Tempest Of The Stellar War Chapter 1054

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“Tch, what’s there to be scared of? A real man faces his challenges. Your brothers will support you. Be brave and go forth. We’ll be with you spiritually!” Zhang Shan said grandly. Except he seemed to have a total lack of confidence toward the end.

Just like the battle with Asura, while they won, it did not seem to be a steady win. There were too many variable factors, but a win was a win. Even if they lost in the future, they had won before. Hence Zhang Shan was also very optimistic.

“For Aslan, they will be sending a team from the Aslan Royal Military Affairs Academy. There’s also the Aslan Military Officer Academy, which receives less attention from the outside world. They have many powerful people. Imperial Glory lost here and has indeed spurred Aslan’s proud and brittle pride. Wang Zheng, you guys really have to be well-prepared. These people definitely are not out here only to beat you guys.”

Luo Er said. Here, there was a hint of warning.

The other party would definitely be thinking of ways to defeat them badly. This was unavoidable.

“I think now we have to prepare a few more battle techniques and formations to prevent being targeted,” Achilles said. “Xiaolu, can you gather intelligence on the main opponents?”

Ai Xiaolu shook her head. “I can’t do it now. This will have to wait until we are at Aslan. The other party will definitely keep their formation a secret. For the whole SIG, only our Elite Academy has open information.”

It was indeed unavoidable for the Elite Academy this time.

Asura and Imperial Glory would definitely have some adjustments. Actually, based on their solid raw abilities, they were long used to being targeted. This target was not only on battle techniques but also on psychology. Hence, they were very used to it, whereas Saruman Snake, it was their first time facing such a situation. There could be all sorts of changes both inside and outside of the battle field.

This was a path of training that could not be avoided on their way to becoming stronger.

Wang Zheng laughed. “Don’t think of it as so complicated. This is to us a beautiful experience. No matter whether we win or lose, we just have to give it our best.”

Everyone suddenly laughed too. Actually, that was true. They had no need to lock themselves up in the chains of title and fame. This was a grand meeting of military academy students from various countries. Putting aside all these competitions, they should focus more on enjoying the process. To be able to exchange blows with various countries’ elites, and at the same time to be able to enjoy exciting battles, what could be more important than this?

Wang Zheng was usually very open-minded on these things. Of course, as for getting the championship, he could desire that more than anyone.

The other people continued to host their training, leaving behind Ai Xiaolu and Luo Er in the meeting room. The three of them had more things to take care of.

“Wang Zheng, your mission performance this time was very surprising. I really don’t know how you did it.” With just the three of them left, Luo Er had no more considerations. These things were not suited to be shared.

Wang Zheng smiled, “There was a bit of a coincidence factor at play. Do you guys know of the Saint Sect?”

Ai Xiaolu thought of it for awhile. “The Saint Sect only recently showed signs of life in the underworld, but based on my understanding, it is a huge organization that has a very long history. It is different from the usual underworld organizations when it comes to the resources they control, their extraordinary technology, and terrifying human resources as well as scary levels of loyalty.”

“This power is very sly. At the moment, there are no traces of them. They definitely have some links to the matter this time. This should be a one-time test activity, but we have countered it successfully. I think they will be quiet for a period of time. What my father and the others have to worry about is me. This time, since you have completed such a big thing, we should also plan well for the rewards later.” Luo Er smiled. Her tiny canines showed, making her seem extra cute.

Wang Zheng nodded. “I intend to link Tita Star and Maklou together and build a super valuable mineral deposits trade route. This new trade route, if developed well, can cover two star domains. More than 10 planets along the route can benefit from it.”

Luo Er and Ai Xiaolu looked at each other. “Looks like it is still Xiaolu who knows you best. Okay, I concede, I’ll hand the follow-up matters to you guys.”

Luo Er said. There was no beginning or end to her statement. Then she left, leaving the other two, Ai Xiaolu and Wang Zheng, behind.

“Xiaolu, what are you guys doing?”

Ai Xiaolu laughed. “I made a bet with Luo Er. I said that you definitely did not just settle the problem at Maklou and would definitely have a follow-up plan.”

Of all the people, perhaps only Ai Xiaolu was closer to understanding Wang Zheng’s heart.

“It’s not that exaggerated, just that if there’s a chance, I will not miss it.”

“Mineral deposits trade route, this business is a bit large.”

“Things are accomplished by people, don’t you think we should try?”

Looking at Wang Zheng’s smile, Ai Xiaolu shook her head helplessly, “You know, this type of attitude is terrifying to traditional wealthy families. You are definitely the biggest rebel of this world.”

This, most likely only Ai Xiaolu could see it. Perhaps the Wang Zheng now looked too powerless to others, but he was only 20. He had started out with nothing. Until today, unknowingly, he already had gathered a group of followers. The scariest part was that everyone gathered not mainly for benefits, but for a type of inexplicable goal and pursuit. This was a type of desire from the heart; at least it was for Ai Xiaolu. Perhaps others would not discover, but she was very smart and very clear. However, she could not reject. She wanted to continue on this route. This road was full of obstacles and even risks, but she really wanted to continue on this path.

Perhaps Wang Zheng himself had yet to realize this point. Ai Xiaolu suppressed the urge to point everything out. Indeed, it was still too early, and sometimes overdoing was worse than falling short.

Wang Zheng shrugged. “This thing may be difficult. The main part is to look at the Milky Way Alliance’s attitude. Even though Tita Star’s side has already made their move, it ultimately still depends on the decision made on the Milky Way Alliance’s side. And it is impossible that the Milky Way Alliance would deny approval for the trade route.”

Ai Xiaolu laughed. “That is no problem at all. As long as we have enough funds, the Milky Way Alliance is easy to convince. The biggest danger has already been resolved. You don’t need to submit to the Milky Way Alliance General Meeting for just a trade route, it just needs approval from the standing committee.”

That being said, if Wang Zheng still did not understand, he would be a fool. “Should I thank Luo Er?”

“You should thank me,” Ai Xiaolu said.

Wang Zheng laughed. “Do I need to?”

Ai Xiaolu laughed too. “No need.”

It was this type of feeling that really confused Ai Xiaolu and caused her to fall even deeper. This person was really a bad person. She sighed in her heart. Ai Xiaolu decided not to be so emotional. It would only make her feel too childish.

“Wang Zheng, SIG is very important to our future development. Even if Saruman Snake cannot get the championship, it must at least get into the top four, and you must perform well. Your future mother-in-law will also be watching, so this is a good chance to show yourself off!”

Ai Xiaolu said. It made Wang Zheng stunned.


“Prime Minister Kashawen, ah, the big competition is one of Prime Minister Kashawen’s rare initiatives. Her Highness Aina’s mother died when she was very young, and this aunt became equal to her mom,” Ai Xiaolu said.


Wang Zheng did not really care for the belittling from other people, because he only needed to believe in himself. People could not live for other people.

But Kashawen was indeed a special existence.

“I fight not for her.”

This “her” held a lot of meaning.

Ai Xiaolu walked over and patted Wang Zheng’s shoulder. As long as Wang Zheng’s head was clear, she would be Wang Zheng’s best assistant.

On one point, Wang Zheng was very clear. He did not mind “disappointing” Kashawen again and again, to become the big rebel that she did not want to see the most. Of course, this was only an additional sideshow for Wang Zheng’s way forward!

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