Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 396


Lin Wanwan patted Tian Ba’s ginormous head as she cheered it on. “Good job, my boy!”

Just as it’s named, such magnificence 1!

“Howl!” It went right back to its wolf form.

“Stop howling! You are always my cute little puppy!” Lin Wanwan raised her hands.

Before it could hit Tian Ba’s head, it stuck its tongue out and licked her hands all over.

Getting distracted by all the fun and laughter, she overlooked the brewing storm ahead of her.

Lu Zhanbei stood at the side, staring at the girl who had all her attention on the Husky. He squinted his eyes as he said, “It’s your dog, right?”


“Let’s talk about the compensation, then.”

Lin Wanwan turned to Lu Zhanbei with confused eyes.

Lu Zhanbei’s lips curved gracefully. “I have been taking care of it for two whole years. Four servants were assigned to it, but its temper has brought destruction to numerous priceless items in this household. Paired with its imported food, things would add up to approximately ten million dollars.”

“…” Ten million?

Lin Wanwan was at a loss for words as she slowly turned to Tian Ba.

It had already put its puppy eyes up; it was its most reliable defense.

This damn spoiled “Woof’” 1**!

The excitement of being reunited was over, and Lin Wanwan recalled Tian Ba’s overpowering, destructive capabilities. It was a notch above Ruan Baoer. There was an instance where she forgot to bring Tian Ba for a walk, and she came home to see her million-dollar dress getting torn apart!

“I’m sorry. I made a mistake. This is not my dog.” She shifted a distance away from the huffing Husky.

Tian Ba followed her around and put its paws on her shoulder, trying to get her to spare it a glance.

Lin Wanwan’s face was turned away as if the cute dog was a complete stranger.

Lu Zhanbei cracked up before he continued in a pressing tone, “You have two options now. First, be my bed warmer tonight. Second, be my official girlfriend. That way, Tian Ba will be part of the family, and I would gladly pay for what it had done.”

“…” How long has he been planning this?

Lin Wanwan glanced at him and said in a mocking tone, “Lu Zhanbei, stop testing my limits. You promised to take me to the sky but failed to keep your word. Since you have been taking care of Tian Ba, I will turn a blind eye. However, isn’t threatening me a little too much?”

Lu Zhanbei’s lips curved. “Who said I didn’t keep my promise?”

Before Lin Wanwan could rebut, Lu Zhanbei pointed at the Husky in her arms.

“The sky is here. Take it or don’t, I’ll leave it up to you.”

Tian Ba…

Tian 1…

Take me to the sky…

Lin Wanwan was speechless. She stared into Lu Zhanbei’s eyes as she clenched her teeth. “Compared to the sky, I am more interested in killing you right now!”

She sprang towards Lu Zhanbei and launched her attack, but he dodged it easily and locked the poor girl under his body.

Although Lin Wanwan tried to flee from the devil, the pair inevitably replayed the scene in the car.

Lu Zhanbei sighed as Lin Wanwan breathed heavily. “God knows who’s the victim here.”

Lin Wanwan pushed him away and stroked the cute Husky that had just witnessed an R-rated scene. “Tian Ba, forget about this guy and sleep in my room tonight.”

“Woof!” Tian Ba followed her as its tail wagged.

Watching the duo make their exit, Lu Zhanbei felt a hint of threat. Maybe… he shouldn’t have brought the dog.


“Ba,” in Chinese, means magnificence and power.

The word ‘Woof’ is often used to refer to dogs.

“Tian” in Chinese translates to “sky.”

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