on top of his head was nowhere to be found.

“300 subsidiary sects have gathered. Let’s head over as well!” Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master announced.

Even though he hadn’t received any reports from his subordinates, he still knew everything that was happening within the Eternal Sacred Mountain.

Immeasurable Sacred Mountain Sect Master and Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master nodded their heads in acknowledgment. “Alright.”

As soon as the conversation was over, their thrones took flight in the air and zoomed towards the Everlasting Sky Podium.

Their disciples surrounded the thrones and guarded their surroundings with flags and gongs, looking extremely impressive.

Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master glanced coldly at the subsidiary sect disciples, who were like tiny ants, and lamented. “There are too many subsidiary sects!”

Usually, such a large number of subsidiary sects implied that the main sect was flourishing. However, Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master sounded as if he was disgusted by them.

Immeasurable Sacred Mountain Sect Master furrowed his brows when he heard that. Although he wanted to comment, after glancing at Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master, he decided to remain silent.

“Ants will always be ants, no matter how many there are!” Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master said coldly, “However, without rules, there will be no order. Without rules, there will be chaos everywhere. This time, Sky Origin better not disappoint me.”

“Sky Origin has a special affinity for the Eternal Pestle. He will not let you down!” Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master exclaimed confidently.

As their thrones arrived on the Long Sky Podium, a deep gong sound echoed through the sky. “All disciples kneel before the Sect Masters.”

The voice was very imposing. When it echoed through the sky, it stunned the subsidiary sect disciples that had initially been cheering on Luo Yunyang.

They glanced at one another for a moment and hesitated. However, just as they were trying to make a decision, the sect masters of the subsidiary sects started to kneel in the direction of the void, where the voice came from. “This loyal subordinate would like to pay his respects to the Sect Masters. Long live the Sect Masters!”

Thousands of people greeted them at once, spreading a massive wave of sound in the surrounding area.

On the Everlasting Sky Podium, everyone except Luo Yunyang and Sky Origin was already on their knees.

Sky Origin watched the mass of people prostrating and realized that this was his aspiration.

He could not lose his Zongzi’s position. One day, he would become a sect master with the power to control the lives of countless people under his reign. He desired to overlook commoners and control their fate!

Luo Yunyang, on the contrary, appeared more unperturbed. Although the status of the three sect masters was rather great, Luo Yunyang’s status in the Divine Union wasn’t inferior either. Luo Yunyang might not have such a grand arrangement, but he didn’t care about such things.

“Recover!” Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master sounded very imposing as he swept his eyes across the people below and commanded them. “The sects masters from all the subsidiary sects must step forward now.”

When the command was issued, all the sect masters from the subsidiary sects took flight at once and flew towards the thrones before greeting the three sect masters.

Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master glanced at these sect masters and asked, “Is Yue Liuli here already?”

Yue Liuli was standing behind the crowd. When she heard her name, she walked to the front and greeted respectfully Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master. “Greetings, Sect Master. Yue Liuli is here.”

“The Glazed Titan Sect is not too bad, is it? Nurturing a genius like Luo Yunyang must have taken a lot of effort from you, Yue Liuli. I’ll reward you by making you eligible to enter the Sacred Mountain Scenic Land and cultivate for 100 days!”

The Sacred Mountain Scenic Land was a hidden area located within the three Sacred Mountains. The benefits of cultivating in it were abundant, and many of the elders of the Three Era Supreme Sect left their cultivation insight into various techniques in it. One would be able to obtain a very good cultivation technique if the opportunity was presented.

During all these years, only certain people from the subsidiary sects that had contributed massively to the Three Era Supreme Sect had been able to enter the hidden area to cultivate. Hence, many people were envious of Yue Liuli when she received this reward.

Luo Yunyang secretly admired Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master when he saw Yue Liuli cup her hands in gratitude. Although Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master’s actions appeared ordinary, this small reward not only established his imposing grandeur as a sect master, but it also managed to suppress the subsidiary sect martialists who were getting restless and impatient with the main sect.

“The Three Era Supreme Sect ancestor allowed the subsidiary sects to challenge the main sect for the Zongzi’s position. However, over the years, no such challenges that would have heralded the prosperity of the Three Era Supreme Sect have occurred.”

“Now, Luo Yunyang is challenging Sky Origin Zongzi. This is indeed a joyous event. Thus, I now formally announce the start of the challenge.”

Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master waved his sleeves and said unquestionably, “Blades and swords are fair game, but both of you should be careful.”

Luo Yunyang did not respond. Instead, it was Sky Origin Zongzi who cupped his hands in response. “Sect Masters, I have cultivated a rather tyrannical technique. If anything deadly happens, I hope the Sect Masters can forgive me.”

Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master remained silent. Only Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master replied, “Since this is a formal challenge, do your very best. Luo Yunyang will not be held responsible if he manages to hurt you either.”

“I understand!” Sky Origin smirked when he heard that.

“Junior Brother Luo, blade and swords are fair game. Let’s begin!” Sky Origin brandished his arms as he spoke heartily.

Luo Yunyang was inwardly sneering at Sky Origin and Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master’s acting. Hence, after hearing what Sky Origin said, he decided not to hold back either and executed his Cleansing Glass Flame Technique, which turned his entire body into a ball of purple flame.

His fist blasted a tremendous punch towards Sky Origin at once. It was the Great Titan Mark!

Although Luo Yunyang had plenty of techniques he could utilize, he still decided to use the Glazed Titan Sect’s ultimate move: the Great Titan Mark. When the purple titan mark appeared, it transformed into a massive mighty intent.

Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master secretly praised Luo Yunyang when he saw the Great Titan Mark. He was, after all, a sect master of the Three Era Supreme Sect so he naturally had an in-depth knowledge of the various techniques the sects possessed.

The Great Titan Mark was easy to cultivate but extremely hard to master. Once a cultivator was able to master it, the impact of the mark would be exceptional.

Although it couldn’t be compared to the secret techniques of their sect, it wasn’t that inferior. Not only had Luo Yunyang managed to condense his Cleansing Glass Flame into a Divine Flame, but he had even mastered the Great Titan Mark Technique. Thus, he could be considered a rare genius in the Three Era Supreme Sect.

However, it was a pity that he was a member of a subsidiary sect.

Sky Origin also made his move at the same time as Luo Yunyang. However, when he executed his technique, everyone present was stunned. Sky Origin Zongzi hadn’t executed his Eternal Wisdom Mark. Instead, he had executed the Great Titan Mark Technique too!

The Great Titan Mark was one of the secret techniques handed down the Three Era Supreme Sect. As the Eternal Sacred Mountain Zongzi, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Sky Origin knew how to use the Great Titan Mark Technique. However, why would a Zongzi execute this move at such a moment?

Was he deliberately trying to go easy on Luo Yunyang, or was he so confident in his abilities that he believed he could crush Luo Yunyang directly? The people who had supported Luo Yunyang initially began to worry when they thought of that.

“Senior Brother Luo has mastered the Great Titan Mark. Sky Origin is simply courting…” Lu Xiaolian, who had always secretly admired Luo Yunyang, couldn’t control her anger as she shouted after seeing Sky Origin Zongzi make his move.

Sky Origin Zongzi’s Great Titan Mark was so majestically dazzling that it seemed unstoppable. However, it still appeared somewhat lacking compared to Luo Yunyang’s.

This wouldn’t have been too obvious if he had been the only one executing it. However, when the two marks collided, the difference became apparent.

“This child!” Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master gasped as if he was scolding his pampered kid. While it sounded like he was blaming Sky Origin, this was actually praise.

The two massive Great Titan Marks collided in the void heavily. While Luo Yunyang was merely testing the waters with this move, he could feel the overbearingly destructive force hidden in Sky Origin’s Great Titan Mark.

Even though Luo Yunyang’s Great Titan Mark was filled with Cleansing Glass Flame and could even be considered extremely powerful, it still crumbled in mid-air when it faced this overbearing destructive force.

The purple palm turned into dust in the void, the surging force making Luo Yunyang retreat by a couple of steps.

Although Luo Yunyang hadn’t planned on defeating Sky Origin Zongzi in a single move, the gap in power between them surprised him.

“Your Great Titan Mark isn’t that impressive anyway!” Sky Origin Zongzi sneered at Luo Yunyang.

Everyone in the Glazed Titan Sect stiffened. The Glazed Titan Sect was famous for its Cleansing Glass Flame Technique and Great Titan Mark Technique. If Luo Yunyang was defeated at this challenge by Sky Origin Zongzi’s Titan Mark, then the title of overestimating one’s abilities would forever be his.

As the sect master, Yue Liuli certainly did not want this to happen.

“Come again!” Sky Origin Zongzi chuckled. “Just unleash whatever techniques you have. Feel free to do so! I’m going to show you today that an ignorant person like you cannot challenge a Zongzi.”

Luo Yunyang glanced towards the cocky Sky Origin and baited him. “Really? Isn’t it too early for you to brag? Alright then, we’ll see who’s ignorant soon.”

Instantly, Luo Yunyang executed his Great Titan Mark again. However, this time, he used the Mahākāśyapa Titan Mark that he had comprehended by himself.

Sky Origin almost simultaneously executed the Great Titan Mark as well!

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