Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 453

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She said slowly, “After I regained consciousness, I suddenly became Lin Wanwan without rhyme or reason. Not too long later, I reunited with you. I think… I subconsciously gave you a lot of hints. The keys under the carpet at the door, and you getting drunk until you got gastrorrhagia. Only the two of us knew about these. You’re really stupid.”

If it were in the past, Si Han would have definitely refuted her when he hears these words.

At this moment, his chest was filled with so much surprise and excitement that it could not be described in words.

“Yes, I was stupid.” He should have thought of this long ago.

Lin Wanwan and Lin Xiao were so similar. Also, Lin Wanwan grew up in that kind of family environment. How was it possible that she knew so much at such a young age?

It was he who had minded too much about Lin Xiao’s death that he nearly neglected everyone and everything around him.

Suddenly, a cold voice traveled over. “Indeed, you were stupid.”

Lin Wanwan tilted her head and saw Lu Zhanbei walking over slowly. He looked at Si Han with disdain.

“I have already given you such obvious hints, yet you didn’t understand them.”

Upon hearing this, Si Han suddenly thought of Lu Zhanbei telling him before that Lin Xiao was still alive.

“Pot calling the kettle black, Mr. Lu?”

Once Si Han had calmed down, his IQ returned as well. He squinted his narrow eyes slightly.

“You obviously knew that Lin Wanwan was Lin Xiao, yet you deliberately said it so ambiguously. It’s obvious you don’t want me to know the truth. That’s shameless of you.”

He understood everything now.

Why Lu Zhanbei would like both Lin Xiao and Lin Wanwan at the same time.

Because, they were both the same person.

Lu Zhanbei laughed in disdain. “On account that we know each other, it’s already with the utmost patience and magnanimity that I was willing to give you some reminders.”

Si Han rubbed his thin lips tightly. He looked at Lin Wanwan with sharp eyes.

“Why didn’t you tell me? You were very happy to see me becoming so useless after your death?”

Lin Wanwan knew that justice was not on her side, and she lowered her head in guilt.

“Sorry, I was just worried that you couldn’t accept such a story that’s like The Arabian Nights. Furthermore, I used this new identity to be by your side. It doesn’t feel any different from the past.”

All kinds of emotions flashed past Si Han’s eyes. In the end, they turned into relief.

He suddenly lifted his hand and knocked on her head heavily!

“Oh my…” Lin Wanwan instinctively held her head.

Si Han snorted coldly. His good-looking eyebrows were no longer clouded with a layer of haze like before. Instead, they looked bright and cheerful. Even the curved corners of his lips carried with it warmth.

“Now we’re even.”

She still being alive was more important than anything else.

The three of them got on a car that was parked outside the cemetery. Lu Zhanbei sat in the driver’s seat and was about to signal Lin Wanwan to sit next to him.

However, Si Han had already pushed her into the back seat and didn’t forget to smile coldly at him.

Lu Zhanbei tolerated it and didn’t make any sound.

He and Lin Wanwan had a lifetime together. There wasn’t a need to be calculative about giving some time to this man who was single.

Compared to Si Han, who had many questions to ask Lin Wanwan, Lin Wanwan only wanted to understand one thing.

“Si Dada, I have wanted to ask you a question for a very long time.”

“Ask ahead.”

Lin Wanwan repeated the incident where “Reaper’s Mask” was broadcast from the Feng Capital TV station. She asked tentatively, “Did you engage in any illicit activity with the manager’s daughter? For instance, giving up your virginity?”

“…” Her imagination was still as vivid as before.

Si Han initially wanted to hit her on the head again. From the corner of his eye, he realized that Lu Zhanbei kept sweeping his eyes over Lin Wanwan. His lips curved into a smile and he wrapped his long arm around her shoulder.

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