Tempest Of The Stellar War Chapter 1053

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The return journey took more than 10 days. Wang Zheng and Lear returned to the Elite Academy quietly. Jiang Feng understood the mission’s process from the two of them. Wang Zheng and Lear had a tacit mutual understanding in this aspect. Both did not make any extra comments. Jiang Feng gave both of them excellent evaluations for the mission.

It was actually not difficult to return alive from this mission. Based on their abilities, even if their Ability Xs were sealed, the two of them could survive just with physical techniques. The difficult part was figuring out how to break the stalemate within a short period of time. It was not that Jiang Feng did not want to give them the specific details of the Easter Plan, but the special agent group did not receive any more detailed intelligence at all. Rather than limiting them, he might as well give them free rein.

Those from the Elite Academy were usually tame and docile, but Jiang Feng did not want them to be those students who were brainless and sticks in the mud. The truly strong could flexibly adapt to any environment.

These two had very student-like auras. It was basically useless to put on a disguise. But they had actually found their own ways to complete the mission. That was ability.

There would definitely be rewards, and it was more of the good comments that would be recorded in their case files. The so-called records were actually useless and indeed meaningless. But to talk about its purpose, it would have a great effect during key moments.

Both Wang Zheng and Lear were very calm. Coming out from Jiang Feng’s place, the two of them did not interact. They looked at each other and let out a hostile smile.

Their two directions became further as they journeyed on.

Wang Zheng returned to the Saruman Snake’s training ground. The academy had prepared specialized training grounds for the various big battle teams. The conditions were very good.

Wang Zheng was also surprised that there were actually more than 10 new additions to their battle team. It looked like many things had happened in the period he was absent.

He did not disturb anyone and watched through the window the battle-cries in the training ground. Lie Xin was in a sexy exercise outfit, her good figure on display. From hotness, Wang Zheng really had not seen anyone who could compare to Lie Xin.

Seeing Lie Xin so focused on training and continually teaching the newbies, it looked like she had totally walked out of her depression.

Achilles was having a friendly battle with Zhang Shan. Zhang Shan was the type who joined in halfway, and while the initial phase of his breathing technique was impressive, his time spent was, after all, still shorter. He was still lacking in the level of attainment and needed to train continuously. Achilles and Lie Xin also took turns during this period of time to “attend” to him. In addition, he and Sweeney had quite a few exciting battles. This allowed Zhang Shan to earn a relatively peaceful environment for improvement.

Wang Zheng watched only for a while and he could see Zhang Shan’s improvement. Focus was very important.

Mu Zhen was also present. This tall and bulky fellow alone occupied a large field. He was carefully practicing what Wang Zheng taught him at Tita Star. It was all basic skills. It was said that Mu Sen and the others were going to promote it amongst the Tita citizens. The Tita giants were not good at livelihood skills, so they had to keep on fighting and training. Even if they joined the Milky Way Alliance, they still could not change their current situation. Hence, Mu Zhen had discussed with Lan Ling already. The army would be chosen mainly from the Tita giants. Wise men could engage in business or management. However, no matter how smart the giants were, they were not suitable for those things. This was definitely the character of Tita citizens, which could not be changed in a few years or more. And giants indeed had the potential to become good warriors.

Mu Zhen was really happy. Now everyone had already accepted him and he even had worshippers. Compared to the arrogance of the Arbiters, the solitary Mayans, Mu Zhen seemed to be more sociable and willing to make friends. Under Ai Ruifen’s introduction, he also got to know quite a number of students from other majors.

Coming back from a place like Maklou, Wang Zheng still preferred this relaxed atmosphere. His lips curled into a smile.

At this moment, someone patted Wang Zheng’s shoulder, “Classmate, if you want to join the Saruman Snake battle team, the registration time is during the weekends.”

Wang Zheng turned back. The girl in front of his eyes was a stranger.

Then, in the next moment, Wang Zheng smiled bitterly and helplessly. The girl opened her eyes wide and let out a piercing scream.

… He did not look that scary, right?

“God, oh my God, Team Leader, you’re back. God, the living Team Leader is back!” The girl flew towards Wang Zheng and grabbed his arm. It was as though she was afraid of Wang Zheng flying away.

That sharp scream summoned everyone. All of them pounced onto Wang Zheng upon seeing him.

Wang Zheng was screaming away. “I’m suffocating, can you guys be less enthusiastic.”

Zhang Shan ignored him and fiercely punched him. “You dare to disappear again, and for such a long time before returning. You caused me to lose sleep!”

“Bullsh*t, you and Sweeney are having such a good time. We all thought that you are going to join and live as a member of the Asura battle team!” Lie Xin teased.

“What nonsense! Am I such a person without principles?!”

Everyone burst out laughing. Wang Zheng looked helplessly at the girl beside him. “You don’t have to worry. I’m not running. You can let go now.”

Only then did the girl react and quickly bow. “Hi, Team Leader, I’m Wei Wei from Caragal Republic. I’m a new officer in the battle team. Please take care of me.”

“Wei Wei’s major is international politics. Luo Er recommended her here,” Achilles said.

Wang Zheng nodded. He would not bother too much about these matters. Anyway, he knew that anyone who could get into Elite Academy X would not be ordinary.

Everyone joked around before they finally let Wang Zheng go. Wang Zheng, Zhang Shan, and the main members assembled at the meeting room. The other new members continued their training. But it was obvious that the atmosphere of the whole Saruman Snake had changed when Wang Zheng returned. It became more passionate.

Wang Zheng sat in the chair. “Are you guys into multi- level marketing now? Everyone seems a little too enthusiastic.”

Zhang Shan shook his head. “We did not say anything. If I had the energy, I would promote myself instead. It’s too bad that you have such high popularity. Actually, I think that I’m still more handsome.”

Zhang Shan tidied his hairstyle. Oli at one side could not hold back her laughter. “I feel that Achilles is more handsome.”

Zhang Shan took one look at the cool and calm Achilles and helplessly muttered under his breath that in this era that valued beauty, unless he had cosmetic surgery, he could never compare to the good genes of the Doyle Family.

They did not chat for long. Ai Xiaolu and Luo Er arrived as well. “Welcome back. Our Master Team Leader has returned home in triumph from his mission!”

After hugging the both of them, “Don’t be so exaggerated. You made this seem like a life or death situation. I just went for a mission.”

“Xiaolu, this guy still thinks that we are enthusiastic. He underestimates his own charisma,” Zhang Shan said.

Ai Xiaolu and Luo Er also smiled slightly. Actually, procedural process was required to become famous. And Wang Zheng’s name was really too famous during this period. If everything came to an end after the Greatest King Competition ended, this kind of influence would slowly reduce. However, SIG was about to begin. The major military academies in various countries were collecting information to research potential powerful opponents. Elite Academy X was no doubt the brightest jewel in the crown, the main research target. Not only that, the latest Greatest King Competition would all the more be first-hand information.

The Saruman Snake battle team was now definitely the biggest enemy of various countries.

If Wang Zheng and the others used to be losers, they could observe their opponents silently and find their weaknesses. But now they had become stars in everyone’s eyes. Most probably, all the members of Saruman Snake had been thoroughly studied. There was even an 80% chance that even their sexual orientations were investigated.

In the past, they could take advantage of their opponents’ underestimation of enemies. Now, no matter which team met up with them, their opponent would use 200% of their power. It was simple. Defeat Saruman Snake, then you could become famous overnight.

“Teacher Jiang Feng should have told you about SIG. We are one of the teams that received the most attention, and according to my information, Arbiter and Aslan’s teams are all coming for us. Hehe, Wang Zheng, you must be prepared mentally.”

Ai Xiaolu laughed.

“Xiao Lu is not exaggerating at all. The Arbiter Empire’s two most famous military academies in the world, the Iron Academy and the Spirit of War Academy, have dispatched their strongest teams. Their target is absolutely you. Marzu and Olivios are both from Iron Academy and have received the Outstanding Student of the Year awards. Of course, they are only a part of them. Arbiter’s Spirit of War Academy is another powerful place. To put it more accurately, Iron Academy has deep connections with the Van family. Then, Spirit of War Academy has a close relationship with another family in Arbiter. Both sides aim to destroy Wang Zheng and Saruman Snake completely. The winner will then internally get the support of Arbiter.

Luo Er said, “Hence, Wang Zheng, you really have to be careful. Marzu and Olivios are definitely outstanding, but definitely not the most outstanding of Arbiter.”

Wang Zheng rubbed his nose. “Then should I be more low-key?”

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