Tempest Of The Stellar War Chapter 1052

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Once the news of SIG spread, you could say that the various major military schools of the Milky Way Alliance were in an uproar. The Greatest King Competition at Elite Academy X had lit every youth’s desire to battle. But as the audience, how could it be as interesting as for those who took part personally, especially when there were quite a number of people who thought that their abilities were on the same level or even stronger. Elite Academy X was unworthy of the title king when it was an internal competition. Now the chance had arrived.


Looking for the strongest mech warrior, discovering the strongest mech battle team!

This was truly a platform to determine the strongest!

They had the idea, they had the fame, some strongest countries would participate fully, and that meant that the value of this competition was raised sufficiently.

Within five hours after Kashawen’s press conference, the Atlantis Empire and the Maya Empire similarly responded publicly.

The two big representative extraterrestrial empires would send their best warriors to take part in the SIG this time. Originally, they had the tradition of participating in IG. In the past, they did not take part in SIG because it was not worth it. Now that the worth was well shown, what type of battle powers would the mature Mayans and Atlanteans bring?

Some countries always had young geniuses appearing, but once they had grown up, they were not outstanding anymore. These cases were countless. Actually, SIG was a big competition that truly tested for the youths’ potential. It was just that everyone purposely avoided it in the past.

Aslan had taken the initiative to host it, forcing everyone to face it now. To hide at this moment would be seen as cowardly.

How could warriors be cowardly?

The competition for spots was also very strong. Various federations and empires all wanted more spots. After all, the more spots they had, the higher their chances of making it into the finals.

As the second runner up to the previous IG, even if past battle results were pathetic, the Solar System Federation still won two precious spots. These two would be shared among the main military schools in the three planets of Earth, Moon, and Mars.

Each team had five members and 12 reserves. The Solar System was not concerned about the outside world. These few spots already resulted in fierce competition between the military schools in the Solar System.

Putting aside results, if they did not even have the qualifications to participate, then what meaning was there?

Xiao Fei was unhappy, very unhappy. This group of assholes, it was actually her students who made the greatest contribution, so why was it fairly distributed? This was not a potluck!

Xiao Fei wanted to fight for a whole spot. This way, Ares College could have some presence. It was a pity, her idea was good, but there were too few spots. If a whole battle team spot was distributed to the Ares College, then the other colleges would probably destroy the Parliament.

Our Principal Xiao Fei actually knew, but children who did not cry never got their milk. If she did not make noise, then these people would not hold back. This way, she could fight for a few main positions for Ares College.

The Solar System was more complicated. This was a usual proceeding, and any simple matters would have to be debated when it reached the Solar System.

The Arbiter Empire would be sending two battle teams to take part. Similarly, the Atlantis Empire was also sending two battle teams. If they were good, they need not send too many.

Various countries like Manalasuo, Lya Sphinx, Hail Cloud Alliance, Astina also made their move. Some were chosen from the strongest military schools, some immediately held selection matches. Or it was the military who took charge of team formation. They would surely slot in one or two super strong soldiers who met the age criteria.

Of course, not all academies were like that. Elite Academy X won the most number of spots for the big competition this time. They had four battle teams competing.

Saruman Snake battle team, which won first place, Asura battle team, Imperial Glory battle team and Dynasty battle team.

And at this moment, they did not represent their own countries, but Elite Academy X.

No matter whether convinced or not, people would view the four teams from Elite Academy X as their biggest competitors.

And as the first, Saruman Snake would be the focus of many eyes, so it was definitely stressful.

Classmate Zhang Shan was not as stressed as Achilles and Lie Xin. SIG was great. He finally had a more challenging battlefield to let the whole world take a look at his strength as the top scout.

As for this, including the people in Saruman Snake, they all directly ignored him. This guy’s mouth definitely had to be sewn up at Aslan. If not, whether he could come back alive was another matter.

Everyone knew that Wang Zheng and the others were on their way back. Actually, not only the Saruman Snake battle team, the Asura battle team was the same. The Van brothers were absent. In such circumstances, Asura had not much competitiveness.

This time, it was obviously Aslan’s retaliation towards Elite Academy X. From the higher level, this was also a reaction from the Aslan Empire towards the various “undisciplined” moves by the Milky Way Alliance Parliament.

Just by looking at the enthusiasm of Arbiter and these empires, you would know that it was about that. They were on the same battlefront.

Big Milky Way Alliance, small countries, or big countries, small Milky Way Alliance. This type of gamble had not stopped since the early period of the Earth Federation era.

In the past, Elite Academy always had a feeling of being superior. This time it was the true test of their standard.

On the academy’s part, they also gave the four battle teams very big conveniences. Jiang Feng was totally in charge of this matter. If in front he had reaped a bountiful harvest, then it was now time to see if he could withstand tests. If Elite Academy X did not have good battle performances for the SIG this time, to put it simply, if none of their teams made it into the finals, then they would be a total joke. It would even greatly affect the future trajectory of Elite Academy X.

They could not belittle this. Just like the Elite Academy opening up for the Greatest King Competition. The SIG was definitely only just a beginning.

Maklou Star, after recovering their normal order, did not limit movement across their borders. On the contrary, the Maklou now really hoped some powers would leave.

Mobo had been paying attention to these movements. Some movements could not escape him, and indeed, some people were quietly leaving. Mobo did this on purpose. He did not want to offend the Milky Way Alliance and similarly, the Julian family could not afford to offend the underworld. That terrifying organization was not something that they could defend against. For now, to have this kind of movement from the other party was at least a good thing.

“Grandpa Mobo, must I learn these things?” Piglet was struggling. It was very boring.

Mobo laughed. “Young Master, if you can do it well, you will also become a hero. Don’t forget that running Maklou well is also beneficial for Mr. Wang Zheng. He is someone with big plans, and in the future, he’ll need help.”

Piglet nodded his head seriously. “I also want to be a hero, or at least someone who can fight beside heroes.”

Mobo smiled and nodded. “Why don’t you let him know…”

“Don’t tell him, you cannot say anything to him. This is a secret. In the future, I’ll tell him personally!”

“Okay, okay, then for your first step, you have to remember all these names and their faces. You must not make any mistakes.”

In the future, Piglet would have to come into contact with many people. It was either he needed to win over them or suppress them. It felt as though if he continued this act, he could be an Oscar winner.

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