Supreme Uprising Chapter 742

Chapter 742: Fighting Fire With Fire
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“The Eternal Pestle doesn’t disappoint indeed!” Profound Calm Zongzi lamented as he watched Sky Origin Zongzi use the Great Titan Mark once again.

Out of the three Zongzis, Wise Elegant Zongzi remained some distance away from Profound Calm Zongzi. It could be said that he could rival Profound Calm Zongzi’s potential.

Right now, his eyes were glowing with a hint of envy as he looked at Sky Origin Zongzi. He was also jealous of the Eternal Pestle.

As an ultimate treasure of the sect, it could be considered wonderful. Although it was in Sky Origin Zongzi’s body and only displayed 1% of its power, it made Sky Origin Zongzi awe-inspiring and seemingly undefeatable.

“Sky Origin is really inferior to Luo Yunyang!” Wise Elegant Zongzi thought for a moment before saying this.

Profound Calm Zongzi looked at Sky Origin Zongzi’s Great Titan Mark when he heard this. Although this Great Titan Mark was mighty, it still was a grade lower than Luo Yunyang’s Mahākāśyapa Titan Mark, which surpassed the Great Titan Mark.

The Mahākāśyapa Titan Mark seemed somewhat majestic, grand and overwhelming.

“It is a pity that Luo Yunyang was born into the wrong life. It has just been determined that he will never surpass Sky Origin Zongzi!” Profound Calm Zongzi didn’t look at Wise Elegant Zongzi, but his words were resounding.

Although there was a flicker of fury in Wise Elegant Zongzi’s eyes, he could ultimately only hide his anger.

The two Titan Marks, one purple and one gold, clashed in the sky. Although the purple Titan Mark seemed to have the upper hand during this collision, cracks started to appear on it.

These weren’t cracks caused by the Great Titan Mark. These were cracks caused by the overwhelming power of the shock created.

Luo Yunyang was slightly furious when he saw those cracks. At the moment, he roughly knew what Sky Origin Zongzi was banking on.

There was a powerful force within Sky Origin’s body. Although it was somewhat difficult for Sky Origin to use it, this power actually caused many shockwaves when it met Luo Yunyang’s attack.

Thus, his own attacks were shattered time after time.

“Ha ha ha! I wondered how powerful the Glazed Titan Sect could be, but that’s all there is to it. An ignorant fellow actually thinks he can defeat us. He wants to take on the position of a Zongzi just because he defeated Sky Roc Saint and obtained the Divine Sacred Hall’s inheritance. He is seriously overestimating yourself,” said a Three Era Supreme Sect disciple. He didn’t even bother to lower his voice. Instead, he spoke louder on purpose.

As he said this, a chorus of chuckles echoed from the other young Three Era Supreme Sect disciples.

In the beginning, these disciples had still been a little worried about this challenge.

However, upon seeing their Senior Brother use the Glazed Titan Sect’s most adept Great Titan Mark to combat his opponent, all of them felt a little aspirated.

On the other hand, the disciples of the other subsidiary sects had looks of disappointment and despair on their faces.

In their opinion, Luo Yunyang was the strongest genius groomed by the subsidiary sects, especially after defeating Sky Roc Saint and obtaining the Divine Sacred Hall’s inheritance. Now, he wanted to soar to the high heavens. They believed that Luo Yunyang could definitely allow the subsidiary sects to voice out their sentiments.

However, the legend of Luo Yunyang had been shattered right off the bat by Sky Origin Zongzi’s methods.

If Luo Yunyang couldn’t, who else could oppose the main sect?

“Take another one!” Luo Yunyang used another Great Titan Mark after taking a deep breath.

This time, the Great Titan Mark incorporated the Great Radiance Technique. The originally purple Great Titan Mark turned a dazzling bright violet color.

“Good shot!” Sky Origin Zongzi felt all the anger he harbored for Luo Yunyang finally being vented out.

He didn’t fear Luo Yunyang’s attack anymore. On the contrary, he was afraid that Luo Yunyang wouldn’t attack.

He once again unleashed the Great Titan Mark to meet Luo Yunyang’s bright violet Great Titan Mark.

When the two titan marks clashed, the resulting flash of an explosion, which was bright as day, illuminated the surroundings. Although the void around the Three Era Supreme Sect’s sacred mountains was protected by array formations, this clash still caused many cracks to appear.

Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master observed the fight between these two in silence with a solemn look on his face.

Right now, he definitely wouldn’t stop the fight between those two. It could be said that he had pushed for this fight to happen.

The powerhouses of the various subsidiaries were all silent. They had come in high spirits, with great expectations. Although deep down they were prepared for failure, they still felt that Luo Yunyang had lost too miserably.

How could he establish himself in the future after being attacked by his own adept Great Titan Mark?

“Masters, what’s happening?” Lu Xiaolian asked Fu Niehua in confusion.

Fu Niehua glanced at the three huge thrones that were suspended high up and said softly, “The main sect has controlled the Three Era Supreme Sect for many years. Do you think they really wouldn’t have any cards up their sleeves?”

“Before coming, I already knew that the possibility of this challenge being successful wasn’t high.”

As Lu Xiaolian watched her master’s dim gaze, she kind of understood.

The most worried person out of all the various subsidiaries was naturally Yue Liuli. Although she had the same thoughts as Fu Niehua deep down, the current situation made her feel extremely uncomfortable.

She knew that if Luo Yunyang was defeated like this, the entire Glazed Titan Sect would have to compensate.

“Do you still dare to come at me?” Sky Origin Zongzi had his hands behind his back, as though he was an old respected elder.

Luo Yunyang grinned to himself. He quickly used his attribute regulator and raised his Power by one point!

Each black point represented one yuan of power. When all this was done, Luo Yunyang threw another punch.

Great Titan Mark!

A purple fist mark appeared yet again. However, the core of this mark contained a slight hint of black.

This black bit was tiny. Even though Sky Origin Zongzi was the target, he didn’t realize it. There was actually a smug grin on his face as watched Luo Yunyang’s attack.

Thanks to the support of the Eternal Pestle, although he couldn’t be considered invincible at this cultivation base level, the only ones who could have a drawn-out battle with him were Profound Calm Zongzi and the others.

Thus, in his opinion, it seemed like Luo Yunyang was exhausting his limits by facing him. Sky Origin Zongzi, who wasn’t afraid in the slightest, also performed a heavy strike.

The two attacks clashed in mid-air. Luo Yunyang’s purple Great Titan Mark shattered again.

However, as it shattered, Sky Origin Zongzi felt that this Great Titan Mark was even faster than the one shattered previously. Sky Origin Zongzi also felt his heart quaking for a bit when the Great Titan Mark shattered this time.

“Take another one!” Luo Yunyang once more raised his Power by one yuan and struck out at Sky Origin Zongzi.

Once, twice, thrice…

Sky Origin broke Luo Yunyang’s Great Titan Mark time after time and became increasingly haughty.
“He he he… Luo Yunyang, you haven’t learned the Great Titan Mark proficiently enough. Going on like this is useless. Come on, didn’t you obtain an inheritance from the Divine Sacred Hall? Let me take a look at it.”

He then said coldly, “Don’t say that I didn’t give you a chance. If you continue to persist in using the Great Titan Mark, then don’t blame me for attacking you viciously.”

Luo Yunyang’s power hadn’t been raised to the max. He still kept a portion in reserve. While Sky Origin spoke, Luo Yunyang smirked silently and used another Great Titan Mark.

“Commendable spirit!” Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master said in a slightly cold tone.

While Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master said that, Sky Origin grinned. “I will send you off to meet your maker this time!”

The two fist marks clashed once again. Following this collision, the Buddha Sacred Mountain trembled again. Just like before, Luo Yunyang’s Great Titan Mark shattered again.

Sky Origin Zongzi stood there, looming overhead like a celestial being.

Just as Sky Oring Zongzi was about to do something, he suddenly felt a wave of vast power erupt in his body. When this power surged, Sky Origin Zongzi’s face turned ugly.

Cracks suddenly started to appear in Sky Origin Zongzi’s body. Some of these cracks seemed to be twisting and distorting.

Practically all the cracks were expanding continuously. As they widened, scarlet lights rushed out of the cracks.

More than 10 streaks of light shot out of these cracks and gathered around Sky Origin Zongzi’s body. In just a moment, they formed a massive pestle.

A huge pestle!

Luo Yunyang understood the moment he saw that huge pestle. This pestle was the reason Sky Origin Zongzi had been able to copy his Great Titan Mark.

“It is the Eternal Pestle!” someone shouted upon seeing the sacred weapon of their own sect. However, Luo Yunyang and the other spectators could see it more clearly.

Thus, as the words ‘Eternal Pestle’ were shouted, many gazes fell onto Sky Origin Zongzi. Besides envy and loathing, these gazes also contained mockery.

No wonder Luo Yunyang’s Great Titan Mark had exceeded his yet hadn’t been able to return any hits. It turned out that the Eternal Pestle had been in his body.

“Damn it, the Eternal Pestle is an important weapon of the main sect. Using it in this battle isn’t fair!” a subsidiary sect disciple shouted furiously.

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